Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka Malaysian!!!!

Wahh.!i'm so proud to be Malaysian mann!haha.!Poyo je!pergh today afta buka straight to tok yaangg house.!sume ade+gather same same!best woo!and yet around 9.30 khyrah smpai.!yay!misz her gile doe.haha.!and then sume wat keje gile before midnite cz nk countdown lahh kononnyer kan.then amek gmbar sume.maen fireworks!Mercunnn!BOMMMM!haha.!then org ats bukit tuh jerit "eyh diam arh!bising" arghh..gua pantang ni org nk mara.!aicehhh!ape lagi..reply reply!org da sent kan!takkan tak reply pulak.hee :) tapii sikit je larr.nnty ckp no adab pulak.haha.!These are a few pictures that we took before 12 midnight!bahaha.!Selamat Menyambut Merdeka yg ke-52 Malaysian.!Peace No war yeah!Wasalam :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Semangat Merdeka.HAHA!

The best mama in the whole world!Merdeka ma!Merdeka! haha!

Haha!my family so so semangat merdeka weyy , haha.!and yet habis rumah tok yaangg meriah dgn bendera.!bahahah.!and yet mama smpat pose jd model lagii..!and yeah tomorrow is hari merdeka.!and although zaman dah modern but still tak lupa nk smbut doeh.!haha.and selamat menyambut hari merdeka yg ke-52!MERDEKA!MERDEKA!MERDEKA!cant wait nk coutdown kat tok yaangg house tonight!
p/s:ammar,fin beli mercun bnyak bnyak!haha .!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

smile :)

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.

and yet happiness is where we can see the smile on people face and also the laughter.and yeah..i love being happy.who doesnt right?and yeah
"Happiness is the soundtrack of my life." happy guys.!smile as much as you can.!wee :)
WOAH!today i received a tag photo frm funna.and yet..she tag all her friends that she put at her ms top.and yet i'm one of them.thanks beb.woah..talking about myspace aka page is totally dead mann!and dah matii.ntahlaa sometimes cm nk delete ms pon ade jugak.gilaa babs punyer bushann!grrr.!tapii tapelahh boleh intip cute guys kann,ahahah!and yet talking about ms people..ade laa sorg mamat nie cmment aku..and yeah at first tnyelaa where are u frm and bla bla bla.but then tnyer name aku.i was lyke"eyh bute ke ape..da sah sah aku ltak display name besar besar.tkkn x nmpk kott" tapi nak show respect punye pasal lahh kan..i dont reply his cmment.bahaha.!wth i care laa kan.and ms sementara biar laa mati dulu.nnty da rajin baru update.or tak payah update terus.haha :DD

Layan kan aje!

Do you prefer a new guy in your life?

-for the time thanks

Will you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in 8 months from now?

-i dont think so.busy with spm i think.bahaha.!

Have someone that you know fr a couple of months said the word ily?

-yeah.but actually they dont really mean it i think.wth.bahaha.!

Do you currently have a feelings for anyone?

-of course.!

Something you really want right now?

-nk slipper baru tercabot!

Do you ever felt that a guy u care doesnt care about you? tak heran laa.!

Do you prefer CHILIES or T.G.I.F?

-i want both!ahahah!

Does it take alot to make you cry?

-yeah,it takes forever.!bahaha.!

p/s:babe!thanks fr the question.!bahaha.!ready fr my quetions yeah!bahaha.!

and yeah last tuesday buka at tok house.with nanny yan too.seriously its been a while since i last met her.and yeah she's still the same.once i met her..she hug me tightly.ouh how i miss her weyy.hee:))and yeah...i hope she will come back to malaysia fr raya.and nanny yan nk migrate to US with you!!!:))
woah.!rase cm lame jer tak update it?ahaha.!agak malas ouh lately.and plus idk why..but i'm currently not in the mood lately.duhh.!But far my ramadhan is goin' pretty well though.haha.kehausan serta kelaparan is part of the day.not part of it.almost a day i think.waa.and yet dah hari ke-8 ramadhan..i'm still liat bgun sahur.haha.But yeah,chocalate dutch lady is my drink fr sahur.hahaha.Yeah..harituh i went to bazaar with fie and ina.and beli the nasi ayam.tok mak and mama tak masak haritu.then..fie tell me nasi ayam tuh tak sedap sgt.but then i just run out of idea..what to buy fr i just bought the nasi ayam.and yeah btol!tak sedap lngsung.grr.cmne that stall like so laris.maybe ayam dyer berpusing pusing kott yg menarik perhatian.bahaha.!great idae btw..but worst cook ever!haha :DD

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's not too late

Where is the old me.?I misz the old nur sabrina.ouh yeah, i admit that i do change a lot.alot&&alot.!and yeah..i dont even realize it.but i just misz the old me.the girl with a kepoh mouth.non stop talking n talking till someone scold her or ask her to stop,the one who is a outgoing kinda person.the girl with her blurring in class.where is her actually?is it bcuz i'm getting older?bahaha.!or there's a thing that sit inside me & suddenly make my mouth shut.!ouh crap..i misz me!the old me weyy , but yeahh I do realize everyone change.not only me is it.hurmmm.But yeah..i still searching fr the answer and still searching fr the reason.i know that i've change tremendously. Why can't i just sit down and take some time to think about it? Why have i been procastinating so much? Why did it take me so long to realise that i've been drifting away so badly? grr and matter what it is..this is me.
and Yes, i know, that it's not too late.


arghhh...full! i 've nasi minyak fr buka.handmade tok mak!yummy :))so full man.!and yet..i dont even baruu finish my its mean that i've to mandi wajid.haha :DD yay!!!tomorrow da boleyy puasa.and tanpa segan silu..i will go to the bazaar tyg mukaa.haha.and yeah..fie already text me..and we'll go to the bazaar tomorrow mybe.!and yeah,doeh soryy..i run out of topup.haha :)) but yeah..although i didnt puasa but then i am so so the lapa.!cz i dont even eat the whole day.serupa mcm org puasa is it.!haha :DD wohhooo.!just now i just saw the pak haji which is my neighbour with his kain,bju melayu and the kupiah walk to the masjid fr solat terawih.!talking about terawihh..paling bnyak aku pnah buat is 8 rakaat,haha.and yeah..maybe this year..nk try buat full mybe..wohoot!seriously i just cant wait to start my puasa fr tomorrow!yahoooottt!

Where are you prince charming?

Sometimes i was thinking when will i be falling in love again?haha :DD.yeah,i live in the surroundings full of cintan cintun couple.haha :DD.And yeah suprisingly single is better i think.we dont have to serabut kepale to think about someone,we can save our topup,we can just do whatever we want to.But yeah,frankly i misz my couple moment..the moment with all my exes(mcm bnyak jer kan) Bahaha..But yeah not now laa..Not ready yett.Especially fr the serious relationship!!haha.Maybe 1st reason is bcuz i'm not ready yet to have a boyfiee but mybe the 2nd reason is bcuz i still cant get over HIM.ahah.And yeah..i just wondering what is he do'in..bahaha.and yet i received a message frm him yesterday..haha.He just wish me selamat berpuasa and bla bla bla.And yet i'm so terharu laah kott.atleast he still remember me.okay back to the topic..bahaha dah melangkah jauh laa pulak kan..and yeah i still wondering when will i be falling in love again.maybe tomorrow?maybe tomorrow and tomorrow maybe next year.but yet,i havent find my true loveeee!!haha.But yeah i believe that one day i'll find my prince charming!Bahaha.!and yeah lets see if i met him.i think the first word that came out frm my mouth is "finalllyyyy"...haha.buat bengang jer!and the time being.i'm single maa!!!wa'ai ni!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Realize :))

i started to realize.Almost 16 years i live in this much sin that i've done?its memang tak terkata.While i was sitting in the room alone..i was wondering...where is my place when i'm it heaven or hell.and yeah..i realize dosa in secondary school is alot && alot then primary.haha.and yeah..talking about each other behind their back..alah pon perempuan.who doesnt right.and yeah..i still remember when i was 12 i think,,i cut the tali kasot of this one gedik girl.haha.When i think it back..omg..jahatnyer aku.!!haha.My AZAM fr this month puasa is "bertaubat".boleh ke?alah,tak cube tak tau! haha :DD

Selamat berpuasa everyone!!

Bulan Ramadhan is here.So its mean that all the muslims have to start fulfill the rukun islam which is started fasting.and which mean,me too!haha.and yea,it was a very finee day fr today..tu lahh,first day of puasa kan..and talking about ramadhan,i misz watching the kids playing the bunga api..and it reminds me when i was 8..haha.that time i really really want to play the bunga api..then when mama give me the bunga api..i started screaming and so bodoh gler time tuh.and yet,,i havent ganti my puasa fr last year skipping.haha.on the moon laah weyy.opss!so i think i have to pay the fidyah(betull ker?)haha.Anyway,i want to wish selamat berpuasa to all the muslims.bnyak bnyak beribadat okay.!salam ramadhan frm me!

No food!No drink!
Bazaarrr marii :))

behind the faces

Been a lil bit busyy lately , 1 week blog tak update!situation bercampuran:busy+mls+pnat+serabut+no mood.seriously almost everyday non-stop hoping,bila laa zaman ni nk habis!i mean finish!yeah,being mrs.secretive sometimes it makes me realize how hard it is.but yeah,it is so not me is it.keep being hipokrit.yeah,dats me.Despite happy faces,lies thousand of secret.alot alot!come on!life is so beautiful,but why it is so hard fr me to through it.Of all the things i've is so hard fr me to open the new chapter in life.i just want to start it all over again.But when?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally:)!yeah idk why but suddenly teringin nk buat flikr.But fr all this while niat t'sebut still tertangguh.But today equals to 15 August.i've already have my own flikr.yay!haha.and yupyup,i'm still learning in getting a perfect shot.Still learning!So its mean that the picture is still sucks.and and,guess what did i wrote at the column of my about me(flikr) woohhooot!i'm good at getting someone annoyed and bad at saying no.ouh yea,it is me.haha.My flikr is still under construction.I will link it soon here!Bye bye! :))

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SESUAI OR TAK?hmmmm...

Hayley Paramore.i dont know why..but i really2 love her hair.i really do.the cut,the colour and the way she set up and its seems a lil bit messy..but i love it.the colour of her hair is the colour that i dream to put on my hair.hahahah.but i was thinking "sesuai or tak".hahha.Hayley can i borrow yr hair babe?LOL :D

Can't wait fr it!!!!!

seriouslyy i cant wait fr this movie.!!The first movie is twilight then this one mann!ahahhaaaa.."NEW MOON" cant wait fr it.I dont read and dont even bought the books.amat malas.haha.i just wanna go and see the movies.i'm so in love with edward cullen.kenapa lahh semua guy x mcm dia kan.grrrr.wait fr the movie guys on this 11 of November!trust me.its gonna be great!!!!


"A friend is someone who understands and someone you can trust.They will listen to you both night and day without making a fuss.They will stand by your side when you are right and sometimes when you are wrong.They will hold up when you're weak and provide a support to make you strong.And when you have problems a true friend will kneel with you and pray.A friend will stand by your side through thick and thin.A friend once said to me that a friend is sent from Allah taala and its true."
Ouh i spoke up the truth to dinaa,funna and tiera.and the truth is..jeng jeng jeng.haha.secret000.its only between the 4 of us.And yeah guys,i just wanna say sorry fr my behaving and everything.And and,thanks fr being my friends beb.lurve yeah!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Music.i lurve music,its so so me!haha.i'm into all kind of music.idc how its sounds like,but i do love them.yeah,evryone love music right.who doesnt.and yeah..when i bored,depress,sad and bla bla number 1 heroin is music.haha.its driven me crazy.but yeah,especially when i hear the song of romance and a good word in malay is "jiwang"..then i started to imagine..that there were a guy that i love most..and ahahahaha!what the hell!and when i heard the indie and hardcre music..i started jumping on my bed.hahaha.And guys u know what..this lately i'm into poco-poco kinna music.hahah."balenggang patah-patah ngana pe goyang pica-pica ngana pe bodi,poco-poco" weyh.then when i put on the music out loud.i started to poco-poco.and then mama join me,even my brother Harith pun layan this kind of dance.all started frm farah birthday party.haha.and i really good at it.i think laa.haha.and even khyrah had move her feet.but its nt seems like she more jengket2.tu shuffle lahh kott!(btol ker).haha :DD

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miss them :))

wahhh. i really really miss them.All of them.I miss our outings,lepaking,the gile2 window shopping,the terpekik terlolong,the netball shoot.pergh.i just miss it.repeat the time of 2008.!humph..Hafifi.although our house are not that far.but then idk why i just miss her.haha :D we rarely going out like we used to which means,last year.doeh,aku misz gler our "waffles walking".haha :D kau the best la weyy.haha.and iman,miera and especially the one & only guy best friend that i have,zahin.seriously i do miszz the 3 of you.lame gile thap gaban tak jumpe.but then,no matter what we still cntct and miss each other right?LOL.Iman,miera,zahin..i cant wait for our next outings!bilaa laa kan.hmphh.Nadiah!!!wahh!this girl dont have to mention laa how much i miss her!!grrr!Doeh,i miss our silent conversation and i miss our sleepover.cant wait nk jumpe you!!!haha.And and my Hana!!!haha.I really really misz you doeh.but its okay once you finish pmr,we hangout seperti biase okay.and and i will accompany u to the salon to set up our hair fr raya kayy.jum!jum!ghee:)).And faraa ouh faraa!idk why but i miss this missy.haha.although my house and her selang 2 rumah je..but it seems that i havent met her like years.haha.maybe i miss hanging out with her.but yeah,she will sit fr her spm this 100% concentration.!its okay i know u can do it me.aku rinduu korangg!!!!!LOL

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Come on!let's start it!

"PARTY".Most of the people yg sempit minded used to think that party is one of the most social activities among teenage nowdays.Fr me,biasalaa..teenage nowdays are more modern that come on!lets kembang kan otak!haha.but then..let me be frank here.!i love partyy!haha :D fr me party is where we can meet a lot of pals and having fun of ourselves.!hmmph,talking about party..hmphh..maybe i cant celebrate my sweet 16 this year,bcz it is during puasa..ouh 15th september...!Da mcm2 doeh aku plan..but then tuptup tgk calendar time puase..but maybe i can celebrate it at night?kan kan?kan?okay okay,i'll tell mama abt this,haha.i just cant wait fr raya shopping this year!Lincah laa!haha.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i misz my old hair!

and yea this is the look of my hair dahulu and kini.Haha.actually i cut my hair tyme end of last year.argghh!so so the tension tyme tuh weyy.pastuh agak kelembapan hendak pnjg.Shitt!Padan muka aku laa kan!i should have listen to what mama said "Dont cut yr hair laa" now i realized how i regret cutting my hair at the first place.Yea i just misz my old hair.I used to colour my hair with the colour of golden brown but "terkantoi" with ustazah at the surau so i have to colour it back to the way it is.arghhh!but its okay,sedikit sebanyak membuatkan aku realize yg aku nie masih budak sekolah!haha!and now this is my the bla bla bla,is it?grrr!i misz my old hair,the length and also the colour.!haha.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

no caption.BLANK.

Does the image give the answer.?
Not in a very good mood lately
Busy Busy with life
Nothing to blog.
I'll update it better next time.(maybe.LOL)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

SUPRICE farra!!!!

Birthday girl and her mama :))
the cupcakes made by Deena :))

The Birthday Cake

The Set-UP

The Dishes


Paishaa :))I love her dress

Amhar Kiss ashaa :))

Me and the birthday Girll!!!

Acu and me

The birthday Girl!!! :))

Happy 13th Birthday farra!!!farra da ank dare and teenage!so welcme to our world!!Hahah:D .actually dye tak tau ape ape pon about this its a suprise then,at first semua kumpul then when the birthday girl da smpai her mom gve us a signal.then part farra naek kat function room lvel 4,terkantoi pulak cz dkat entrance nk msk blik tuh ade tulis "farra fatin birthday".then farra tnye mama dyer,"mama?".auntie jat pon buat donoe jer.then when she entered the room.gelap woo.and we all semua jerit suprise!!!haha.Agak terkejowt jugakk laa kan muke was a great partyy.ader games and yg pleng best is "POCO-POCO".haha.Guess what,i da pro u know.harith and rodney pon da pndai.haha.Anywayy happy birthday farra!ily!!