Sunday, January 24, 2010

22&23 January :)

haha.yesterday punya yersterday was adik birthday.yersterday pulak was ijal after la kan.haha.anyway happy birthday u guys!yesterday kiteorg mengila cz ijal balik jb.haha.puas round round whole jb.atlast drop kfc.makan! was fun.happy birthday!next year celebrate togetha! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the 22th January at 7.15 pm
The Sultan of Johor
Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail has passed away
May Baginda rest in peace

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 14 Birthday adik!
sorry sekarang kakak currently pokai tahap i cant afford to buy you any present.lagi lagi fr you kan.nk yg mahal je.haha.tggu duit masuk nnty tuntut eh?eh jap,you dont give me any kan last year?hahah.happy birthday my bro.may god bless you!(duhh,i cant believe i say

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As usual.pack routine.its the 2nd week of school.but believe it or not.we change our class jadual waktu like 7 times!and yeah my name 've been selected on attending history and science xtra class!duhh!ii cant give any alasan fr this year.just go with the then this is my routine everyday.

Monday-school.tuisyen at 3.00-6.30 pm.maths and accnt classes.hw/study tuisyen.finish up the hw bfore night.
Wednesday-school.koko till tuisyen classes.
Friday-school.tuisyen.account classes.ea classes.
Weekend?no classes.but maybe it will be.soon. :(

okay look this is my schedule everyday.but em..if the day that i've no tuisyen classes.not tired and pn.azleen is free.i'll go and revise my maths and accnt with her.and this schedule is not including xtra classes.since i dont care enough to check when will the class yeah.busy busy.gahhh!

i hate you

okay i'm tired.why eh.everytime when i started to move on.and just throw you away then you suddenly appear?is it a coincidence?idts plus idk.but i'm keep promising myself.that i'll move on.and just forget everything about you.then when i have the guts to just throw you away.then time tu lah kau terhegeh2 muncul balik.why is it so hard.?and now after all the "not showing up" that night.and now you add me on fb?what's wrong with you?.can you stop hurting me.or you dont even realize what i felt about you?huh?should i said and scream that "i fall fr you!"pls.stop being stupid or act like one.its still pain.i know that we're just friends.but when i saw yr picture with her at the event the night that we suppose to meet.its really hurt me.and thanks alot fr that.seriously i dont need this right now.blank.

Friday, January 15, 2010

ahhhhhh!its have been a very busy week!with school stuff.wake up at 6 am.back at 2.00.tuisyen at 3.00 till 6.30.seriously i felt like dying right now!grr.especially with the sports tingy that already apa lagi.stayback lah jawabnya.omg!mcm dah takde tulang belakang.its so tiring and pack like gila!but what to do.spm ouh spm!yeah yeah.spm?the exam that determines whether i turn out to be a Q&Q worker or one of the U.I.T.M student.!haha.i dont expect that my routine will turn out to be so pack.if last year.when i'm back frm routine harian is sleep.but hunnayh,there is no sleep for this year weyyy!tuisyen je memanjang.grr!i really miss my evening bed.what to do.what to do.takpe this year :D

One Utama's :)

Other than,attending amir's wedding.spending most of my time at one utama's with family and bebeyh!!haha.since our hotel is beside OU which is One apa lagi.bersepah lah muka kat OU.haha :D Zarra sale gila babs!but i dont bought any of it.balik jb.apa lagi menyesal seumur hidup.ecehh.but i'm so happy.finally i gt my blouse!leopard prints!thanks momma!love you :) haha.the baseball part is quite okay.but helmet tuh takley nk berat lagi ke brotha?haha.

Amir's Wedding :)

Attending amir's wedding at taman tun last saturday.and this are the pictures of us at the wedding.congratulations and selamat pegantin baru Amir! :)


p/s:sorry lambat upload.busy busy.haha :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

fuhh.i've been very busy this week!and i dont even update this blog fr a few i miss it.its hard fr me to leave you time was like so pack till i felt like giving up on everything.its pack!with school.tuisyen classes and everything.duhh.its tiring!bt em..i started to realize that i already start taking things seriously.although i know its a "must" for thiis year.while i was sitting in the room today.since mama and tok mak went out to pickup something,im started to count hw many days left bfore the biggest exam which is SPM.minus weekend.minus raya2 celebrations.minus school hols.damn.i'm so nervous about it.but why i dont seems to start all my revision frm now?am i still in hols mood people?wake up doeh!grr.pls god.i dont wanna have a FAIL written on my spm way.n i'll make sure there's none of it.goodluck to me then.
okay now,seems like im kinda boringg with my hair i wanna make it a new look.and my hair now seems quite long.then i thought of colouring my hair with a brunette colour and emm..i already have a bangs right now but i dont have any idea on what kind of hairstyle that suits me.but i have 2 options right now.

first Option:

Second Option:

im totally blank.but i really bored with my hair right now.i felt like perm it.since it has been straight for years!dilemma dilemma.haha :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010.last year of school

i still cant believe that this year was my last year as a pelajar was like "ye ke?" alarm.seriously man tak caye.but most of my cousins and friends who already ended their zaman persekolahan said that "life in school is way more better.and u'll miss it".is that fr real.but damn seriously i cant wait to finish school.went to college and everything.and the most imprtant thing is i want my driving license!haha.there's so much things to plan once i finish my zaman persekolahan.maybe i'll work while waiting fr my spm result to came out?but what if i've to go to that plkn thing!i dont wanna go!i hope that they dont selected my yeah its a new year and a new chapter!hee :)

welcome 2010 :)

welcome 2010.
wishing a very happy new year to all my family,cousins and friends!
azam baru ouh.haha.wahh so fast mann.
i'm becoming 17 this year on the 15 sept.haha.spm ouh spm.
seriously i'm so nervous about it. i cant think of anything right now
my 2010 is full of tuisyen classes,books and exercises.that fr sure.
wishing the best for this year.
and woohoot.its my last year of school! :D