Friday, July 23, 2010

i'm tired
i'm scared
i'm not taking things seriously
i'm not prepared anything yet.

trial is on the 16th august.and my mind still blank.totally blank,without any maths equations,history facts,science experiment,accnt formatt.its day is over.and yeah my mom have to meet all the teachers of evry subject.and the complains is all the same.only god know's the fear i have inside.its not that i'm not studying.maybe i need to put a lil more effort in it.grr.have i been procastinating too much?or i just dont feel like taking THIS exam. grrr.all it takes now is study study and study.i've to believe that there is still time :)
Him:hey r u?how was things goin' on?sorry cz tak text youu sem break is over.and my class dah,i've been busy sikit.i'll text you when i'm free okay.uu,spm u nak hard okay?wish you all the best.and tcre.ouh yea btw i miss you missy.hahah.!;p

Me:yeah i know.u might be busy with yr classes and stuff rite.yeah thanks okay.u too.have fun in college yaw.ouh?haha.i miss you too mister!LOL.:D

received text on 6th of july 2010.

p/s:do you know how it feels when i got this text from you?haha!i felt like screaming and jumping in the same time.haha.hope u were fine there.
imy btw.hee :)

fie birthday day out!woot woot!
sorry fr keeping myself silent that day.haha.i'm totally have no idea what is wrong with me.but the outing was fine.and thanks fr the lunch treat.An evening at thats was awesome,and the food was superbbb.and yeah,i hope u love the bag and also the video.haha.happy 17th birthday!!ilyyyy:)


BULLSHIT!pfft :(
the plkn list is finally out.and yeah i got in.seriously mann,i felt so stupid right now.I dont wanna go!!!there's so many things that i've planned once my spm is over.and this things just spoilled eveything!!i dont feel like goin'.but most of them said that it was good,fun and especially time nak balik.sume nanges2 and stuff and bla3.urghhh.nak tak nak kena pergi jugak i'm just hoping that i got a kem area johor,melaka or n.sembilan only.not far from that plzz :'( has been so long since the last time i updated my blog.
Lately.i've been very busy fr the coming jadual like so pack.
arghhh.and yea i miss my blog alot.haha.
what can i say,i'm only human.sangat malas nak update.hahah.and yeah seems today mama left her broadband yeah,i think of making this thing updated.:)