Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ideal couple di hari raya.!LOL :D

P/S:nadd and adik :))
Kiteorg raya rumah tok bak dapat 2 ampau je cz uncle yg lgi sorg thought kiteorg dah hbs sekolah.haha :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little missy beraya.!

Khyrah paling bnyak dapat duit raya :))
p/s:Khyrah belanja kak long T.G.I.F jum.!haha :D

Suatu hari di hari raya .!!!

Currently having a great raya!
Harap dosa serta silap di maaf kan ,
Salam aidilfitri guys :)

Salam aidilfitri

Salam aidilfitri to all the muslims.woohoot.!raya sudah.!and yeah tak sabar nk collect duit doeh.and yes semoga di bulan yg mulia ini bersama lah kita maaf memaafi.bahaha.!

Selamat hari raya.!

your truly :

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robert pattinson :))

The guy yg klon tuh is wearing:
1)red plain tshirt
2)holding a padini plastic bag
3)cnverse old school shoes
4)hazel eyes
5)brown hair and highlight gold.
just came back frm jtc.teman tok ayah n adik crk kasut and bajuu.
and yet..tok ayah still couldnt find a right shoes fr him.and adik dah jumpe last bajuu raya dy.first first tak nak topman and atlast beli jugakk.and dlm bnyak bnyak bju dy i think the topman one is the i'm the one who choose it.bahaha.!and yeah..tadii tyme kat topman adik try bajuu.then dy da try,he ask me to look at it wether its okay or nop...then masukk lahh fitting room..tapi actually tak masukk lagii.then mamat yg keje topman ckp"girl sile kuar eh.not allowed.tak phm2 lagii ker".then i ws like "eyh lu pehal an.blum masukk lagii laa bodoh.!" grrr simpan je lahh dlm hatii.then aku kuar and lalu sebelah mamat tuh and i said "JERK.!".bahaha.!he was staring at me.then wat donoe j lahh.haha.!omg.!tgah2 crk bajuu fr adik suddenly this one guy masukk.!ouh shit mann.!handsome doeh.!haha.!and his face sebijik mcm robert pattinson.and the best part is...his a malay weyy , woah.!fr the first time nmpak mamat hot mcm tuh kat JB.haha.!actually ade lahh mamat mamat hot lain but aku rase kalau nk list kan..his the best laah kott.then tyme nk byar kat counter,dia kat blakang bebual with his friend yg keje situu.then afta settle paying gerak lahh kuar.and stay jup dpn guess with adik tggu mama.then that guy keluar.!and dyer lalu behind me.!perh jntung aku tyme tuh so taley belah man.!haha.!then when i turn back..he was smiling.!pergghhh.!lebur jiwa raga.!hahahha.!and yes my dream is to meet robert pattinson in real life but yet dah jumpe robert pattinson version malay.!jadi laa tuh.!bahaha.!


Starting a new life without him.just pretend that we doesnt know each other before.and yes.!i'm starting to hate you.!nice to know you jackass.!

Sweetttt sixteen.!


Thanks to everyone.!i love you guys so much.!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

starthebuckss :)

from blue wave mama bring tok mak,me and fie to the zon.tok mak nk crk ape ntah.then me and fie mls nk follow so we jalan jalan sendiri.patuh tak tau nk gie mane masuk star the bucksss.haha.then beli air.pastuh seperti biasa snap snap snap.!then fie cabar aku pegi suruh mamat starbucks tuh snap gmbar kteorg.then rupenyer mamat tuh pon in this photography kind of we expect that our picture to be like blomaass.!then memang bloomass.!satu haram gmbar pun ye snap sinie snap situu.ntah ntah angle tak reti satu haram pon tak tauu.then skrg 50 50.wether he really taking our picture or look at the picture.what do you think RESTU?haha.!

Its your fault not us.!haha

Blame the guys!

i love you mama.!

The best mama in the world.!!!!

Thanks fr the celebration ma.!although i not quite suke at first mama choose to celebrate my sweet 16 kat blue wave cz i prefer t.g.i.f more..but it was great mama.!thanks fr the dinner and also the potong cake ceremony.haha.!thanks mama.ilyyyyy!!!!!

Happy birthday to me!

wahh.yet i still cant believe that i'm turning 16 today.
ahaha.Jiwa masih muda.and yea..happy birthday to me then.
there is many things to wish life,new hope and new chapter.

Happy birthday miss seeorheard. :))

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks alott.ily :)

Buka puasa with dina and her familyy at pan first blank tak tau pape.sume nie plan diorang.dina pick me up at kotaraya suddenly her poppa stop dpn entramce pan pac.i was like.dinaa.!!!ouh so this is the suprise laa.!actually kteorg nk smbot my birthday awal cz on the 15th tuh ade plan lain with momma.!so then dinaa and her family bring me fr dinner.funna and tieyraa tak dapat join.and yeah babe..thanks a lot kayy..seriously aku tak expect weyy.thanks alot.ily!!!!:))


pergh today was so tiring.!habis redah bndar with mama crk blouse fr raya.CS as usual penuh thp gilaaa.!atlast dapat 3 pasang jer bajuu.!pening cz ramai gilaa babs org!mcm what the eff.!!!grrr.!!maybe will be goin to jusco tebrau to look fr more clothes fr raya.and yeah tadii beli skinny jeans colour grey.bahaha.!first when eiyla give me the skinny i said "eyh doeh,cm tak muat jer".eiyla said "cuba lahh dulu..kau lebih kurang aku jer".then i'll try.ouh yeah..muat weyy.!bahaha.!so fr seluar baru dapat 1 psg.!i just thought of wearing shorts & tube fr pagii raya then jalan ke satu rumah and satu rumah minx duit raya.!hahaha.!but i know that i'll never do that.!!haha :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buka puasa.! :)

haha.!hearts all of you.!buka puase togetha at sds taman perling.!the food is super yummy :))