Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finals :)
Yeah finally here it come!
Finals exam
Setara bagi semua student form 4 around jb
and yeah..
Nazak subject BM and Math mod atlast sudah berakhir
Maths paper totally blank.
Tomorrow no paper!yay!
Just prepare for friday paper which is BI.! :)
Ouh finals!Cepat lahh habis.!
Open n close
is it worth?
Have fun with it huh?
and yeah..keep it on!
Suka hati kau.its your life
.so you can do whatever you like :)
All i can say is idc.!

p/s:Jangan phsycho sangat boley?

Aunty Zat picture :)

p/s:My Aunty Zat :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hot Aunty! :)

Sharifah Aisyah :)
The Hottest auntie ever :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Okay finals date change from 26th to 27th.
Which is on next tuesday!
So helo sejarah,helo maths.!
and helo books.!
Final's is really making me sick.!
So come let's ready for it.!
Goodluck guys for the finals.!
Sejarah is waiting me.!
so i better get going.!
Bye :)
Raut wajah miss seeorheard :)Haha.! :D

When the teacher not around ;)

So takde kerja time niey.!
So apa lagi kan.!
Mengila laah!
haha :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

here am i blogging while infront of me there's a lot of book that need to be read
26th.10.09!ouh shitt!Final's!
Ouh yeah i think i better get goin' then and start opening my maths exercise book.!
Final's,you're killing me.!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sabrina Zulkifli
Miss seeorheard :)

sweet 16 :)

Dina Zahirah :)
Happy 16 th birthday babe :)
May god bless you

Enjoy your birthday!
and make it a memorable one! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Survive :)

Guess who?
p/s:His mine!haha :D

Even though I do...still
Miss you
Just like the air that I breathe
I need you
With me
I'm not gonna lie
I cant imagine my life
With out you but I
Suppose I will survive..
By Gabrielle :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday 16.10.09 :)

since thursday night i've been spending my time with the one and only lovely cuzzy..nadya.!haha.!ouh yeah budak nie dah tamat pmr so then we can spend our craziest moment like we used to.But then..nadd she had already apply and fill the mrsm form for next year.alahh nadd...dont go.!then sape yg nk melayan perangai aku nnty.haha.!But yeah..having a great time with her.yesterday went to kerry's with nadd and family.But yeah..then went with mama too!then we bought a lot of dvd's.haha.!okay then around 10 something we start watching it.and one of the movie's that we watch last nite is "the notebook".huuu:) huu :) it really the touching mouching.!you guys should watch it!haha.!the very the love story.Will be spending the hols this december!HOORAY! euphoria doeh.!haha! :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

okay now i think my life is getting better.Things had started to change.from no to yes.From curious to trust.from 1 to 2 and so on.and yes i'm trying the best to change everything.!and plus,i'm enjoying my life :).
lately,busy for the coming issue.and things are working on like they use to.

p/s:Fikiran mencari cari,tangan bergerak gerak.okay lunatic's here comes the ideas.! :)
Delete punya delete suddenly jumpa gmbar niey.perh how i miss the old time mann.!time can you plss turn back? bahaha.!:)

Goodluck syg :)

Nur nadiah ismail.
babe :)
goodluck for your pmr.
trust me i know you can do it
When you answer the paper..jgn stress.
Just think of throwing the pencil out from dewan next tuesday.
and jerit "yay.!pmr dah habis!!"
Goodluck in answering every sheet nadd
all the best to you
8a's insyaallah.
ily :)

have you ever felt of giving up on life?i mean nak bunuh diri or watsoeva?nahh..idk why but then somtimes i felt like giving up on something.bahaha.!And yes i still cant believe till now that i already 16.and yes 17 is the age to finish everything that i start since the age of 7.Finish schooling.!bahaha.!And yeah..i hope tadapat plkn.ouh spm.i waiting fr you babyy.but i ready?LOL.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

******** :)

okay today went to pn.zahrah class.and as usual fie is there then we jalankan our routine as usual which borak and count the part and the soalan that we need to answer.ahaha.sengal.and yeah..i felt so sleepy laah weyy.okay then finish class around 6.40.then jalan nk pegi gate suddenly maha call me "sabrina".haha.pastuh borak laah dgn dia kan , Then we talk about tuut and the tuut.haha.!suddenly shock story the mory.ta perasan mujahid is there.then i was like.mampos aku.but then i ask him "mujahid,ssi jugak kan?".then thank god his answer is no no no..!his in ec laah weyy.haha.!then back to conversation me and maha.suddenly i ask him.."******* sape yang you rapat?"then mention laah a few names which i know.i mean really know.!haha.!then i stop at this one name which is tuut tuut.bahaha.!then maha said..yeah dia really handsome arr and bla bla bla.well.haha.!da lame kott be frank lahh kan..i started being friends with the guys since i was in kindergaten..then sekolah agame then so on..But then dia paling handsome kott..haha.!but actually nk ckp kat maha.."eyh kemslm yr senior tuh eyh".Tapii simpan dalam hati jer.haha.! :D

p/s i love you.

(saje letak gmbar si adik niey,biar jadi model blog aku :p)
Do single takes me to the age of 20 plus?or it will last forever.
p/s i love you :)
yeah...da lame blog tak update.and i've been a little bit busy.many stuff to do :).And yeah,good respons from the buyers of lunatic.and thanks fr the support guys.woah.!September has been a busy month for me.With the raya celebrations and bla bla bla.and yes..i miss my blog doeh.hahaha.lamenyer aku tak update kau kan.and yeah..looking forward fr and ideas fr our next issue.Still blank.haha.and currently enjoying my life lets rock it baby.!! :)

hello my blog
agak lama laa kan tak update blog
yeah,quite busyy lately.
tak menyempat doeh.
and yea currently malas act.
Busyy with skewl,tuisyen classes.
and wolla its almost the end of the year.
Ready kan diri.
ouh hello coming 2010
Wolla SPM.! :)