Monday, November 30, 2009

power rangers gabung kuasa :)

neyo-because of you by sab and fie :)

lepak with fie.pergh babe.pejam celik pejam celik.besok kau dah belah meninggalkan aku an.ayat takley belah.haha!and this is a video that we do time lepaking ptg tadi.normal laah sab and fie bergabung kuasa.power rangers laa alamatnya.haha.ntah pape aku merapu mlm nie an.layan kan je laa.and babe.besok if tak sempat jumpa bfre gerak singapore give me a call.and da arrive uk text me.lantak laa 50 sen pun 50 sen laa!haha.dah mcm couple aku laa pulak kan kau.!haha :D FYI..kami kawan baik yer and kami waras lagi!harap maklum semua.haha :D babe.once aku jumpa dia i'll update my outings with him kat blog nie.and yang wajib,snap snap!idc whether dia nk ke taknak.just pray the best fr me.betulaa ckp kau mcm nk kahwin je kan aku.and aku akan rindu kau ckp,"hah..tgk eh 5minutes later pasal dia lagi tak".haha.bangang!lol.k babe.anything keep updating all the storyy morry okay!akan merindui kau!!hope you enjoy the video :)

okay memandangkan my pengintai mamat cina,fihanif is leaving malaysia tomorrow and will be staying in uk fr almost a month.and seems she already semangat and pack her stuff up. :( then i was thinking of making a video for her.then inilah hasilnya.will be missing you gila babi doeh :)

babe :) hopefully you found your keong and adam in uk.ahah

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

okay plan change.miera tak dapat join.and me and iman tukar plan from ss to cs.which mean bandar seperti biasa.but then since tak tahu nak buat apa.ronda the whole cs.and atlast finally i found the thing yang aku craving tahap gilaa cz pergi topshop dah habis!haha :D and thanks alott iman fr the support and everything.insyaallah we'll meet in k.l yeah!ngee :)

From CS :)


Iman nabila .BFF :)

iman and miera :)

today.woke up at 9.30.onlinekan diri.plan for today.out jumpa iman and miera.arghhh.miss you guys gilaa kott!bnyak gossiiipppp.!haha :D

lunch at ss.12.30. :)

thanks to him :)


Remember the first time we met
You was at the mall wit yo friend
I was scared to approach ya
But then you came closer
Hopin´ you would give me a chance

Who would have ever knew
That we would ever be more than friends
We´re real worldwide breakin all the rules
She like a song played again and again

That girl like somethin off a poster
That girl is a dime they say
That girl is a gun to my holster
She´s runnin through my mind all day ay

Shawty´s like a melody in my head
That I can´t keep out
Got me singin´ like
Na na na na everyday
It´s like my iPod stuck on replay replay-ay-ay-ay (2x)

See you been all around the globe
Not once did you leave my mind
We talk on the phone from night til the morn
Girl you really change my life
Doin things I never do
I´m in the kitchen cookin things she likes

p/s:you.thanks for suggest me what song to download :).
love this part.thanks :)

outings :)

Outing with them.
dina,funna,tieyrah. :)

23 Nov :)

funna's birthday!babe.happy sweet 16.hoping the best for you.may god bless you.and live a happy life.happy birthday :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

idk why.lately i seems so happy.maybe because ehem2 dah appear blek in my life kott.aku rasa aku kena ada offical name fr him.what eh?em..em..arggghh.itsokay.tanya fifie.haha :D seems dyer bnyak bermain dgn nama pelik2 such as zipper.haha.babe.tggal 1 week lg kau kat jb doeh.gonna miss ya!kat sana kau makesure kau online tau.nnty bfore kau pergi buat gathering lepak kat osman.haha.mesti tertongeng2 aku doeh takde org nk cll.nk cll sana mahal.!haha :D remember once you reach there,text me how's the time there then it would be easy nk update stories.haha ;D.

TAKDA caption.haha :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

seriously i cant believe that i'll be sitting fr my spm next year.2010..i've been playing around lately.still tak serious.huhaa situ sine.sekali keluar result menangis.fuhh.gerun kott.i'll do my best fr next year ma.sorry fr the bad the permulaan:i think i have to take things seriously from now.its only 1 year sabb!go for it!GRRRRR!
woooohooo.!yesterday i'm on the phone with him.its been a while takk borak dgn you lahh sengaall.haha :D and finally!finally!i talked to him!omg.his voice is totally diff.his a lil bit hyper.dulu mcm malu2 kucng.haha!skrg dah huhaa huhaa da.haha!and i've gt the greatest news ever!and i ws like.!omg!finally!haha.krg ajr nyer happy gilaa doeh.cant wait for this coming december you!boot!boot!and i love both of yr laa smlm.ntah pape you meleweyh kan?then tanye "you meleweyh to apa?".haha.but yeah dyer open minded agk sng laa nk borak dgn dyer.and thanks fr the laugh yesterday.takley belah lagi.maknyah hot gitu you!.actually i was so happy.i cnt ever imagine that i hve a strength to call him smlm.jntong smlm takk stabil if takk call aku takde laa sehappy nie kan.haha.siall j aku.wuii,ily laa pakcik!haha :D

yuhuuttt!hols is here!fuhh!cuti cuti malaysia!pergh!kembali kpd routine harian which is.tidur lambat and bangun lambat.!cant wait to start evrything.articlehampir selesai.sakit otak doeh!haha.and happy holidays to all the school students.and yeah i would like to wish all of my spm members.although agak terlambat haha.guys,do ur best.its yr last year and its the exam that determines yr next move after make it a blast.good luck.happy holidays!

siapa kenaall mamat nie kira hebat lah.haha
meraban je aku.
love this one <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

seriuosly for the first time aku mimpi bende paling bodoh gile last night.ada polong kejar aku!macam babs doeh haha.the dream is jeng jeng jeng.!gaga.aku duduk kat kdai mamak mana ntah..sdp sdp minum air suddenly ada polong mucul sebelah aku.jiwa meronta ketakutan.ntah kenapa warung yg aku duduk tuh satu haprak manusia pun takde.then i was thinking,takkan aku ngn osman je kott?bahaha!tapi kdai mamak tuh super high class kott.haha.!suddenly polong tuh kejar aku,tergulung gulung.yg best part aku ley ambik gmbar dyer!bodoh tak bodoh?haha!kalau reality silap2 dah terkucil2 kott.then suddenly my dreams end with a shout!arggghhhh!sedih tergantung cm tuh je.asal lah tak wat gimik pocong tuh usha aku ker ape ke.haha.gile.then i woke up,and its already toilet.turn on the shower and ulala.!:D gahh#

Monday, November 16, 2009


omg omg omg!!!okay i'm stalking all of my friends profile in myspace.!then i opened this one chick page and i saw her picture with her bf.!ouh ouh ouh!guess what?hahahahahahahah!The way his bf dress himself his outfits and wtsv is the same as what i dreamt about mr.F everytime he appear in my sleep.not mr.F yang tu tu!but sorg lagi.!emm..okay okay mr.H laah sng.i captured everything!his hair,outfits!its totally the same.!in my dream Mr.H will appear with a V neck topman black shirt,brownish hair colour,and rambut dia terurus sket laah,and his looks is way moree okay.!the dude seriously buat aku terdiam!haha :D then i called nadd and ask her to view that chick's page.but yeah the dude is way moree cuter that mr.H saya!haha :D i've been planning everything with nadd this evening.But still takbley discuss otp as usual laah we have to face each other.sit and talk.baru jalan doeh.anywho,i'm so excited.hols is coming!!and insyaallah i will be meeting him in kl.wish me luck!rinduu weyy :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009 spent time with my cuzzies kat rumah tok yaangg.realize ta realize ank dare sorg nie dah besar da.haha. :D farra.tapi she's still the same.kecikk.haha :D.then today,tok long cook fr me her nasi goreng.fuhh.sedap gilaa.then perut dah kenyang.layan lagu ngn farra.haha.takde keje.then ptg sket khyrah smpai.and kiteorg sume bukak swimming pool fr khyrah.aunty zat bawak frm rumahh. first2 khyrah sorg then nadhirah masuk.then jeng jeng jeng!guess who?AMHAR.!haha.dyer actually before that cver macho tak nak msuk.sekali ape daa xthn.bukak baju.masuk laa. :D.Amhar pun sorg lagii...he dont look like a standard 5 stud..haha :D rasa cm kecik lagi cz his not that tall kan.yang lain sume dah tinggi.bile nak tinggi har?haha.!its okay,believe me masuk form 1 gerenti tinggi.Spending the whole day at tok yaangg :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

speechless..although finals is over.idk you.!i've thrown you away.but yeah u're back again.suka atilah!Ignoring yeah try and try.smpai bila pon aku tak tahu.smpai mati kott.balik2 tuh je kan.pnat aku tggu.ada kau dtg blek?tak habis2 with your own world.nak kena simbah air baru nk realize ke ape?ouh if tak nak ckp.then dont talk to me.!and dont ever call me!if tak nak msg then dont ever text me.!understood? "what's wrong with you?Mcm tak suka jer if i cntct?" you wanna know my problem? My PROBLEM IS YOU!!Jgn cl kalau taknak ckp,jgn text kalau rasa taknk text.u'r not making things okay but even more worse!i dah penat ckp laa you.suka hati you laa.kalau i x ckp you tnye mcm2.tapi if i ckp,you tak suka.its all up to you.i've been waiting fr yr text and call.and this is all i get.!bgus sgt ke apa dyer?call aku and the topic is "HER".you ada otak ke tak hah?grr.susah ckp ngn org mcm kau!ckp tak pakai otak!then sengal pulak tuh.dr dulu smpai skrg tak habis2.wht about my feelings?pls fr once,do care about my feelings!and nie laah jwbnyer,,atlast we're fighting.salah aku jugak ke apa?its enough.i dah give up.and i'm speechless.
<3 Edward Cullen.
New Moon here i come.!!!!!!

p/s:tgk cerita nie fr one reason.n the reason is him!haha :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The laugh and smile of miss seeorheard :)

My heart a scribble without rythm
I don't know what I'm doing
Or what I should have done
Hari sangat mendung harinie.and yeah as usual wnt to school.kelas sgt sepi paper add maths fr those who take it.and ict class tadi me and dina merebahkan kepala di atas usual tido lah kan.first time kott tido gile2 and betul2 kat sekolah.haha.Then balik mengonlinekan diri.and suddenly my eyes couldnt help it.and mula membaringkan diri di atas fav spot equals sure.then went out.then blek bfore 7 and here i am.blogging.bahaha.!what a very melloww day :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

december :)

Cant wait fr the coming hols :) will been spending time with minah sorg nie.double triple time doeh.haha.!ouh yeah early december my pengintai mamat cina , fifie sudah berangkat ke uk.will be missing you badly babe.eceh2.ayat takley belah.haha.and seriuosly nadd.i cant wait fr this coming december :) .and nadd actually aku excited plus nervous sekali doeh.haha!yeah..hols mariiiii.!!!
" eff.eye.zack.** "

everyone needs their guardian angel.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

arghhhhhh!!!ngantok tahap babs but then still tak dapat nk membutekan mata nie!so then here i am blogging.ngantok plus boring is the highest ranking skrg nie!but what to itu wajib!haha!:D idk why suddenly tekak teringin nk mkn cachos.but yeah.takde sape nk bwk pergi 7e dpn.takkan nk jalan kaki pulak kan.haha!Final's almost to the end.ict and siviks papers is waiting me.bahaha!but yet..terasa cm dah habis exam pulak da.haha!grr da brape kali kiss my mellow the pillow nie but still still and still ta dapat babs!grrr.can anyone go out and buy me a chacos?haha.!

miss nampak atau dengar

Inilah anak gee and zul :)
sape lagi.!of course its me laa fr sure.haha!
seriuosly time nie actually menahan kengantukan mata yang teramat :)
sape nie doeh?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Besties :)

Dia merupakan :
" partner.pendengar.penyawan.rakan segilaa.pengintai mamat cina"
went to fie's house just now.haha.takley belah doeh.
love you weyy
p/s:cool hair btw.LOL :D

Video for mama :)

Seriously aku cakap,aku mmg tak reti buat video.nie testing je,saje saje je.haha!
And yeah this video is for my mama!haha
first job mama!.hope you like it :) haha.:D

3 pelajar bermasalah class pn.zahrah

Okay.Pn,zahrah class form 4 is over.bnyak gilaa year semua kena hantar,so ni lahh.muka pelajar yang tak pernah buat homework cikgu!haha!Sorry cikgu.janji next year,complete cikgu!haha :D

p/s:Last day tuisyen peljar berkurang.budak 3 ekor yang bermasalah ni jugakk lahh yg memunculkan diri.haha :D.So its seems like next situ!
okay.finals belum habis.tangan tidak memberi sokongan untuk tidak menaip.So disinilah saya.Mula memblogging kan diri.haha :D

Monday, November 2, 2009

Since tak online so as usual blog is not updated.Okay on 31 october..was mama birthday!happy birthday mama!I hope you love the present.harith and me love you the very very much!ur the best mama ever laa!haha :D OKAY guys,i'm quite busy fr the finals.especially when it comes to this week which are the papers is like wtefff.non stop i'll coming back blogging after the finals :) wish me luck!