Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bored and takde kerja.LOL.
This is what happen when i got nothing better to do rather than studying.haha.Cam-Whoring sekejap.and yeah each of these photos up here symbolized me.haha.
ooemmgee,pls wake up sab,8 weeks left fr spm.!STUDY DOL!

yeah i hate it when suddenly i felt boring and also dont have any idea of what to do.bahaha.nayhh,i just realised that i'm not me like i used to be.i mean,the hyper or even the kepochi one.i miss the moment that i can just be me.maybe i just busy with all the classes and not to frget the exhausted part.which i have to go fr tuisyen once i came back frm school.i rarely have time fr myself and also with my out school bff.arghh imy fifie.we rarely hang out with each other this year.thought of coming by to yr house.having hot choc and gossiping like we used to.records our voice singing all our fav songs.aww it will be plenty of gossip to share with.oh and not frgetting the laughter,those type of laughters which will blew up our tummy and aches our looking foward fr that.miss you buddy! :)
I feel like telling you everything
talking until
my words arent apart of me anymore
they are apart of the air
and suddenly they are not my problem
and i'm free
yes i'm DONE!totally DONE!

Having ice cream at BR tmn.Molek with maira and her mum.we have two scoops of ice cream each.except fr aunty,she orderedthe cake :) and yeah,having a great time chatting and also gossipping with maira and her mum.thanks fr the treat aunty :) on wedneday is pink day! :)

last sunday went to tyra's open house.first time kott gerak sana.seriously,her mom spaghetti was superbbb and plus with the nasi tomato and stuff.fuhh.full kott.nanti we came by again suruh mama kau masak lagi eyh spaghetti.haha.kidding. :D then yah, as usual lahh kan,tangkap gmbar!LOL:D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

People these days always take the easy way out instead of working hard for something.Don’t you want to have that satifactory feeling when you know that you worked hard and didn’t give up on something?
i was thinking is it time fr me to just let go of you and everything that we've been through?i mean,after 1 1/2 years of waiting fr you. goin' through hardness,pain and it time fr me to just realize that i'll never get you back and be mine like you used to?or maybe we're meant to be friends?the part you said that you will always there fr me.can i believe that?becoz when its time that i really need you by my side.u were never there fr me and be with me.but you turn up when its time that i already found someone else just to replace you.yes,its you and it'll always be you.pls,i beg you.make me hates you.bcz if you do,i'll thanks you fr that.
Hate me?seriously i dont give a single damn on that.
Because the fact is I hate you more than you do :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Counting :)
missing you ♥
web-cam with nadd and harith
had a great time tgetha on the first syawal.
hearts them♥

Snap Snap!

Membelek RANDY.haha.Try and snap a few pictures at my house with different angles.yeah,I know its sucks much.Aww people.What can I say,I’m still learning.budak baru belajar.
Saiful Nang would you be my tutor please?LOL.:D

On 16th September.went out with Maira,Hazim,Shafiq,Najiy and Haziq.and yeah Maira,thanks a lot fr the birthday gift and also the lunch!!and guys,thanks also fr an awesome outing.haha :D but shafiq kena balik cepat.and yeah,we watch STEP UP 3 tgetha.God,the movies was superr awesome!100/100.their stunt and moves really catch my eyes out of it!and the hero is like superr HOT!so yeah.haha.then we bfre goin’ back we went to BR and I treat them ice cream.haha :D seriously I enjoy the fun we had.and Maira,nnty we went shopping tgetha okay.?and don’t frget about our plan after SPM.Vacation Trips!aww,we better starts saving frm now.LOL :D

Missing all of my classmates and besties!!!
c you guys in school! :)

Went to iman’s open house with funna.:)funna love yr cotton!cantik!iman dah pakai tudung sekarang.and hunnayh,u look so pretty and ayu!hee :) don’t worry u’re still my hot babe :) babe,be strong matter what happen,I’m still here fr you.we’re best friend right?so I’ll always there if you need a support and babe,lepas tgk kau pakai tudung that night,I was like”bila lah time aku nak pakai”.haha :D and yeah babe I really miss gossiping with ya!and our spm is coming.!gudluck okay!gonna miss ya!

We went raya at tok yem’s house and yeah there’s also a birthday celebration fr Rania and Ghazi.and happy birthday you guys!aww.they look so sweet together.haha :D tetiba berangan kejap an.haha.:D then after tok yem’s house we went to tok mat’s house.his cookies was superbb.seriously it taste exactly like famous amous.!and we also take a few pictures tgetha at both houses.hee :)
Arghhhh!!!finally I got it!:) welcome to the family RANDY:) haha.seems I don’t get a right pal name fr it yet so I just name it RANDY.haha :D and yeah mama bought it fr my birthday.its been 2 years.i want it so bad.and finally she bought it for me.haha :D thanks mama,thanks a lot!i love you!!i’ll take a good care of it.thankss ma :) and thanks to all my cousins and friends fr the gift and also the birthday wishes.thanks so much !
15 September
ME ,turning on 17?arghhhhh!!!dah tua dah ouhh.haha :D and yeah Happy Birthday Sabrina Zulkifli.haha.on the night of 14 september,cousins semua datang beraya dekat rumah,seems tok mak buat makan2 fr them.then around 10 something mama bring out the cake.and they all sing me a birthday song.haha!:D Blow cake agak awal sikit lah kan.haha :D and yeah I love my cake!choc fudge :) and selamat rambut tak terbakar this year.LOL.thanks mama.!LY
Ouh yeah this is my baju raya fr the 1st syawal.haha.actually the lengan its quite big though.but I manage to ask the tailor to sew it fr the last minute.haha.and yeah on 1st syawal everybody had so much fun.we receive duit raya,we ate lemang,ketupat,laksa and stuff.aww,its just superbb.pagi raya me and family celebrate our RAYA and tok yaangg’s house like we used to.Then wait fr umi,aunty zat,uncle burn and family arrive.the sad part of our RAYA this year is TOK daddy and family xraya kat JOHOR.seems he is not that diorg tak balik Raya kat jaybee.Get well soon Daddy!and we miss Rafique!then around 11 something me and adik went to TOK’s house.met all the uncles,aunties and cuzzy.we had a lot of with nadd.haha.tak boleh yeah all I can say is I had fun!haha :D