Friday, December 31, 2010

you know what pain and shape a person's life?Experiences.there are those that you relief over and over again.hoping to again capture the raw feelings that swept you during the actual moment.Then there is also those who leave you wishing they never happened.make you eager to just move forward and never look back.

Those that happened to soon.Moments i've not even prepared for,yet force me to redesign the course of my life.I may say that i've moved on,but i can't deny that there exists a void in my heart ever since.and is now impossible to fill in.that's why even after years have passed,i still find myself wondering what could have been.

its 3.26 am and i'm here blogging abt you
i gotta admit that i really miss you MR.H. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

yesterday went to singapore with aunty che'ah.accompany her to take her things that she bought at takashimaya.then asked farah to come along then ada org to accompany me gila2.haha :D seriously aunty che'ah rock gilaa.we went shopping together.and she treat me and farah something.hee thanks aunty!!!and we also had a great time with her.walking
around orchard the whole day.then stop at robbinson fr a drink at MCD.then around 7 ++ back to jb.and reached jb around 8.15 then uncle Ali fetch us.and we had dinner at IT ROO.
yeah had fun yesterday.thanks so much aunty!! :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new image for 2011


Okay as what I said in my 2011 resolutions is I want a new image for next seems 2010 is coming to an end,so I thought of starting to change my image to a new yeah,this is it.i just cut my hair.actually,dah quite bored cz balik2 rmbut malas nak fikir,terus potong!but actually at first mcm sayang nak penat tggu nak pnjang.but then atlast I cut it!haha.and I try to wear blouse instead of shirts.haha :D but actually I’m not that girly,cz I don’t really like yea,time suddenly terfikir nak pakai this is it.the new me. Try to not wear shirts fr the time being.nak try mengedik sikit.LOL.mama,I need more blouses!!:D

Monday, December 27, 2010

since spm is over,this is what i do.keep myself busy and online everyday.but online pun kejap2 off online off.haha,and yeah i currently out of cash korg sorry cz tak dapat join you guys keluar.haha :D so yeah yesterday and today,me and fifie went out to look for a part time jobs.we went to angsana yesterday seems its the most nearest shopping mall frm our house.check silver planet but its already full.and supervisor dia like serious mcm gangster.haha."hello do you have part time job" then dia jawab"hah?takda2!".haha.scaryy ouhh.went to body shop but diorg tak nak ambik those who were duhh!try tempat guitar,cz the place like so cool,but too bad,tak yeah,we sign up to kenny rogers,imanos and guardian.haha.dont know which one yg they said if anything they will call just wait and see.and today we went to graphix house,thought dapat jumpa big boss but dia we just meet his wife.and they said anything they will call us.go 7e ambik borang.and later kena submit.went to kiang trading but sama jgk mcm gangster jwb.hahaand we also went to the dentist.haha.the place like so scaryy,so if dapat pun,mmg tak nak.haha.seriously,i need a job!i need cash!haha:D
arghhh.i just cut my hair.pendek gilaa.haha.So yea its the new me :D

went to singapore with MR.Sam and Maira. once we reached sg,orchard close.but mmg tak percaya lah then Mr.Sam parked dekat cineleisure.and i owe you something right teacher?haha :D so then kiteorg jalan2.and i do lil bit of shopping fr myself.But Mr.Sam lah yg shopping sakan.hehe.Maira just buy herself a shirt and dozens of chocolate.we had fun that day.and thanks teacher fr melayan kiteorg the whole day.haha.thanks so much! :D
congrats rodney!!!haha.6a 2b for PMR.and i really proud of him.
idk why.a day before pmr result keluar,i was like so excited nak tau result dia.haha.and then find out dia dapat 6a2b.nvermind,although u dont get straight a's,6a's pun okay what kan?whatever it is,congrats cuzzy!!!proud of you ouhh :)

went to KSL with nadd,nadirah and harith.yeah,the place is quite good lahh.1/2 like bnyak tempat to lepak.and like seriously,bnyak gila part-time job offer.but its quite far frm my i dont try to apply any of it.haha.n yeah,that place ada 3D cinema.COOL :) and we went and lepak + mkn japanesse food.haha :D then aunty and uncle call ckp that diorg tgh makan dkat seasons.yeah,really had fun with them.and nadd,melayan me the whole time.haha.thankyouuu nadd.once i gt my license i bring you and nadirah jalan2 eh.hee :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

finally SPM is over.yahoooooo!!!after this,i'll makesure that i'll keep myself busy everyday!haha :D there's many things to do,many plans to make.thought of working part-time.and i'm gonna take my driving license?hooyeah,will not gonna buy any of the school accesories starting frm this year.sob sob :'(.so yeah,currently need alots of money.looking frward for our trips guys! :D
last saturday went to sg with yeah we had a lot of fun.1st trip we went to the zoo.haha.:D gilaa panas.and i'm not really in the mood that yeah.haha.then we went for lunch at 3.00 pm.haha.currently everyone like so we ordered ayam penyet.and dging merah.(tak tahu apa nama dia).haha.then around 4.30 went to sentosa.seriously i wanna have my own private party day maybe?haha.then night,we all went to orchard.sesak like hell.and i'm so bloody sweating!haha :D nothing to buy,cz currently no money.but yeah,we had a great cuzzy! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 resolution.

Seems 2010 is coming to an end,so yeah,surely everyone will have their own resolutions to make.and this is mine:

-Further my studies in UITM
-Stop caring what people think
-Be nice to people
-Diet more and exercise
-New image
-Be more happy
-Owned my driving license
-changed my camera lens
-being a better person
-AND live MY LIFE! :)

web-cam time!!:D
haha.seriously muka tak mandi time nie.kemalasan.haha
.and yeah currently,tgah boring + takda kerja.LOL :P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

After SPM
-christmas in Singapore
-go kl.wajib!haha :D
-outings everyday
-penang with family and cuzzy
-genting,pulau redang and kl trips with friends
-Planning a BBQ
-get my haircut
-working part-time maybe?TGIF?
-driving license
-sleepover at tok’s house

So yeah,actually this is what I planned to do once spm is over.instead of going and thinking about that plkn I take out an a4 paper and make a far,I have many dates with all my friends and cuzzy.many things that we’ve planned.haha.right after my spm is over,which is on the 20th dec,I have a party at my friend house that night,just a tiny lil party to celebrate our freedom.haha :D And yeah on 21st – 23rd go for an outing with friends,25th Christmas in sgapore with MR.Sam,Maira and the others.and other plans so on.woot woot,I cant wait to make myself busy everyday!haha.seriously looking forward fr it!:)
Let's face it.we've all changed.
some for the better and some for the worse.dont have to wait,bcz when the right time comes we've all gone in our own directions :)
So far my diet routine is going on pretty well.watching paisha and ammar lose about 7 ½ kg,makes me so excited to go on with my diet.and yeah,I just bought a fitness cereal,and ate it every morning and night.force myself fr eating quaker-oat instead of rice.and yeah,its worth it.but I just cant help myself fr not eating rice starving mann!but yeah,still need to put on a lil bit more effort.nak kurus so whatever it is we have to lah kan.thought of going to the gym with acu once after spm finished.cant wait to burn out all the calories and lose more and more weight!woot!

is it that hard to make a decision when there's many option given to you?
Happy Birthday jay jay!!
I miss my childhood moments.while watching khyrah swimming that evening reminds me back to the old times,when I was just 3 years old,I used to have a big party,with a lot of presents,being babah and mama lil princess,wrestling with tok ayah,running with tok mak,spreading choc at acu’s shirt while she was studying.aww,the greatest moment ever.haha.although now,I can still do those stuff if i want to,but it will not be same as the one before.and yeah,being a lil kid,is just make us free to do all the stuff that we want to without anyone scolding us.haha.and yeah,that time all we think is play,play and play.and yeah,times change.and now,when I actually growned up,I learned the meaning of grateful,maturity,love and sacrifices.and yeah,cant deny that childhood is the greatest moment ever,although I look so fugly,but who cares.LOL:D
Hoooyeah blog sudah berlapuk.haha :D so yeah,busy with all the spm tingy.alhamdullilah so far everything was just more paper left then I spm freee!woot woot!cant wait for the trips and stuff.woah,and yeah,looking forward fr the photoshoot with you dude!.and talking about spm,finally maths paper is over.and the other papers was okay I guess,accept fr the bloody sejarah.arghhh!its quite hard.and seriously all the target doesn’t help a single thing.maybe it does help a BIT but the whole paper just turn out to be a total nightmare to me.but yeah,I think I try my best berserah saja.haha :D And yeah my day is going very well this day.many good things happen yeah,I do enjoyed myself.2 more papers left.still all night long!:p
p/s:currently missing all the uncles,aunties and cuzzy in kl.hoping to c you guys soon!muax!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

SPM 2010
gudluck for all those spm candidates :)
do your best guys.
make our parents proud!all the best to you guys :)

i'm wearing tudung :) day maybe?but not now.:p

Sunday, November 7, 2010

okay spm2010 is on the 23rd of its just left 15 moredays for me to study.maybe i just realized that how much time did i waste fr some stupid things rather than stayed home and study?But can't i have a lil bit of fun?okay,my mum used to said,"study,sit fr yr exam.and once you finished,you can do whateever you want to do".But why am i still letting myself out and play around like i'm not even scared of anything?am i prepared enough?ouh GOD help me.15 more days to go.i'm so nervous.hoping that i prepared enough to sit fr my spm.2 weeks from now.and still counting.
things about you that makes you all the difference:

-You know the fact that i am not okay without me saying it
-You just know how to cheer me up
-You know what type of musics that i listened to.
-You know the way i text people
-You always there for me when the time that i really miss you the most
-You makes my heart beeps faster when i see yr name on my phone screen
-You makes me felt that i'm the most special person in yr life
-You makes me fall for you
-Lastly,You’re that guy that no matter how many more guys I go through, I’ll always have a thing for you.

p/s:Isn't it amazing how a person who once just a stranger suddenly meant a world to you?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


But i aint gonna cry
no more tears sab:)
Im just a normal human being.I'm fragile.
I could cry too.
There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround youself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good.After all life is too short to be anything but happy :)
You have got to be kidding me!like seriously.i heard a gossip abt this person do something to another yeah its really suprised me.all I can say to you fr what you did is ITS RUDE!TOTALLY!you should not do that to somebody who is innocent and know nothing abt yr personal life.alamak,profesional lah sikit.aduii.grr!

Happy birthday Maira!!!OMGEE already 17 maa? yeah,finally we owned our baby kan.RANDY AND SNOOPY!haha.:D yeah babe,u know right that you can always count on me.And remember that i'll always have yr back.Hope you lurve the gift frm me and hajar :) and Happy Birthday! :)