Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wednesday:OFF :)

i do love my part time job.but sometimes i do hate it.see fr yrself lahh.i've been thinking "is this the things i've planned to do once spm is over?".as what i said on one of my older post.i wanted to do this,do that.and yeah lately,i've been finishing my time at work.and some said that i look a lil bit skinner.LOL.finally.i take that as a compliment.ecehh.haha.and yeah,last week i've to work at DCM EXPO.seems my brand have to push out a sale yeah,its a lil bit tiring.but yeah i enjoyed myself and also the musics.time past by,and too bad i'll end up my work on the 10th feb.aww its was a great experience eva.i'll be missing my job and also all of the MJ members.aww,we're like a family u knw!haha.and yeah i just cant wait to live my life back!still looking frward fr a vacation with all my friends.seems everyone was busy currently,with work,license and stuff..but i dont care!haha :D

okay i off from work yeah,planned to watched khurafat with maira.we out to cs around 12++.then sampai,checked the time.and we watched the movie around 1.30.not so bad lah.but i really hate the sound.bnyak gimiks+nervous.haha :D then we went fr lunch at sds.and yeah,accompany maira to search fr her jacket.and yeah terserempak fanana.haha :D dy pun off yeah,we got nothing to buy cz gaji belum masuk.just window shopping,and hanging around.around 5.30,balik.haha :D seriously,tgah bersemangat tunggu gaji masuk!i need cash!!!!LOL:D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

happy 15th birthday adik.
thanks fr being the most great lil brother to one can ever replace you.
hope you love the perfume i gve you lots adik.xoxo :)
and again happy birthday :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Horoscope of 2011
My birthday:15 SEPT

VIRGO - The One that Waits
Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word.. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. A pushover. Loves to gamble and take chances. Needs to have the last say in everything.. They think they know everything and usually do. Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy towards them and never regain respect. They do not forgive and never forget. The one and only.

when i read this i said to myself is it true that the fact i stucked myself in this kinda situation is because i never push myself to just forgive and forget?and yeah,that's random i guess.maybe that's the best answer fr me.and the reason of all of this.i'm not blaming you.maybe its true."do not forgive and never frget".and yeah that's the reason that i'm not over it till now.before after and forever maybe?
yesterday went to school with nk ambil that upu code.she fetch me up around 9++ then straight away to school.met mr.sam.and a few other teachers.and frankly said that i miss that school alot.LOL:D then we went to hajjar house to fetch her lappie and straight away to setia tropika fetch maira up.once we reached the entrance of ST hajjar lent me her car.awww.thankss babe.but agk kecoh lah kan kalau aku drive.haha.but anyway have fun driving her car although sekejap je lah org belum then we have lunch at MCD.yeah had fun gossiping.we went out together2 once gaji masuk yea :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bored of staying first I thought that I’m not gonna work cz mama dah bg green light that she gonna pay fr my driving at first she asked me to be independent,find a job and pay fr myself.but then I was like so malas.malas punya malas.last2 dyer ckp “dah lah,tak payah mama bayar your license” then I make up my mind that I’m not gonna day after day,kept myself at 24/7.makan tido makan tido.then I said to myself “this is crap!i need cash!and I’m so deadly bored.i need a job!seriously,I need a job!”and yeah,now I’m working as a temporary promoter and metrojaya DCM.haha.had fun working there cz I have a coolest office mate ever!haha.maira,eyqa,fanna,miera and the others.haha.although baru kenal fanna,but dah boleh layan kepala.Eyqa paling riuh,xde dyer xhappening lah weyy.haha.and kiteorg junior paling banyak complain.LOL.and ibu(senior) mmg rock gilaa!borak dgn dyer mmg pecah lah perut.haha.and yeah,fifi is working there too.but tempat lain.and yeah,looking frwrd fr having lunch with her.dapat gaji beli sweater tu tau babe.haha :D and the conclusion is I LOVE MY JOB!although a lil bit tired cz kena diri the whole time.but still I LOVE IT!.woot :D

9th January 2011
Outing with tyra and zaf.awww,miss them a lot!we went to jusco bukit indah.had a really great time meeting them.reached there around 2.then call tyra,then dia ckp dy baru nak gerak.and zaf pun lmbat I went to starbucks fr a drink.”ice shaken lemon tea”.wee.then around 2 something tyra and zaf we went fr lunch.Ogy joined us,cz his working bagi dye chance dating dgn tyra kejap.lepas rindu.hehe.then diorg gerak jalan then just left me and zaf.single then kiteorg jalan2.layan zaf.and I keep bullying her the whole day.haha.sorry zaf.then tyra joined apa lagi,shopping! and tyra bought ourselves a beg.and zaf beli blouse.then bfre balik we went to toast box fr a,apa lagi,take picture maa.LOL.and guys,next time we went out again yeah.after my gaji!haha :D miss you guys a lot!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

wanna know something about me?
i am sarcastic.paranoid.self-conscious.and indecisive.that's me :)

-sabrina zulkifli(owner)-

back frm seeing hajar i also gt a test driving with mama first we planned on swimming,then cancelled cz the weather is damn panas.haha :D then around 2++ we bring adik to hp cz he wanted to buy a dvd.then mama bring us to stadium larkin.test driving with mama.haha :D so kecohlahh weyy mama jd tutor.haha :D but actually she's a great tutor i must.well my mum kan.haha :D and she keeps saying this to me "you need patience while driving.jgn ingat dah pro sgt.and focus.jgn berangan.lps tuh masuk longkang"haha.tension lah at first,cz laju sikit tak boleh,tekan minyak sikit tak boleh.then about an hour dkt situ.and my mum said,"hah,dah okay lah ni".haha.then adik pun nak me and mama teach him.but lelaki kan,sng lah keep playing games 24/ sng lah nk fhm.then mama jumpa the driving trainers asked him about the payment and stuff.then she said to me "lala,middle january start,ambik license".woot woot!takyah kerja.haha:D actually the reasons i wanna work is bcz i wanted to gained experiences and also gt money to take my license.haha.seems mama bg green i think i'm not gonna work maybe?haha.:D actually i just submit my form.apply a part time job at then just wait and see. :)

Today i woke up at 7.30 a.m.early mann!!LOL.plan to go fr a breakfast with hajar seems she already got her driving license.she fetch me up around 8++.then we went to danga bay.plan to see aloyy bfre she went fr plkn.but nayhh,cant find her bcz theres alot people.all the plkn participators have to gather there before yeah.and like seriously first batch ramai mamat handsomee :) hoping my batch are the same too so that can cuci mata.LOL.then we went to MCD fr breakfast.and suddenly aloyy called said that she's yeah,felt like crying talking to her otp.haha :D take care buddy! then after breakfast went to setia tropika,maira couldnt join us cz she gt driving claz to attend,then went to see azim there.have a drink at assalam.then send azim home.then hajar send me back.yeah,thanks fr the ride babe.haha :D altough sesat je banyak kali kan.makesure you bring along yr GPS fr our next outing tak sesat.and yeah,have fun with ya today!xoxo :)
Him ♥
i knw that I can always count on you if I need someone to talk to.but it is not enough.frankly said that I never hated you.maybe that’s the only way fr me to get over you by saying how much I hated you.seriously,although u’re miles away frm me,remember and keep in yr mind,that ur are one of the best thing that ever happen to me.not once my heart said that I regret knowing you.although I said that I hated when you started to text me back but truthly I was hoping fr it.and now,this is us.people mayb don’t know what’s actually happening between us.but trust me you,its just the two of us who knws it .take care of yrself love :)
hello 2011.another year is already pass.the routine will start all over again.Promises and resolutions already be made.well start up being good,bail out in the end,then it will all start up again the following year.
happy new year everyone.!
may this year brings alot of joy for all of us :)

p/s:the first song i listened to this year is:
a song by:marcos hernandez
title:Bittersweet :)