Friday, June 18, 2010

GOODBYE readers.
will rarely online after this.but i'll try my best to keep this
thing updated yeah.Take care people!wasalam :)
okay i woke up at 9 today.went to cs around 11 something.goin' to catch some movies.i watched karate kid with nadd.hooo yeah the storyy was superr awsome!and that tiny jaden smith was soo cutee!i just love his rasta hair.its superr cool!and aunty thanks fr the tickets treat ;)
thumbs up karate kid! :)

hahah.rodney and farra.i love youu cuzzyy :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2nd semester-:
1)Start taking things seriously.
2) blurr2 lagi.
3)Avoid sleeping in class.
5)Bayar puasa :p
6)ask tyra fr her help to work on my maths.babe tlg aku.haha
7)lunatic double 4&5.
8)stay up and do revision.
9)dont ever think of skipping school,tuisyen classes or wtsoever.
10)try to start working on pn.zahrah homework.belambak.haha :D

10 things that i'm gonna change/do once the school of 2nd semester playing around.trial is so making me nervous.and i hope i have enuff energy to just proceed all those 10 list.and yeah.there's no raya celebration for me this year.seems spm is just what buzzing me rite now.and yeah.will rarely online or will never online till the exam finished bcz there is no modem to be connected to the line.mama plss.weekend je okay?haha.but anyway.i hope that i'll be able to do all the things that i've listed above.insyaallah.amin :)
nadd bought this blouse for me from cotton on.
Babe thanks alott.kau tau je taste aku kan.especially stripes.
arghh i just love stripes.i love the blouse seriously.
and i'll search fr something that suits it okay.
skirts or leggings maybe?haha.but anyway thankss alott.
luv it much.hee.tqsm.ily :)

Hey you? :)

"I am Kellan Lutz properties :) "
aww nadd.i'm really glad you like it.
its the birthday gift i gave her.everytime kau pkai that tees,ingat aku okay.
haha.and yeah,you look great wearing that tees.
so pkai lah selalu.cehh.haha.ily :)
yeah finally we meet up!s.z.i.m outings!sabzahinimanmiera!haha :D
I'm currently having so much fun that day.dah lama tak lepak tgetha kan.
so this are a few pitures of us that day. :)

1.we went to nandos.seems semua yeah,went
to nandos fr lunch.

This is mine :)
Miera :)
Zahin :)
Iman :) Dia punya paling banyak choice.haha.
senak kut nak habis kan.haha :D
Miera and iman :)
Then me and iman go out and buy a cake fr zahin.seems we are
thinking of celebrating his belated birthday.haha.then we ask the nandos
workers to arrange the suprise once we finished our lunch.and it turns
out well.zahin terkejut.haha.and he said "untuk aku ke?".haha :D

And we treat zahin lunch as well.its a birthday present from us.
we hope you love the simple celebration beb.hee :)
Then we watched movies.LBS.lagenda budak setan.
zahin belanja ticket.haha.thankss doe.and then we went to cool blogg.
zahin treat me oreo choc blog.haha.tq tq.

Then me and iman hugged zahin.then balik.miera tak ikut.
cz dia balik with her friends.iman followed me back home
.seems her momma will be picking her up at my house.
then we lepak,mengila and we take a few pictures tgetha.haha.

it was a great day you guys! :)
awww.i'm so gonna miss you guys.
lepas nie we're not be able to meet each other smpai spm habis kan.anyway.gudluck guys.ily :)
awww.sorry.i've been quite busy and lazy yeah.not updating my blogg fr quite a while..haha :D left four more days till the school yeah.i'm currently enjoying my holidays.i dont wanna go to school!seems i'll be getting all my midyear yeah.i'll be sleeping with tears it will be superrrbbb worse for sho!arghhh :/ then the school will be having parents seriously i was superr nervous about my marks.argghh. i hope it turns out well.aminn.and currently missing my BFF.all of em'.and after this i rarely online seems mama will be keeping the streamyx i cant online.trial is coming.2nd semester,there's no play around.i was too nervous fr the coming spm.God pls guide me in my studies.there's no outing and wtsoeva.dah tak cukup masa sab.dont play around.and maybe after this i'll not be updating my blog that often seems mama will be keeping the modem.and yeah now,my back currently hurts alot.pms.waa :(

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"i want you to be the person that texts me at 4 o'clock in the morning
to tell me that you love me"

i really hope you do ♥

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

nice talking to you mister!
call me again would you?:)

Boring with the colour of my hair.try to figure out what colour suits me
gonna change it soon :p
merah merah ouhh.bahah!
goodluck fr yr ert and arts papers
and yeah have a safe trip this fridayy :) kuchingg marriiii ouhh

p/s:i'll make sure that we gonna watch letters to juliet once u came back frm kuchingg. interview random people yg ala2 muka mcm bowler.
so that lepas rinduu.haha

have fun there doeh :).take care!
finally mid-terms is over.woahh!sucks my ict paper much.pfft :/ nervous about the marks.and yeah,cant wait fr the 2 weeks school break!woot woot!so many things to plan,plenty people to date with.ahah :D and yeah,i cant wait to c iman and miera.only god knows how much i miss them.haha :D and alsoo my fav cuzzy nadd.woahh,long time no see.will be having my sleepover at tok's house.and yeah,kl marii.hoping mama dapat cuti so that i can meet zarul and syeraa in kl.haha :D And yeah,i'll make sure that i'm gonna enjoy my holss this time cz i'll be sleeping with tears once the school started.there comes the result:'(