Friday, May 28, 2010

Muahaha :D

been a lil bit busy with my midyear exams.seems it is just one paper i think its time to just express everything on what is going on during the whole exams week.muahahaha.and yeah,this is my quick updation,on what currently happen,stuff that i do and bla bla bla things during my exams week.

1.wait fr lunatic next issue guys!!
coming soon!
2.EA revision class with pn.azleen.finish class,
heret pn.azleen to setia tropica.
and she treat us starbucks.thanks teacher:)
and finally,fr the first time i manage to answer my ea paper.
i cant target the marks.but i'm hoping the best fr it!

3.finally i gt the watch that i really want!
Casio G-shock striking pink.
mama thank youu.ily ily!:D
4.american idol is over!
lee dewyze won.aww i just love his voice :)
5.Haha.driving with maira.gila suspen.
rembat kereta cikgu.then atlast lepak osman.haha
anywho,we had fun.haha.terbabas berapa kali.haha.atlast mamak sudaa.
6.ACCOUNT MARATHON CLASS.frm 10 AM till 7PM.break at lunch time.
went to MCD.cikgu Shafiq bawak.mcm apa dah dlm kereta.
beriba2 ouhh.
haha.anyway,thanks sir :)

7.I got back this smile of mine.
Dilemma.H OR ...?
and finally there is people who realize that i'm losing my weight a lil bit
accept fr my mum.haha :D nampaknye diet berkesan.cehh2.haha
8.Go GERMAN!Go ENGLAND!currently one of their supporters!
hoping the best frm both team!:) other pair of ear. haha.
mls2 pun ko dgr jugak aku membebel kan kat sekolah.haha

thanks youu babe:)

10.finally after all of her patience of waiting fr it. atlast dapat jugak pergi to that journalist workshop.kuchingg marii. aww i'm so happy fr you.i bet ur gonna be a very talented journalist one day. trust me.
have fun there.bring tips back to jb.!

11.i'm so gonna watch this movie.!right fie?haha :D my document,picture kat PC.
and i found this picture.
awww.semua budak2 lagi kut time niey.
and yes zahin! happy becoming birthday this 30th May!
rinduu doeh.i'm gonna makesure,kita jumpa cuti nanti!:)

13.FINALLYYY.i found a right conditioner fr my hair.LOL :D
14.God,dah lama tak mkn.tak makan,in order to decrease my weight.
gilaa miss my MR.Snickers.and yeah,alin.sorry fr not bringing it to school. lupaa.haha.bfre cuti aku bwk okay untuk kau.muahaha:D
15.I miss OU.i miss the baseball part.aww. i JUST miss OU.
cant wait fr this coming school break :D

16.Iman call me.awww.
i miss her so so much
and happy to hear the news.
school break,balik jb.bnyak gossipp.and tell me everything!:)
17.i sucks my sains paper.
when i sit fr this paper,i know that i'm gonna fail it.pfft :(
18.One paper left on tuesday.belajar lah dol.any tips fr ict?:p
hoping the best fr my ict paper!and the best marks fr my other subject.
cant wait fr the 2 weeks school break!
holss mariii :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Goodbye D Heloo H ♥
Goodbye bloggie Heloo Books!
Currently studying for the coming midyear.
& finally all of my strength and patience of waiting for ♥ has been paid of
its you ♥ and it will always be you :)
Busy Busy Busy study study study :(
Blog will be update after the end of my midyear exams :)
wish me luck peeps!

Friday, May 7, 2010

TM mates.haha.just now went to TM fr ea yeah finally after so many times i skip my ea classes.and yeah i attend it today!and finally hajar came agk kecoh lah kan.sab jumpa hajar mana prnah aman.haha.then just now we learned about masalah asas yeah from4!revision!revision!end up the class at 7.30.then we take pictures with pn azleen.myra xnk at first.dye malu.haha.kena paksa baru okay.haha.but xbnyak lah gmbar yg kiteorg snap.just a few of it.arghh.its my last year at gonna miss this tuisyen centre like hell weyy.especially my dear pn azleen,the person who helps me alot.frm failing my accnt till i pass it.i used to hate it,but now it is one of my fav subject instead of english,haha.teacher thanks so much.and if i manage to score atleast an A- fr my SPM,serious saya buat party fr you!haha.haha.anyway thanks alot fr being so patience with me.haha. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

sweet sixteen :)

nadiah ismail :)
OMG mann,only god knows how much i miss her! haha.
lamanya tak jumpa cuzzyy terchenta sorg nie.LOL

anyway,i just wanna wish ya happy 16th birthday :)
may god bless you and may you success in anything you do.
babe,yr such a fantastic girl i must say.and thanks fr always there fr me to be my listener and fav cuzzy ever.and yeah last but not least ily nadd :)
happy birthday!!!

p/s:i miss you dow!i miss the gossips and conservation of us.
there's plenty to share with you soon after my midyear exams.and yeah happy birthday again.xoxo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

this week has been a very miserable week fr me.i'm sick.and yes again SICK!.i had a fever,cough,and cibbsss.go to the doctor.check and stuff.thank god it is just a normal fever.and plus this week.kegilaan dan keserabutan menyelubungi diri.ahah.mmg serabut gila and plus blurr semcm.semua blurr.maybe because i'm sick kutt.gedik haha.and yeah.midyear is coming.seriously i'm not prepared i still playing around?.serious mann,i'm not even study.except fr extra class and tuisyen.i hope its not too late.exam MIDYEAR then again school break fr 2 weeks!hooyeahhh! :D
went to the saloon with mama.mama wanna cut her hair.and yes i cut it too!haha.treatment and stuff.and wollaa,the result is not like what i expected.i dont really like the cut.arghh.but mama said that it looks layan je lah.rambut boleh tumbuh kan.but actually takdelah pendek sgt.haha.and yeah i cut my front hair and layer back the whole now hair-cut done.treatment done.emm one more hair colour.tunggu habis spm la ye.
LIVERPOOL vs CHELSEA tonite! watch it guys!
BOO chelsea!haha.LOL.
see who's gonna win the match tonite.hoping the best frm LIVERPOOL!


i dont know who the hell is this.keep calling me.ahh,kau kacau lah aku.but kenapa pukul 3 pagi baru nak kacau?.why eh?ahh.thank god i still have the manners.if i dont,i would have curse you otp!when i pick it up why do you just keep yrself silent?dah bisu eh?urghh!u knw what,kalau nak kacau jgn lah pukul 3 pagi.time aku baru nk tidur bongok!grr.once again you call me.i'll pick it up and scream out loud smpai lubang telinga kau tercabut and pekak,just call me again!