Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan is here.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish
all the muslim Happy Ramadhan :)

Takecare eveybody :)

If I say that none of them who knows me,knows me very well.because they don’t even know what type of person I am or what things that I love to do.just a few who of them who knows it. sometimes have you ever wonder that you were never even near perfect but then again you much more better based on manners,respect,and dignity.? sometimes we thinks that we know that person very well. But the fact is we know nothing about them.i wonder why are we human just bother about others problem.then if they bother about ours we suddenly mad and there goes another drama.yet I think that I don’t even know mine either.as what we always heard each of us human diff in their own ways.sometimes I just try to stop searching fr others mistakes and stop talking about them.but I cant.because we humans just cant stop talking about others.so yeah,what can I say here is just be yrself.no matter what happen just stick to the way you’re.:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hve you ever felt this feeling like all this while when you tried so hard to get over and let go a person then when you just about to start a new beginning suddenly he came back and just spoil the whole chapter?eventhough after all the shits and pains you’ve been through suddenly it just ruin everything?but what can we human do.its fate.we can atleast try our best to just face it.i think the best think is just go with the flow or ignore it but if you really can’t atleast try it.

Grr.trial is tomorrow.and I’m still here blogging and reading my ICT notes.Pn.Asidah said that our ICT paper is triple hard.aww.its getting me nervous.But what can I do.my brain need a rest.haha.maybe all this while I’m too pamper it till it turns out to be this lazy.what can I say,I’m only human.pfft.
Happy belated birthday bebeh!sorry fr the late post.I hope u love the gift.i know you wanted that bag fr so long.so just wear it often okay.I don’t know what’s wrong with us lately.we rarely talk that much like we used to.Maybe both busy with the coming trial and spm.or maybe I’m the one who keep myself silent.haha.lets give time for us maybe till our trial is over and things can get back like it used to be.i miss us btw.the conversations,the gossips,the latest trend of outfits that we used to talk to.but nayhhh,spm is coming.both of us maybe busy study and grab as much tips as we can.thanks fr helping me a lot on my maths.i hope I’ll pass maths with atleast a credit fr this coming trial.and yeah thanks fr keeping up with my craps and also behaviour.tira,imy!
We have one similarities which is,we talk craps and we cant stop it!haha :D

14 august.2010.
Buka puasa at ss.horse and ship driving at Danga Bay.Photoshoot at the beach.
had a great time with all the classmates and also BFF.
funna thanks fr the awesome photos :)
we should go out again sometimes.and next outing makesure everyone is in.xoxo

My last year here.i’ll miss this place a lot.is not that I cant go fr a visit or anything.its just that the way we study here.its so diff from the other tuisyen center I think.the teachers here is so fabulous.i’ll miss them seriously.we had so much fun here.its like a second hometo me.they try their best to make sure that all their student succeed with flying colours.its been 3 years I studied here.so yeah.this is my last year.i’m taking 3 subjects this year which is accounts,maths and also science.i hope that I can make you teachers proud of me for getting an A fr all this 3 subjects.with all the effort you guys give in on teaching me.with lotsa patient.i’m sorry if I drive you guys crazy.haha.and as what MISS Shantini always said”Sabrina,I tak tahu lah apa nak cakap dgn you.sangat degil”.haha.PN.Azleen,Miss Shantini,Cikgu Kamarul and Cikgu Shafiq thanks fr being the best tutor fr me.and all my TM mates.you guys are the best.thanks fr coping up with me.i’ll miss the moment we had.all the best.i hope we can do the best fr our spm and make our teachers proud of us.aminn 
15 things about me:

1.I hate it when anyone text me but suddenly they just hang it up.like don’t reply it or change the topics.
2.I can simply hate someone without knowing them.LOL
3.I hate it when someone cheated on me
4.I cant leave without my SNOOPY
5.I prefer calling than texting
6.I love HOT guys.LOL
7.I hate it when mama ask me to study
8.I love to pretend that I like that person but the fact is I’m not
9.I love turquoise
10.I hate it when a person starts a topic but don’t know how to end it.
11.I’m a coward I think.(on certain things only)LOL.
12.I’m excited when my phone is ringing and it’s the song of neyo-because of you
13.I’m paranoid.
14.I’m too bad of saying NO
15.And yes I’m a DRAMA QUEEN.Haha!:)