Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gig :))

wahh best tyme weyy
i really miss this moment
Actualyy it is the 1st gig i attend.haha:D
agak nk pecah tembelang laa kan.But yea..i really misz the gig!Da lame tak layan.
Orang kata:First2 gig,lame2 clubbing.
Me kata:yeah!btol tuh!Hahah!


Song:Cela by boneca
"Dulu tersungkur
Kini berdiri
Kau bermain api
Kini kubakari
Dulu menunduk
Kini ku celik
Kau bermain api!!!!"

Cela is the song full with sindiran.And yea it reminds me of last year.At first,i lepak with fifi..then suddenly she ask me to hear this song.Then frm that i started to love this song!It was cool mann!and sesuai laa fr me.haha.And yea,i still remeMber when i was on the phone with *****..suddenly ternyanyi this song..part yg chorus.then suddenly,he said.."nice song.siape punye laguu tuh?" Then i was lyke OMG "emmm...CELA BY BONECA".Then he said that he will download the song.then afta a few minutes on the phone..tergerak haty nk dedicate laguu nie kat dyer..cz he deserve this song!Hahaha!then dedicate lahh laguu nie kat dyer.and the next night..when i was on the phone again with him..suddenly he said "u!!!thanx fr the song!i suke laguu tuh" . i was like woah..is he sindir me or just being bangang+stupid sebab tak fhm maksod lyrics laguu tuh?.Then strt frm situu.Both sukee lagu boneca.And i still remember one part,that tyme i add a boneca song-tunjukkan aku at my ms.Suddenly afta a few minutes later,he text me on the phone.the text is : "U,usha the song at my page "..then when i open his page..its the same song as me!then i was like..WHAT THE FUCKK!!!tapii tyme tuh everything is sweet kan..blind love gilaa weyy.haha.But yea I REALYY2 MISS HIM!Selamat berPLKN!!!haha.

p/s:Ouh Celaa :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

I hate that i love you

U're one of the kind.U're the best.U're the one that always encourage me.U're the hottie b****.U're perfect.But let me be frank here.Omg,can i say it out loud?I hate YOU!!!!!!

yea,sometymes.there is one thing that we couldnt say to the one that we really love.The word I Hate You.It is just too hard.the one i love is the one that will always be in my heart:

-My mama,My babah
-My tok mak,tok ayah and tok
-My Harith and my Kyhrah
-My acu
-My cuzzy
-My friends
-My Boyfriend(buat masa nie takde,maybe akan dtg?who knows ryte?LOL)

This is the list of people that will always be in my heart.So yah,although there are many things that keep making me mad,but yea..i'll try my best that i'll never let it out the word "I HATE YOU"

p/s:I hate that i love you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ina Shakina!!!

Hola!Happy 16th birthday babe!Happy always!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mths mode you're killing me!!!

I wonder how's my maths result look lyke.is it miserable?okay?hm..persoalan2.!idk why,but it seems that it is too hard fr me to understand all the formula stated.and yea of course i'm not a freaky maths student.but yea.i used to love maths before.but now,its like playing hard to get.its not i sengaje being bangang or what,but i just not into it!ouh my dear mathematics,cant you just produce one simple formula like "1+1=2".Hahaha.

UPSR team mate!haha

This is fahmiee Nordin!haha.actually his a friend of mine when i was in standard six.he is sitting next to me in class.at first we're not so ngam laa..cz he thinks that i am so gedix the gedix!haha.but then,after a while knowing each other..layan kpale laa siaa.seriouslyy aku rinduu kau laa bai.!hahaa.actually his the one that ask me to wrote something about him on my blog.so this is what i'm doin'..haha!and yea,its been a while laa since we last met each other.grrr.nnty aku set tyme and date,kter jumpe ey dol!tcree!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i'm on diet actually.so,this is my meal everyday.Gardenia Butterscocth!(idk wether i spell it right.LOL).actually not evryday laa,but most of the time.seriouslyy it was so so yummy.pity mama,blek2 kne pergi Q&Q to buy me this roti.haha.i lurve you MAMA!Ouh bread!LOL!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


what is indie?
in wikipedia:indie is a genre of rock music and used to describe the means of production and distribution of independent underground music.

and yea..the past 2 years when i was 14,i used to listen to all kind of indie music..such as meet uncle hussein,bitterweet,couple,one buck short and +++.as malaysian we should be proud cz there are some of our local musican that can produce that kind of melody.like the lalala kerjalah by MUH,the melody and tone is like so so,let it out laa baii!there is bnyak maksud tersirat u know.
and then,most of the people used to judge that indie music is so so the kmpong.fyi,its not okay!u should listen to it first!its not like kinda hardcore or what,but to me the tone is so so unique."lalalala hari hari kerja,lalala bosan dgn kerja,haha" yea yea.and now,i'm really into bunkface!and cop cop bunkface won the shout award!congrats bunkface!haha.and yea,we should support our local band!!!they rocks the world man!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its totally you!

Do you actually love me?
Do you actually care for me?
Can you actually look me in the eye
And say I'm sorry?
'Cause i dont think you can
You were everything i've always wanted
But i werent yours
I've said i'm sorry
What more do you want me to do?
I love you!
Why cant you except that?
You're my dream than came true
You're my whole world
Without you i wouldn't be here
But now i wish i wasnt here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday TOK AYAH!!!

It is tok ayah 68th birthday.we all went out fr a dinner.it was a nice dinner with a nice dishes.Happy birthday tok ayah!!i love you!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Face it!

When i face the world,on goes the brave face.Even when i'm at home,it is impossible to relax..to fit in with my family,a fit in this town.!argghhh!my head is running in circles.!!!trying to keep up in life!!!To try and survive in this world.Is a task on its own.Chuck in highschool.it only gets worse!the pressure to be thin.pimple-free and perfect,to look like the models(LOL).and never be different.huh.is that hard?to be smart and all above.whilst maintaining study and having a life.is almost the possible!!How do they do it?How do they live?arghhh!i want to break free!!Get out of this stupid town!Get out of this world!Get out of this pressure!Out of the world gleaming eyes and into heaven.But when? :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who will i be?

Life?what is life actually?something fr us to enjoy?or something that always make us sad?sometimes i was thinking am i deserve this life..or i dont?problems?huh,is part of life.i hate it but i cant missed it.family,money,friendship,everything is problem.yea..i'm not perfect in anyway.There is many question that keep minding on my head.should i live?or should i die?can i score my spm result or i just fail it.?grr..its been hard fr me lately.everything i do its not seems to right.do i deserve a second chance?its not i'm being miss hipokrit or what..but i just trying to make everyone happy.But how?can i?But till when?should i have to carry all this burden by myself?or i just stop making someone else happy?i dont want it anymore!!!i just wanna stop all this stupid shitt that keep happening in my life.!!i just wanna be free.free frm all the problems!!can i?the concluson is the 2 questions that i always wait fr the real answer."who will i be in my future?"am i just a loneliness bitch that cant success in everything she do?or "i will futher my studies and grab all the dreams i ever dream of?"i will wait for the answer.Heloo Future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


model sowunk niey.haha;D

Khyrah and her mama ;)
mereka :)))

GO khyrah!!GO!Go!!!

Cntrol habiss.Khyrah meragam nk turon.Smilee;)))

p/s:everyone gather at tok house.family gathering laa.

Friday, July 10, 2009


ahah,today i went to school as usual,and yea,i .prefer silent then talking fr today.then,when i reached school around 7.00 am sharp i guess,or mayb a lil bit early,then as usual...we all have to sit infront of the office batu bata.ahah.i was so so sleepyy.then all the muslims have to go to the dewan.then when i was putting my beg at the kantin,i've met her..then both us settle everything calmly.then alhamdullilah i've already knows the dalang behind all of this shitt.hmm..but yea,everything da pon settle.today 4e just learn bm subject.sbb,svks and bi..ckgu xde,ea pon xde and pa pn xde,thank godd!!!no account class!!wahhhhh!hahah!!then todayy sepatotnye ade accnt class at tatapan minda but i didnt attend the class cz i follow my mom and my adikk to bought his jeans.ahah.atlast afta an hour at jsco bukit indah,finally he get one.woahh..thanx padini.lmbap nye kau nk crk jeans adikkku!!!!and yea,sng aty x pegi skolaa grrr!then..we went home and mama sume started to seap2 fr the wedding tnite.and plus,i'm the only one that didn't pergi wedding tersebut.boringg nyee..tak tau nk buat ape weeyyy...and yea,,skrg tga sebokk men cmment kat ms,haha.takde keje woo.argggghhh..lapa nye.hah,seb baek ad duet.hahah.hmm..nk order ape yea..ouh yea i know!!!DOMINO'S.yummy.;))haha.streamyxx is so the lembap tnite.hm...my stomach have been full with all sorts of irama...k..kejap kejap..tahan tahan!have a nice dinner!!!daa ;))

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i dont know why suddenly today my mind keeps thinking about HIM.omg knape laa kau muncoll lageyh baiii.i misz him aloott weyhh.what am i supppose to do?is that wrong.hey plss i'm only a human being.damn,the name"**zzh".i cant even frget the name,the spelling that i call u...or eventhough i cant forget all ur promises.the star,the songs,the calls,omg.i just wonder what is he doin ryte now?are u okay?hm...its be taff fr me but no matter what it is,its done.u're not mine like u use to be.OMG,what is happening to me!!!hm,lyke the words"what goes around comes around" and yea,i still remember when we are on the phone till 2.17 am just to say how we love each other pretty much,and i still remmber yr promise that u will never stop loving me.but yea i know,people change,time change everything.and now,u're not mine like u use to.hmmm...i just hope that one day,u'll realize how much i love you..although we have nothing in common.and trust me i'll wait fr that one day.;(

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


P/s:idk what to blog today,currently not in a good mood.wasalam.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


oh yea crap!woahhh!bored+my mind cant even think of anything today!rase cm nk bunohh je pompuan tuh!siriouslyy laa weyy,aku benci l**!!!grrr..ckp english ntah pape.i'm not saying its like i'm good at it,but then kalu a tak pandai ckp jgn nk tgo org!blek2 aim aku!eyh,ape masalah kau la weyy.if i got a1 pon,its not bcz of you laahh minachi!haiyyaaa!OMG!the class is freaking me out men!!!today,aku merasai bahawe mase itu lembap sgt.mase dkt skewl,wtf..kengantokan menyelubungi mate aku yg sepet niey..aicehhhh.and plus..i dont know why..i was so tired today..blek skolaa.tros mncari my fav spot.ahah,my bed laa weyyy.tido till 4.mama,wake me up with "lala,bgun,tuisyen maths".then mandi and seap fr tuisyen.go to tatapan minda tuisyen center fr maths class.arghhh,harinie aloyy x dtg..baring nye..then cume aku n azizi jer..then ade one girl baruu masokk class fr today."hey heloo welcme to the class".hmm.we learn about statistic fr today.kdg2 aku t'pk jugak...mcm mls nk smbong study afta spm.tapii x ley weyy!aku nk jd reporter doe!and yea,it was my mom and dad dreams,and yea..i'll try my best mama and babah!and yea,babah,i misz you a lot and mama i love you a lott !!! hee;)then afta belk tuisyen frm tatapan minda..singgah kedai with mama cz nk beli topup.ahahhaha,sebahagian darii hidup aku lahh whai topup.tapii tak bnyak pon..asl bole je(rm3)haha.then suddenly tekak mama rase haus,then she saw a tiny guava drinks infront of medan selera.then dyer suroh aku beli.then aku turon and pegi beli air guva tuh..1.50 bucks.one fr me and one fr her.ahaha,sdp laa baii.worth it you know!makcik bagii free satuu boleyy!haha ;D

Sunday, July 5, 2009


it was fun.hafifi hanif happy 16the birthday.!!ily so so fucking much hell.!!!Kebanyakkan dari kami memakai dress woo.!!!and yeah,it was and amazing party,semua enjoy gilaa babi woo.and yeah,fie got a lot of present weyyy.babe,setahun tapayh beli perfume doe,siyot cnfirm pnoh meja makeup ko.and btw,i hope everything is okayy.happy 16the birthday,ily babe.Best friends for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


ouh woah,i think it has been almost a week i havent updated my blogg.TAPI x smpai seminggu pn actualyy.hahahmmmm,it has been a veryy busyy week.with all the school stuff that need to be settle.semangat 3k di skolaa bangang ukh.ahah,kalou x mng tak tau laa nk ckap ape kan.hmm..hmm..on Monday it was a hols fr us.ahah,Fun fun and fun!satuu haryy kott kuar je ngn mama.and yea,ily mama,thanx fr the new phone.i really like it.and yea,of all a sudden,mama bought me a new phone it was reD in colour.i was so happy at the moment.hmmph,actualyy bukan nk ckap ape larr,but my old phone da BANGANG gilaa babi lahh siaa.grr.saket jntng aku.tapi that phone dah bnyak bagii sumbangan.hahah.then on tuesday,went to school as usual,and yea,the skewl was great.and yeah,spatotntye aku ade tuisyen at tatapan minda but takk pegi haha.then wednesday,everything is fine,sebab takde koko.actualyy kokorikulum is the most boring activitoes everr!!!,.then for that dayy tuisyen x de.hahah.Then on thusday pulakk,skewl was so so bored,lgi2 ade claz ea.bpk ar!tak faham baii.haiyaa.and ade tuisyen pn.zahrah.semangat deh nk pegii.then mama ckp tapayh pegi crk present fiee..hee; this 4th july kau da tuaa doe.hahah.then aku pon okay kan je laa.hahah.HAFIFI,this present is for you!!!!woah..!!!Friday,okay then.. everything is finee.balek sekolaa seperti biasa,then ptg kua ngn mama gi angsana.then,afta da beli barang yg perlu di beli,blek and mama drop me at fie's house.hmmph....bincang fr her party tommorow.then balek rumah,..tidoo.wohhh!!tak engat pape laa siyot!!!hahahah.!!!then suddenly dgr lagu knock you down by keri hilson ft kanye west&ne-yo.grr..tros trg arr,kalou ade guy nyanyi kan aku laguu tuh,aku peluk dyer gilaa babi wooo.arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.