Saturday, May 30, 2009


kiss me baby one more time.!!!!!LOL

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tetibe tekak terasa ingin memakan jco's hahahah.!!!!at first mama tanak bwk pegi beli,pujok punye pujok,atlastt...dyer okayy jugak.then went to c.s at bought a 1/2 dozen of donutt.just fr me.!!!hahahah.!!!!ahh gmok pon gmok laahhh..aslkan puass..hahah.cukop2 laa jage bdn weyy!!!atlastt i got my cho mint!yummyyyy ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

faces ;)

Keikhlasan serta perangai seseorang itu jgn dinilai melalui paras rupe seseorg.Dlm erti kata inggeris "Dont judge a book by its cover".Jika diciptakan seseorg itu x sempurna maka xsempurna lahh dia.And one thing that all human should remember,there is none of us in this world that perfect in anyway.wasalam ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I misz us ;(

Why am i keep thinking abt u?Fed up laa doe.!its all about you!!!yea,i still love you.i just misz u.i misz all bout you :
1.Yr voice
2.Yr laugh
3.Yr jokes
4.Yr Text
and the one that i really misz the most is the way you use to love me.yea,but then,i still cn't accept that u're not mine like u use to be...i just want the old us... ;(

.p/s:i just want to be in your loving arms and be yours forever.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Expressions ;)

The Look ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


yea,finally dmam af sudah berakhir.and guess what,aril atlast dapat second place.huh,how sad i am last nite.tggu punye tggu skali dapat second.hurm.its okayy..act,mmg aku follow lahh af tingy niey,cz i'm into aril act.hahahha.tetapi ayat ini sering diungkapkan "adui sab..tgk af ke?" e'eyh.mampoz laarr ..pehal?susah kan kau nk byar bil elekrik rumah aku? takkan? and yea,ramai yg mnyatakan bhawe aril ni mamat poyo laarrr ini larr itu larrr.actually mmg pon,!!!hahah.tapi tatau knape aku ley into mamat nie.hahah.maybe sbb dyer bajet shuffle kott .!! wekk =P LOL.anyway,congrats to you aril..!!!!! ily !!! hahahah . =D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Evenings ;)

Lepaking With Hannah.Seperti biasa kat taman.Hahahah.Hanaa,if you need a listener i will always there Okayy!Gutluck fr PMR this year.!!Study hard,i know you can do it!Tcre ;)


White Roses:Sincere

Red Roses:Love

Yellow Roses:Rejected

Pink Roses:Approching

p/s:So girls,take a note yea.Jgn smpai dpt the yellow roses tu!!ahaha ;D

Dont Forget ;)

Did you forget.That I was even alive.Did you forget.Everything we ever had.Did you forget.Did you forget.About me.Did you regret.Ever standing by my side.Did you forget.What we were feeling inside.Now I'm left to forget.About us.But somewhere we went wrong.We were once so strong.Our love is like a song.You can't forget it.So now I guess.This is where we have to stand.Did you regret.Ever holding my hand.Never again..Please don't forget..Don't forget..We had it all.We were just about to fall.Even more in love.Than we were before.I won't forget.I won't forget.About us.But somewhere we went wrong.We were once so strong.Our love is like a song.You can't forget it.Somewhere we went wrong.We were once so strong.Our love is like a song.You can't forget it.At all.And at last..All the pictures have been burned.And all the past.Is just a lesson that we've learned.I won't forget.I won't forget us.But somewhere we went wrong.Our love is like a song.But you won't sing along.You've forgotten..About us

Friday, May 15, 2009


pSSSttt off today.Didnt go to pn.zahrah class.Serabut,pnat and i felt retarded.!Ouh,life life.Xde mood laa baii..!!!!Wake up wey!!! ;(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ouh no exam is tomorrow!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!How can i forget???!!!!12th of may???grrrr.thanx funna,thanx cz bgtau aku psl 12th of may.OMG!!!no wonder aku rase semcm jep an smlm.aduii.ala,kalou ingat pon i dont think that i will wish him.hurm.But no matter what..."happy birthday".!!Hurm.yea,today everything is and everything.Fuhh.cik liz x msok claz IT.ahahah.ape laa wey.peluang jgn dibazirkan begitu shaja.ahhahah.then today ade buat amali pafa for claz agame.tajuk is tayamum.OUH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but then,its okay..aku dgn banggenye mnjadi org kedua membuat amali itu.act,nk prove dkt ustazah yg rmbot aku sudah dihitamkan semule.!!!!grr...Serious shit,i miss my old hair baii..skrg da itam blek da..aduiii.xpe2 pelajar sekolaa.!!!hahah.Ouh no!!!besok exam b.m!!!!! sabrinaa!!!!study and study!!!!Takott baiiii...adui...!!!!Thank god harini x de ape2 plan blek skewl..hurm.blek frm skewl,mkn,mandi,tgk tv,check m.s and start blaja.Just hoping that paper bm is easy.insyaallah.aminn ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

if you were mine ;)

If you were mine,

I'd be your everything

and you'd be the only thing

that I would ever need

If you were mine,I would tell everyone

that you are the only one

that I could ever want
p/s:i love you so much.and i will always do.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's Day mama.!!

ily mama.!!!so so much!
Ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
Bila du berduka
Engkau hiburkan selalu
Ibi ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
Tempat ku menyerah kasih
Tiap waktu
Betapa tidak hanya engkaulah
Yang menyinari hidupku
Sepanjang masa engkau berkorban
Tidak putusnya bagai air laut
Ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
Tempat ku menyerah kasih
Wahai ibu
Betapa tidak hanya engkaulah
Yang menyinari hidupku
Sepanjang masa engkau berkorban
Tidak putusnya bagai air laut
Ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
Tempat ku menyerah kasih
Wahai ibu

p/s:mama,u're the best mother in the whole world.i love you so much.thanks fr evrything ma.happy mother's day!!!ilysm!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

more more more ;)

There are many kinds of people in this world.Different life,situation,attitude.its just different.some of them are retarded,depress,rejected,annoyed,paranoid and whatsoever.that is life should be.not perfect.Sometimes we're happy,but sometimes we're sad.Ouh shitt,that's life look like.Deal with honeyy.!!!

Tiring Day

Todayy as usual i went to school.Duhh.!exam is next week.!!!!!adui,aku x study lagii baiii.
haiyaaaa..pning woo kpale.!!!!Serabut!!!Fine,harini kat skolaa everything going smoothly as usual.blaja2 woo.!and plus harini ngantok gler weyyy.bukak tutop je mate aku baiii.Grrr.back frm school around 12.40.yea,take a bath,then as usual "sleep." Harini tuisyen p.a at tatapan minda.huh,it was my first day actually.tga2 byar fees+registration,ahah,suddenly ckgu ckp "hah,da smpai pon lg sorg".Then pintuu dibuka.Suddenly, me :Kau alloy?,Alloy: Kau sab?
hahahahah.Dunie ni kecik rupenyer woo.tusyen that day,study tunai runcit.blaja punya blaja atlast phm jugakk.hahahah.Then mlm,kuar mkn dgn mama kat ss.gler ramai org baii.malaysia kann.haha.Da lahh dari td broadband amat lmbap berfungsi.ouh what a lovely life is it?.Woo.mate ngantokk bai.Gutnite.!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Nadiah

This is Nadiah.Kre she is the most closest person to me.Everything share.Dri,kecik smpai bsar woo.!And plus aku tue stahon dr die baii..Aduii.Lincah arr!And is her 15th birthday.!Happy birthday babe!Ilysfm!And yeah,nadiaa sudahh anak dare gituu..!!!!hahahahah.But yea,thun nie jadi budak baek doe.PMR!PMR!Study hard okayy.and i;ve bought a very special gift fr you!hehehe.Happy 15th Burfday!May god bless you and happy always.!take care!Ilysm!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love them! :

Sam - Vocal,
Guitar- Paan
Lead Guitar -Youk
Bass Biak - Drums

Bunkface started as casual jamming sessions among four secondary school friends ended up in the formation a band, Bunkface. Three years on and they're now widely known as a rising star in the local music scene. Although the band was formed in 2005, it was only in late 2006 when they caught the attention of the public through their participation in the hit TV show Blastoff. The year 2006 proved to be an exciting one for Bunkface. One of the highlights of their experience as fresh young musicians happened in March 2006 when Bunkface won first place for the Battle of the Bands competition in UNISEL organized by ROTTW. Winning the competition opened a door for Bunkface to be featured in a magazine for the very first time. Another sweet success came later that year when Bunkface snatched first place for the Battle of the Bands competition in Universiti Malaya. With that accomplishment, approached Bunkface and offered to sponsor a video clip for the song Hyper Killer. After garnering a truckload of new experiences, Bunkface began writing more and more new songs. In December 2007, Bunkface released their first EP titled “Lesson of the Season” featuring 6 English tracks with a taste of pop-punk and alternative rock. Fast forward to the present, Bunkface have been featured in ROTTW and interviewed on air numerous times on XFresh FM and Fly FM. They were also interviewed and featured on Era Sentral and The Wknd Sessions. Their first hit song Silly Lily was number 1 on’s Malaysian Top Ten for 8 weeks and number 1 on’s Campur Chart for 10 weeks. Bunkface’s current hit and first Malay single Situasi has stormed to number 1 on XFresh FM and steadily stayed at number 3 on Era FM for 3 weeks. The band has performed at high school proms, charity events, product launchings, dinner galas, and gigs covering venues all around the Klang Valley, Malacca, Perak, Penang, Johor, Sarawak and Singapore. Bunkface was the opening band for Fly FM 3rd Anniversary showcase, and their very first large scale gig proved to be a success. It is no wonder that their catchy tunes coupled with their addictively energetic and fun filled performances have captured the attention of the masses and event organizers alike!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


pnat pnat pnat.!!!!!
Just came back from school.
it was tiring.!!
But happy laahh da lame,tak pegi usual,bff saya mnanti!
Dina,funna,sha,tieyraa,n everyone..tak habis2 ktawe2.

and laugh!!!

Seperti biasa bgun pagii,at 6.30..bath and ready fr schooling.
Agak merapu arrr..mama da start enjin..aku masih kat ats memakai tudong.!
its sucks man!!!
grrrrrrr.!!!sbar ajepp lahh kann.!then cpat2 mncapai bag crossover and kasott and masok krete.

then kat skewl everything is okayy!!!
da start blaja and laugh during class.
best gler arrr.!

Then 1.50 blek rumah.
makan,and then routine afta school is "sleep"

then around 4.30 bgun and tgk merah and puteh
hahahah.lpas tuh,smbong mndi and finish up all my homeworks fr today.
mlm,afta everything is settle.
start blogging seperti biasa.
mnekan dekstop.
"lala,turon tlg mama"
alamak,mama nie!

me: okay ma.!
gtg.! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

grrrr. usual bgun lmbat lahh..smlm pnat gler mmg tidoo x ingat dunie.!!!!i woke up around 2 p.m.then bgun jepp mama ckap "lala,go and wash yr school shoes.!,da seminggu x pegi skolaa ea.!" then aq ckap "eyh mama,chill laa.x payah basoh.old school sket.hahahah" then masing2 mndiamkan diri.hahah.harinie mmg xkuarr.and not even online my ms.just updating blog.grrr.Bosan lahh pulak x kuar kann.Hurm,suddenly teingat kat fie,dinaa,funna,tieyra,shasha.perh!rindu gler siyott.!Grrrr.!! tak sabar nk jumpe u guys tau?hurm..
suddenly dinaa col..and dyer pass the phone to aunty(which was her mom).then aunty ckp yg dyer nk anta harimau untok aku.i was so shock but in the same time,cm happy lahh.yay.!hahaha.
yea,it was a lame evening and plus.!boring glaa.then ajak mama pegi angsana,cz nk pegi bookstore beli barang.then i bought a few not book fr accnt.!duhh!its been a while x pgg buku.hahahah.
mlm sblum af,dina dtg anta was so big tapii chumell..heheh.thanx dinaa.!ily.!smpai bila2 aku ingat that gift.!hee=)
ouh shitt,nk dkat kul 9.00
bye guys,nk tgk rncangan poyo iaitu af.hahahahah

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yummy ;)

yea,a very fine day i have been a week i'm not schooling.busy with my bro operation tingy in kl and everything.alhamdullilah everything was fine.and settle operate around 11.45 a.m which was yesterday on the 30th.duhh.!it was so tiring.!!Act,i just came back from k.l and started my home sweet i woke up around 9.00 am,then as usual lahh mandi and pack everything untuk balek jb!!!yay!!!atlast blek juge ke tmpat kelahiran.!Then around 10.30 breakfast kat kopitiam which is near to the hotel.seperti biasa order roti bakar and ice lemon tea.evryone was so happy,sbb adik sudah kembali normal.hahahahah.Then aunty tuti came and pick us up,Then went to aunty che ah house.and mkn tgah hari di sana.Ouh shit!I really luv the house!!!!!emmmmm..Then suddenly aunty che ah ask me "lala,nk duduk k.l x dgn aunty".then i said "uhuh,no thanks.hehhe".I used to luv k.l but then i started to realise that k.l was so boring.!surrounded by people,cars,jam and everything.its so not cool.Pelbagai2 ragam manusie yg dapat dilihat.berlainan situasi,taste serta pendapat.hahah.Especially in BB.grr.ntah pape jepp.

Okay,back to the story,then after having lunch,we all went to klcc.ahahah.tok mak bought some clothes there.huhu.lawa kott.hahaha.i just simply blank and dont know what to bought,atlast i went to usual lahh,frappacino caramel top mariii!!!hahahah.

then while berjalan2 suddenly i nmpk someone that is so so familiar..
Pk2 blek,ingt2 blek..laahh aizat!!!hahaahha.but x sempat pulak nk a hurry that time.huuh.then around 4.30.bertolakk blekk jb.grr.finally smpai jugak to my home sweet home.
Blek jepp..troz peluk khyrah.!grrr...rindu samaa dyerr....!!!!suddenly i felt like crying!Omg!!HAHAHAH.
run out of idea.

that's all fr today.

nyte ;)