Monday, April 26, 2010

okay actually this lately i'm not really in the mood.just now during accnt class aina ask me what's wrong?pms eh?haha i hope thats the reason why am i behaving like i simply have no idea what is wrong with me this lately.dont ask i dont have the answer.maybe i look okay on the outside.but the fact is i'm so not.grrr!why why and why?.sikit2 nak marah.sorry zarul abt last night time we're on the phone.i'm really not in the yeah xbnyak ckp sgt.sorryy.haha.i dont know whats wrong with me.nak marah je.haha.sorry lah sape yg jadi yes another drama.pfft :/

Khyrah's Birthday :)

The Princess.
Khyrah is already 2 years old.dah besar dah :)
The blowing cake ceremony :)
Prince and Princess of the day
Kyhrah and Rafique :)
Khyrah with her mommy and daddy :)
Khyrah and Harith :)
The witch and the little red riding hood.LOL
My boyfriend :)
Mohd Rafique Shah Daniel.panjang kot nama.haha.
Look.everyone is wearing costume based on their character. :)
Peterpan,witch,fairy god mother,
little red riding hood,puts in the boots.

Hot mama.Witches of the day.
Umi and aunty chik.
them :)
Favourite :)
kanak kanak riang :) haha.
1st family constume character :)
Umi's family.
2nd place best family costume character :)
Aunty zat's family
3rd family costume character :)
Aunty chik's family
rafique with his papa and mama :)
Cousin's :)
All the guess who came to the party :)
thanks fr coming y'all!
p/s:my photos takde.seems i'm the gmbar aku takde.kalau ada pun adalah around one and two of ' yeah,actually there's more.but this are just a few of it.yg lain maybe akan d'upload kat fb.itupun kalau rajin yeah.kemalasan melanda.wasalam :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i currently post much about my weight lately.ahaha.look at my stomach guys!grr,fuhh,i gained more weights weyy.increase frm day to day.although haritu baru je hilang 2 kg.but mcm tak nampak.pfft!mama quick!sent me to CH.!grr seriously,i cant help myself frm not eating.stress kut this year.sikit2 lapar.then if pergi 7e all i buy is 3 bars of snickers.aku kalau mkn mana pernah nk sikit.but i have to start losing my weight frm now.but how?grr!i really cant go on with the diet thing,its really killing me.haha.nak kurus but diet taknak aku nie.haha.but yeah,next step,jgn mkn sweet things and when it comes to dinner say NO to heavy food!
p/s:rambut dah panjangggg.yay!
5 things i wanna do to my hair is:
2.Wavy curl/straight
3.Colour it with a brunett colour mix up with red a lil bit
4.Cut the front hair(frinch/short layer)
5.layer back the whole hair
Finally i bought it at Giant just now!LOL.
Gonna watch it tonight!
yuhuuu,tak sabar.haha. :D
sabfie absorb their powers.BOOM!lol :D

Emotion 1:
Emotion 2:
Lepak with fie first we thought of studying.but nayyhh,seems both mls so we just lepak2,gossip2.agk lama kut tak lepak together.i think this year boleh kira dgn jari brpe kali lepak and especially outing.both of us busy with our study and stuff so yea.fiesaid while yming,time form 3 xnk cm dajallak kan kita.haha.then seems xjadi study,so we take pictures,singing,and recording.haha.belaian jiwa,kau ilhamku is the song of us today.haha.and yes babe,nnty we watch movies together okay,really miss our outing.and study session 2 will be postpone to next cancel sabb.haha.and skrg sab and fie dilanda emotion yg tak terkata.sab-merindu,,it was fun today!thanks fr the nasi pattaya fie!lol :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

okay,guess which one is me?
the right or the left?
which one guys?which one?haha.keep on guessing!
haha.goodluck! :)
i dont blame you.i dont blame anyone.i blame myself.
everyone deserve their own life.karma much.
i never knew how much i would miss you until i had to said goodbye.
pls dont mess things its already in a mess.
just stop it.fullstop!
Happy birthday acu!
May god bless you.stay being a hot mama.haha.
may you live a happy life.pray the best fr you in anything you do.
have a very happy family.
last but not least.i love you acu.:)
look look!me wearing tudung.haha.just ignored the emotion of the face.over muchh..haha.mama suruh pakai tudung.but i said that i'm not fully ready yet.i know that it is a kewajipan.but yes,as what i said i'm not ready yet.but trust day i will.insyaallah :)
ahah.hari ceria niaga.serious shit it was fun!haha.:D mengambil tugas menjual creampuff with tyra was super awesome! was tired but we really enjoyed ourselves!then satu hari tak makan dgn tyra!habis woo dua kotak jual.haha.with the juice blended and stuff.ahaha.serabut at jatuh fr krs lmbat smpai and everything.but atlast i think KRS paling The BOOM kut.haha.seriously it was my first time join the club fr hari ceria niaga.5 years kat sekolah tuh tak pernah bekerjasama.hahah.seems its my last year,so best!"beli beli halal lagi bercream.haha"
i really miss wearing braces!arghhh!its a part of a trend nowadays.most of the teenagers were wearing it.fuhh.i really miss wearing this.i miss the dentist checkup and stuff.fuhh.but nak jaga.mmg best habis!haha.especially if baru lepas checkup.serious shit tak dapat nak telan apa2.grr.really miss picking up the colours fr my teeth.haha.agk semua colour aku dah cuba.rainbow.i wear braces since i ws in standard 5 and open it up last 3 years when i was in form 2.then i ws supposed to wear a retainer.but malas nk jaga.haha.still remember part yg doc kasi getah so i have to hook it up kat braces.kepala dyer lah.can you guys imagine kat braces ada hook and getah putus kat dlm mulut.pernah rasa tak?haha.then next check up dtg kena marah.still remember what the dctor said "dont wear the rubberband i give you eh?doc ketat kan lagi nak?".ahah.tak takut langsung tu handsome wey.mana nak takut.haha.but yes,i really miss wearing it.miss it a lot :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

again stomach pain.hurt much.
berhenti bergendang boleh tak?dah macam drum dah perut aku!pfft :/
went to TM today fr account yeah,once masuk je pintu tuisyen saw aina.arghhh.miss her weyy.haha.we hugged each other cz its almost a month kut tak jumpa.haha.yelah,time aku dtg dyer xdtg time dye dtg aku xdtg.haha.btw,congrats fr yr accnt marks!really happy fr you.and yeah,aina buy me a snickers!i love youuu!thanks so muchhh!haha.its been a week and a 1/2 xmkn.rinduuu.haha.anyway,really happy to see you today.haha.and get well soon babe!xoxo :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1.00 AM
how i wish my phone was ringing.
the song ringtone by enrique iglesias-hero.
and i rush to pick it up.
and when i look at the phone screen.
Its your name which start with the capital H.
and i press the green key.
i hear your voice screaming my name "sabrina..youuu!!"
and i started smiling and laughing out loud.
I really miss that moment.every minute and second of it.
grr,imy so badly.:(
i ws so malas to update my blog.idk why.currently not in the mood.haha.but yes finally berjaya memujuk diri untuk update kan blog.okay,routine is goin' as what it used to be.this week,bnyak skip extra class.haha.idk why,not in the mood on attending those class.haha.ada je.i really miss Mr.snickers.arghhh.its been a week and the 1/2 x mkn.this diet routine is killing me man!and yes i lose 2 kg!woot woot!tapi mcm takde perubahan.haha.baru je check like eating kerang bakar and also pari bakar kat stulang.but how unlucky i am.semua mls nk drive bawa g sana.haha.i want my license!grrr!the other day,tasya told me that the PLKN list which is our batch dah keluar.ahahaha.eyh makcik,thats not our batch lahh.its siri 2 last year punya.haha.belum 1/2 of the year lagii.semangat eyh.haha.pls lah,jgn lah dpt.serious shit mann.i dont wanna go!like pleaseeee!bnyak kott dah plan after exam.pls lah youu PLKN dont spoil it!and yeah i'm trying to improve my ea subject.grr.hoping the best fr this coming midyear exam.wich me luck people :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

check out my new school bottle!haha.i bought it last it seems like sabrina is no longer a fans of Manchester United.and currently one of the Liverpool fans!haha.idk why like suddenly i just love Liverpool.and tetiba rasa that MU dah offense.haha.Gerrard =) so yeah,my brother is still in his team which is MU.apa cer bro,haritu dgn chelsea pun it seems like i have a new team to support now!
i'm not going to school today.again the stomach is really pain. went to the doctor,check and stuff.and end up with this pills.seriously this year my antibody is not that strong and tough lah.asl ntah lembik smcm je this year.lari pun dh tk ok.grrr.i hate it when i'm sick.hate it much!sigh :(

Monday, April 5, 2010

how i wish time can just turn back or i can just rewind it.just exctly like in the movies and stuff.haha.i really miss me.i mean the old me.i really miss the standard 6 moment.arghh.i miss all my buddy in 6 nilam..time went so fast mann.if terjumpa balik like,everyone of us cm tremendously changing kott.haha.and yes i really miss all the babes and dudes yg kepala gilaa kat kelas dulu.time jumpa skrg cm hye2 bye2 je kan.haha.but yeah tuh zaman muda mudi ouhh.haha.sometimes i just cant believe that i already form baru haritu je primary school is over then tuptup this year is my last year of school.duhh,i'm getting older doehh.spm.the exams that determines my it just too hard fr me to just study and score a total 9a's fr my spm?seriously i'm struggling fr it.insyaallah.
stomach pain at school just now.omg serious punya sakit derr.aduii.but anyway,thanks to Tira and funna cz accompany me at bilik rawatan.thanks fr looking after me while i ws in pain just now.thanks cz sanggup duduk bersile tunggu aku till aku okay.u guys are the best la.haha.and sorry fr skipping korg punya class tadi.haha.btw,thanks so mucchh you both!alots!:)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i think i'm starting to like you but how i wish its not just a like but something more than that.but idk it still confuse me.yr call the other day just make me smile all day long.i havent smile with such a conversation with any guy fr such a while.although my guy friends never suceed to make me smile like that while i ws otp with them.anyway thanks fr calling and thanks fr all the nice things you said.but i'm sorry it just i cant love you yet.because there's still him in me.but i think i'm starting to like you.pls,just call me again.:)
Finally done with the first session which is studying together.believe it or not."WE STUDY".i mean real yeah fie,i think we both already start taking things seriously.yahoooo!success and serious fr 2hours! gossip,no meleweyh,no picture,and no gangguan syaitan yg direjam.haha.yesterday,we do maths!alot of maths!but we couldnt finish up the last question together cz fie nak balik.its a graph question which ask u to do the shaded part and stuff.tak paham ouhh.but our first study group goes on vry well.first time aku rasa kita serius belajar sesama.haha.fie,we done it!bahah!:D

p/s:old picture.taken 2 years ago.when we're in form3.haha.boleh tak kalau aku nk kurus mcm mana aku dlm gmbar tu dulu?without diet,jogging and exercises.!arghhh!:/