Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009 :(

2009.the year full of unexpected things and also suprises.i've been through alot of things this year.tick tock.its the end of the year.i will be missing all the enjoyments and happy moments with my family,cousins and friends :).its a greatest memories you guys.there's so many things happen this year.happy and sad.laugh and tears.its alot.goodbye 2009

p/s:there's more.but this just a few of it :)

my sweet sixteen :)
time nie nak celebrate dekat t.g.i.f but tak mama dah book kat blue wave.but actually i love it.haha.thanks ma!and time blowing the candle.rambut terbakar.bodoh gilaa that time.but i love the celebration ma.thanks.ily.

family outing :)
from bowling to lido seafood.mmg best lah.ramai2 main bowling.and the most malu part is ranking aku bawah sekali among the others.mana tak nya.balik2 longkang.bangang!haha.

LUNATIC photoshoot :)
haha.time nie seriously tak boleh belah lagi.kiteorg run out of just buat muka tempeh ask abg2 yang ada kat taman to be the gilaa!

hols 2009 :)
best gilaa.and finally uncle dean let me drive his swift.omg.but baru tekan minyak diorg sudah menjerit.haha.and nadd thanks cz accompany me shopping.subway je yang aku mampu belanja doeh.haha :D

night in bb+pavilion.
iman thanks alot babe.bnyak benda happen on the night of 10th december.thanks guys.thanks alot.especially my dear bestfriend iman nabila.thanks cz layan aku the whole day.i love you doeh.haha. malas nk ingat that incident.useless.but thanks cz you guys are there for me.i really enjoy myself that day.and fr the first time jumpa paan and hanif :) nice meeting you guys.

remember the date guys? outings babe.the secret recipe,the harris,the berlegar2 the same time we were celebrating funna's birthday sekali.hope u like the cupcakes.

Fie's birthday sweet sixteen :)
serious shit babe.i will miss the moment at the party gilaa2.and the last minute sign board i made fr you.really soryy fr the burukness babe.hehe :p

Taman lepaking :)
fuhhh.i will miss this moment kan fie? moree lah lepak ptg2.tuisyen je memanjang.spm!

Deena sweet sixteen :)
great party babe.and everyone is wearing according to the theme which is black and white.hee

khyrah's party :)
ini first birthday party si kecikk equal to 1 year old.and theme is white and pink )

merdeka eve's :)
seriously i will miss this moment.aahhhhh.meriah gilaa rumah tok yaangg dgn

family photoshoot at tok anjang house
pergi beraya.sebelum balik ambil gmbar bcuz garden tok anjang was like so neat and :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

rambut apabila dikerinting kan.duhh :P
nak perm ke tak nak?nak perm ke taknak?nak ke tak?nak ke tak?nak ke tak?hahahaha.seriously maannn.!i'm in a dilemma right now.should i perm my hair or let it be that way?hmphh.but then,i totally freak out with my hair right now.its totally 100% the boringg.balik2 straight.boringg kutt!grr.but if i wanna perm.i run out of moneyyy RIGHT NOWW!grrr.masalah then.i have to crk idea.and ayat the banker which is my :D

Friday, December 25, 2009

okay there's a budak kecik on my ms.and i seriously have no idea like "bila masa aku approve budak TER?".then he was like buzzing me on ms im.and he ask me how old am i.and i ask him back.saja2 lah kan.aku tnya "u tu berapa thun".then he said "em saya 11.awak?" kepala dia lah.haha :D then i replied laa that i'm 16.haha.then he ask me whether aku ada adik tak.then dia tanya cun tak cun.then i was like "dia lelaki cik adik oii".haha.see.i'm not talking that i am too big or was like dia sempat tanya cun or tak tu yang paling tak boleh belah kan.mcm takde kerja lain.!haha.then he ends our conversation with a bloody error typing or sengaja laa sng cite.its sorta like "sjasdhgahjadadhasgdagdja".belajar weyy upsr next year.!haha.seriously weyy.smpai skrg i was like bila aku approve?sbb aku nie jenis jrg open friend request aku?no way if aku yg add dia?haha.wtv.layan kan je laa :D
i wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( mama,pls!sekali je.!then as usual laah cnfirm she will said "dah naik sekolah lah.Jgn mengada".haha.grrr!his concert is scheduled on the 7th january.serious shit mann i wanna go!i love all of his song like seriously.pergh unlucky me!hmpph.if nk kata NEXT TIME tggu 10 years lagi laa ye.grrr!
hoooraayyyyyyyyyyy!!!seriously mann.i frgt his number!!hahaha! it has been a year i memorize it.memang dah set dalam kepala otak laa his number.then suddenly was like 01723*****.itu je aku ingat?ahaha!actually ingat tak ingat jugak laah.but the third number belakang is like totally salah!haha.seriously caye tak caye je weyy.haha.thank god finally!maybe the book yang aku pinjam from nadd its like helping kutt.haha.nanti aku pulang eh.haha.arghhh.finallyyyyy :P

Thursday, December 24, 2009

okay finee.everyone that i used to love have already move fast maa?haha.seko2 ada aweks kan skrg.yang paling best is the guy that i used to love the most couple with the girl that i really really hate the most!fuhh!berbelit kan?actually i just have a crush on him.but dont knw why tersyg lebih pulak.haha.but that's life.panass!but have to go on.haha.what past is past.bahaha!nak buat apa fikir2 lgi kan.and you topekong.u made me this way.i hate you gilaa2 doeh.seriously.although it is just a last minute cancel.but it hurt me much.bcz you dont care enough to understand how my situation is.bangang bangang bangang!and pls do something to your hair.seriously tak tahan.haha.bloody jerk! :P
2010 :)

There's no more play around.X to boyfriend! study study.woohoot!Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia woo.!

Aim : 9 a's for SPM
Atleast 4/5 a's pun okay.but not less than that

I want a driving license next year and black metallic suzuki swift.haha :D

NO NO NO : Say no to PLKN :P

Seriously,i dont give a damn to this shit.tak akan pergi!haha :D

IMPORTANT : more play more more more huhaa2


congrats nadd :)

nadd , congrats babe!i told you kan,
8 A's punyaa!haha.
i'm so happy for you doeh!
nanti party all night long!B.B.Q!!haha :D
Congrats again babe! alhamdullilah :)

hols 2009 :)

Since dah lama tak update then here it goes.mood still under control.although its still hurt.duhh!and yeah..i've spent most of my hols at somewhere around kl,damansara and shah alam.this are some of the photos while i was there :)

The Curve Damansara :)

One Utama :)


Uncle Shahmi wedd.
Shah Alam :)

Uncle Dean's condo :)
Sunway Damansara