Monday, March 29, 2010

terima kasih hafifi! just know what to buy fr me!yay she's back!babe,am really proud of you cz u already done with yr umrah.and jejakan kaki ke tanah suci.alhamdulillah everything is goin' just fine.and.thanks so much fr the snickers,bag and ring.ouh yeah,my mum also said thanks fr the sejadah.and babe,i really miss our lepaking doeh.this year tak bnyak dapat lepak ngn kau kan.its like everyday aku balik lmbat sume.and both of us busy with our study and stuff so yeah.but i think we shud start our study group tu.this time BETUL PUNYA STUDY.haha.seriously ar aku tak dapat bygkan mcm mane serious nnty if we study togther.haha.but anyway,thanks so muchhhh.tq :)
arghhh.kyhrah dah besar.sekejap nyaaa.turning 2years old this coming April.fuhh.rasa cm baru je dia lahir kan.hahah.seriously she's the baby of everyone!haha.each of us loves her the very very much.haha.but dia punya nakal.ya allah,tuhan je lah tahu.pluss.she's very kepoh.dah pndai ngadu.even if i dont do anything to her,she will tell tok mak,that i do this and do that.sabar je lah.fitnah2.hahahahaha!fuhh,kejap nya dia grown up.haha.ily kecik.but pls jgnla baling my hp lagiii.kang kiong suruh ayah gnti.blckberry :) lol.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

urghhh!felt so tired!nasib lah this year spm,kalau tak jgn harap lah! schedule like gilaa pack.monday - rest fr even one day mann!urgghh i love you weekends!i love my saturday and sunday!pfft.

check out!my schedule frm monday-friday :
monday:school 7.30-1.50,maths extra class 2.00-4.00,account tuisyen 5.00-6.30
Tuesday:school 7.30-1.50,Science extra class 2.30-4.30,Maths tuisyen 5.00-6.30
Wednesday:school 7.30-1.50,koko 1.30-3.00/4.30.
Thursday:school 7.30-1.50,Bm extra class 2.00-4.00,Pn.zahrah tuisyen 5.00-6.45
Friday:school 7.30-12.40,Bi extra class 1.30-3.30,Ea tusyen 6.00-7.30

Urghh,see!rasa cm nak bunuh diri kan?spm,ur kiling me!!!!!sigh :(
i gt number 17 in class.haha.lawa kot number aku.hahahahah.but i'm not that happy lah,especially with my ea marks.dissapointed much,.grr.have to struggle more,more and more.but atleast i gt 17.takpe its a beginning.alhamdullilah.sorry ma,this is what i can gt fr you!hoping the best fr midyear,and especially the one and only SPM!aminn :)
The fray is perfoming live in Singapore today!!!!urggh,i'm not going!!!!dah lah neyo perform kat sunway pun tak dpt g!arghhh,kenapa lah semua nk this year kan?anyone yg pergi record kan live lagu never say never,you found me and look after you fr me plsss!!!!!haha.
i really need this right now!!!!urghh.kan senang kalau ada factory sendiri.tayah g beli!lamanya tak makan.cehh.haha :D baru harituh cekik 3 bar.haha. mmg hancur lah diet aku.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

haha.yming with this one first like seriously aku tak kenal dia sape.suddenly he add me and he said :"hey babe,remember me?".then i ws like,!haha.then after so many hint he gve me.ouh.yeah baru teringat.haha.he used to chat with me on msn.last 2 years.then we lost skrg jumpa balik eh!haha.seriously,dia kelaka gilaa.haha.ntah pape kteorg chat an?mcm2 topic keluar.haha.seriously,you make me feel kembang eh.haha.mana tak asl on je,ada je gossip.u!kalah mulut perempuan u tau tak?haha.ouh yeah suddenly he ask me,do he look like a gay?lol.asal lah mcm takde soalan lain kau nk tanya kan.haha.anyway,thanks fr the teka teki.haha.ntah pape."5 org cina tolak 3 org india,then?".meraban aku jwb last skali jwpan dia "india tu jatuh." jgn meraban lah pakcik!

p/s:nanti prepare lagi teka teki!!haha
missing my Fihanif.She went to makkah fr umrah.haha.babe,rinduu rinduu!hahah.everything okay tak kat sana?hope that yr fine there :).dah balik call me!and about studying together tu,i think its a good yeah nanti dah smpai malaysia,give me a call!!haha.and i want my snickers chocolote!ada flavour lain tak?and bwk balik cheese bnyak2.balik nanti cerita everything kat aku abt makkah.haha.rindu weyy.ada storryyy doeh.balik nnty lepak.imy!
Happy 15th Birthday Cuzzy!!!

okay today is rodney birthday!
yuppy!rod dah 15teennnn!haha.
so cuzzy,happy 15th birthday!May God bless you!
Goodluck fr PMR!8 a's aminnn! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movie:Remember Me
Tyler and Ally :)

Remember Me.Finally i watched it!!!haha.thanks adik cz accompany me.seems i've been grounded by mama,so yeah nk kuar pun adik teman.duhh!!!!!spm spm kenapa lah mesti wujud?grr.haha.act takdelah grounded sgt.saje mls nk yeah the movie was awsome.but hate the ending part.atlast tyler killed himself.kenapa lah kene mati?urghhh.!but yet i love the combination of robert and emile as they act as tyler and ally.aawwww.cute.i think its way more better then edward and bella kott.haha.nk menyelit jugak.but seriously i hate kristen stewart.idk why.dont ask yeah,i suggest you guys go and watch me the movie was awsome.thumbs up!best best :)

So this hols,xjadi naik kl.cancel!grr.zarul then since pn woo have givent us yeah we all went to school to finish it up.the banner!!!duhh.actually it was fun lah.but yet colour tak cukup pulak.haha.but its okay we manage to do it.bancuh punya bancuh.wolla.lama kott tak pgg brush.haha.serious i havent paint fr years.the last one i think it was about 2 years ago when i ws form 3.then that day i have to go back at 12.sorry guys tak dapat siapkan sampai habis.kena this are the few pictures while we were painting the banner!GOOD JOB guys!

Friday, March 12, 2010

finally.spm results is out!!!!
congrats to my Violet.!!!!
She got 11 A's fr her spm!!omg omg!!!
i am so so so proud of you!and seriously aku x kan caye lagi if kau ckp susah becz accnt yg susah tuh you manage to get an A?haha!and yeah just frget abt the bloody est thing!its only just frget about it!seriously weyy,kalau aku dpt 11 A aku dah lompat2 dah satu hari!!panjat pokok bumbung rumah semua tau!hahahah!can i borrow yr brain fr a while dear?Give me tips!i want tips !haha.!so apa lagi.cepat ambik P!!bwk aku jalan!haha :D
congratulations babe!!!!
really happy fr you. :))

farra congrats!! :)

p/s:teka kat mana aku curi gmbar nie?lol :D
Exam finish!
Hols out!!!
ICT assignment!!
KL here i comee!!

arghhh,hols out again!yahooooo!!!so cuti nie my fifie is leaving me again!haha.she's goin' to makkah fr umrah.babe,doakan aku eh.tau tau tau!haha :D then bring back a whole bag of cheese lembuu.haha :D and yeah i have to finish up my ICT assingments.!currently missing iman nabila!doeh,this coming hols balik jb eh!haha.rinduu nak gossippp!!Missing zarul and syera as well.lama gila tak jumpa.if i'll be goin' to KL i'll call you both yeah!!btw congrats fr yr results.Zarul 4a's and syera 6 a's.guys,u've done yr best okay!jgn frust yeah,happy holidays you guys!!:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

exam this Tuesday!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhh!!!tak full prepared lagi kott.
study study study study.
wish me luckkkk :)

we had our sports day yersterday.i didnt took part in anything this year.yeah my team which is NILAM won first place!!!proud proud.haha :D smlm tekak sakit.haha.dah lah tak masuk apa2 dok jerit semangat doeh.haha.waaa..its my last sports weyy.nguu,next year no school no i'm gonna miss it :(

Friday, March 5, 2010

i know thing are getting more worse between us.its not that i'm running away or something.but i think its the right time fr me to just avoid myself frm you or else i'll stuck with those feeling that makes me hurt because i know that i'm no longer in yr heart.mybe i cant accept the fact that we're just friends.maybe because you're too special frm all of the guys tht i've known.although i know you're a jerk.actually all that happens between us is just a mistake."i love you sab.but maybe the distance between us yang buat my feeling ubah2.u pun tahu both of us jauh kan.jarang jumpe semue.that's why i tk tahu nk ckp mcm mana.all i can say now is,i xnk hilang you and i love you as one of my closest friend.i'm sorry you".remember this?the message you sent me?maybe its true.that we're not meant fr each other.pls jgn crk aku or dont ever contact me.pergi lah dgn college kau,kawan2 kau,and pergi lah dgn routine kau yg sntiase busy whatever you like.enough la!i do my stuff and you do urs.the end :)
What's the diffrences?hahaha.actually i cut my front hair yeah.skrg tgah tunggu the whole rambut pnjang.cepat lah !!!if pnjang mcm2 boleh buat.hahahaha.i want to perm it actually.but most of my friends said that ilook kinda matured if i perm it.arghh.itu belakang punya cerita.skrg rambut dah pnjg but its not long enuff lah.cepat!!!!!!!!!! :D
help fifie a bit with her cooking fr her yeah we're making ayam pnggang,mash first we rebus the kentang.then time dah angkat and nk mash kan,fie ckp..
fie:doeh nie ubi ke?asl mcm ubi?
me:cuba rasa?
fie:rasa cm ubi doeh

(then i taste it....
me:aah lah weyy ubi.eyh taklah kentang la.eyh kentang ar doeh but ntahlah rasa cm ubi bleyy..
bpk serious it taste exactly mcm ubi rebus.haha.then rasa bnyak kali.cnfirm!kentang.bangang.haha.but it was fun!and yeah har and haikal ckp sedaappp.haha.fie next time kita buat pasta and carbonara eh!set!Lol :D