Sunday, February 28, 2010

keeping myself silence frm you is because u've hurt me.but there's one thing that i really hope you say is "where is she?".once you said it,it makes me feel better.because i'm really glad to know that you're still searching fr me.i gotta admit that imy H :)

Saturday's with mommy :)

Spending the whole day with momma.tok mak semua takde.naik kl.then its only me,adik and mama dkat yeah.apa lagi.outings!haha.around 2 we went to usual,penuh sesak.mama sudah pening kepala.bahaha.start lah membebel.ayt dia "jgn ajak mama jalan kat sini lagi.".hahahaha.!bes tuh nak pergi mana lagi kut.jtc hrituh dh pergi.haha.

then after cs.balik rumah kejup.then we went fr a dinner at t.g.i.f.lama kut tak makan situ.

this is what we eat.ghee :)

perut dah rock it babeyh!!!!AMAN!
after t.g.i.f we went to the petrol station.mama nk isi minyak.haha.satu hari b'jalan punya pasal.minyak habis doe.haha.
then we masuk bandar.pusing2. :D
Lastly,we stopped at SEGET.haha.gila ramai manusia :)
Satu hari jalan2 ngn mama.patah kaki kut.haha.
mama melayan je kan.LOL.ily ma!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

yahoo!finally! has been 2 weeks tak makan.i cant help myself yeah i went to 7e and i buy 3 of it.dah lama tahan tak makan punya pasal.(poyo)haha.yummmyyyyyyy :D

I really need this right now.arghhhhh!!!nampaknya sekali lagi dietkuh tidak menjadi.urgh :/.out to 7e.snickers here i come!lol :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

gt school
gt extra class
gt accnt tuisyen

normal routine and extra class starts tomorrow.grr.kenapa lah tak cuti terus kan!grrr.start frm tomorrow i've to attend extra class which is on monday,tuesday,thursday and friday.fuhhhh!penat lah siaa.hmm.pengorbanan pengorbanan.sigh :/

sleep at tok house on friday.pergi tgk tok and jumpa budak nie.haha.yesterday we accompany aunty at OUM cz she've classes to attend.fuhh.duduk situ tak buat apa2.tido study.tido study.ta psl2 kene sound dgn this one uncle because he thought that i am one of the student there."dah cukup tidur?".perghh free je kan.btw lepas rindu hangout dgn si nadd nie.haha.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i spent most of the whole week of CNY hols at home.seems momma 've been a lil bit strict to me yeah.SPM kan.and yeah just sign up to tumblr last week.and i already update it a few days thats mean.i've two blog that need to be update.and i'll never leave you bloggie.that's my promise! yeah my diet routine arent going as what i've i currently eat a lot this whole week.yelah cuti duduk rumah nk buat apa kan.haha.and yeah harituh fin balik jb and he said "lala,cotton tgah sale gila".but maybe dah habis sale kott seems like no kl fr me this year till spm habis!arghhh tak mungkin.hahahah.i almost done with my yeah now nk pujuk acu.ajak dia pergi mcd!hahah.i was craving fr a BIGMAC right now.rasa cm lama je tak mkn.hahahah :D
finally.i watched valentine's day.finee.although i dont celebrate valentine's this year since i have no calon to celebrate with.single mingle.ahaha.seriously the storyy was okay la.bestt.yg penting x yeah the whole story is okay.The ticket is worth to buy.thumbs up!! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

i'm not goin' to school today.seems i gt my MC fr 2 days,so momma ask me to rest at will be meeting dina and tieyra cz i'm gonna fetch my hw frm em'.next week gt no school.its CNY people!gong xi fa cai! yeah i woke up at 9 today.and i saw adik's onlining.i was like "thank you adikkk".nowdays,i rarely online bcz momma already set a password on this dekstop.and the password is she and herself who knws and adik tak tahu!!then she said "lepas nie kalau nk online mama yg on kan computer.seems you both tak tahu pasword kan".perghhh.and plus she said,the reason dia buat mcm nie sebab aku terlebih yeah till nw i try to figure it out what is the password.semua tak betul.then what?arghhh.mama tell me!!!!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

i watch this movie yesterday.and i was like."ya allah life dia.time dia muda,nmpak tua.time dia tua nmpak muda.its so unfair".can you ever imagine if dilahirkan tua.and when you ws 7 you look like a grandma.and when you ws 80 ++ you look like a girl.get it?yeah its so cmplicated.but wht i can say is the story is suppeeerrr suppppperrr best!you should watch it!!brad pitt ws so hot!!!!!lol.
yesterday like suddenly my eyes sorta lyke bengkak thap babs.and pedih then cikgu asidah suruh dina and tieyra accompany me to the office.i called tok mak.and she said that acu's gonna fetch me after signing everything,acu bring me to i went fr a medical checkup.then i hve to eat like 4 medicine.and finish it up.and i gt MC fr 2 days!yahooo!!then after klinik went fr breakfast with acu.mee soto dia tak sedap!bleweks.then balik rumah,sengall satu bdn.mkn ubat then sleep :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

stay at home the whole day.
finish up homework and settle up all the school stuff
and woohoot.its done!!so that's mean tonight no one can disturb me!
dvd's time people!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


mata ngntuk.but kenapa tak boleh tidur?duhh!tidur lah kau wahai mata.okay talking about sleeping..i really miss my sleeping routine after school.i used to do it everyday when i came back frm school.but its a NO fr this can i sleep?cn u ever was like everyday aku busy dgn school stuff and wtseva.fuhh.everyday tak cukup tidur kott.time nk revenge balik is on sunday which is..bgun lmbat!haha.seriously my eyes cant help it.especially subjct first kat skola.boleh mati weyy.ngntuk gilaaa!nk tidur but line tak clear.mana taknya in class aku duduk dpn sekali.i mean dpn.the first tell me mcm mne aku nk tidur kalau ckgu dpn mata?ada tak obat tahan ngntuk?if ada pls bg aku!!haha.seriously i'm fucking sleepy right now.but i cant sleep.!tension!grrr.ZzZzZzZz.......
finallyyyyyy :)
its ready and out fr sale babeyh!! :D

rambut dah panjang!!!
yahooooooo!finally!!!lol. :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I really miss this moment.when we're on the phone till you never failed to make me laugh and smile on every second of our conversations.with all yr spontaneous jokes.and i really cant frget the moment i scared you and you're just keep yrself silence.i miss the moment when we share our problems together.i miss the moment when i already told you that i'm offing my phone fr a week last year bcz its the first week of school and you never failed to send me messages everyday saying that "imy and study hard" although you know that my phone is off.i miss it.i miss you.but yeah you hurt me.alotss.thanks fr that.its over.Today.It has been 1 year and 3 months we've known each other.many things happen.pain.laugh.happy.tears.u're different.totally.i cant face this anymore.and pls.pls.dont find takes me so long to get over it.till now,i still cant.but yet i nver stop tryin'.try try and try to get rid of you.although its hard and pain.anyway,thanks so mucchh.and yes i'm leavin'.goodbyee "effeyezack".

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

fuhh.i felt so tired.pack schedule as always.can i manage myself like this till the end of this year?sacrifices.duhh.tired!tomorrow lagi lah frm 6 to extra class frm 2 to 2.45.nilam sports activities.frm 3 to zahrah class frm 5 to 7.00.arghhhh!bila lah nk tamat?serious shit mann i felt lke dying.and emm i'm not in a very good mood right back hurts alott.sengal satu badan.duhh.and yeah tomorrow?lagi lah dilemma.4 feb 4 feb.should i wish?should i?nahh idts.i think i can help myself to not wishing him tomorrow because my schedule is like pack.totally me god.please.pls i tried to avoid myself frm dialling his number!okay i think i have to sleep before midnight tnite.if i dont,i think i couldnt help myself to not wishing him.but i try.sabb,dont wish him.dont dont and dont!okay..anybody who call me tonite.and borak with me till i fall asleep.i blanja you a bar of "snickers choc" okay?lol.okay finee!NOT GONNA WISH HIM!that's it.The End. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

NO TO THIS!(just fr a

am i fat?
okay finee i'm so gonna diet right now.all of my cousins and even my mom said that i look kinda berisi.and its no way.but hell yeah i do eat alot since last year.haha.i take my meal like 5 times a then i think i'm not gonna eat rice fr 3 snickers chachos.and try to eat alot of sayur and also fruits.but not rice!serious shit.its so obvious!i think i better start my diet frm now.wish me luck.! :)
okay finee.this few days i've been so lazy and i dont even update this blog.but today i manage to stop being lazy and here i yeah last week my schedule is not very pack.because all the school activities have been cancel because of kemangkatan Sultan yeah i manage to finish up total 9 brain sorta like pecah.and yeah since its the early of its almost valentine's day.serious shit.its really annoying watching girls get roses frm their heloo february :)
yesterday i gt a phone was about 6 something.i look at the phone screen.its an unknown number.i pick it up.hooyeah it was hannah.then she said she wanted to meet me.then i ask her to come to my house seems our house is near yeah suddenly the door bell ring.and i know it might be her.then we went to the taman.sit and borak2.she's moving to teknik first i felt like slapping her face off.dah lah lama tak cntct.tup2 cll nk pindah.huu :( . so yeah apa lagi kata dah lama x gosiip2.then harinie hannah pergi.sobs sobs.before goin' back home yesterday,we hugg each other like crazy.i felt like crying yesterday but i'm so not.haha.gonna miss you budak kecik.jadi org kl lah kan kau lepas nie.cutii jgn tak balik jb.haha :D take care hannah!study hard!ly.xoxo :(

p/s:babe,i think its the best way fr me. :)