Monday, February 28, 2011

First Home-Made nasi goreng sausage with Humaira first we 're not planning to do the cooking.But then mood menyerang secara tiba tiba.Haha :D we went to the kitchen and COOK!cant you guys believe it.ME?i'm COOKING uaolls!!haha.we're not that cnfident,cz nervous abt the taste act.maybe it might become a lil bit of salty or maybe not that good.haha.and yahooo!its GOOD!i must say that we suceeded!mcm Penang Corner tau!!jgn marah.haha.Our first time of cooking fried rice,and its a bloomas!rite maira?LOL :D
Sometimes people think that if we are beautiful and smart we are able to get anything that we want,but actually its the one who destroys the whole of us if we use it to the wrong we know none of us are perfect,but is there any of us are able to change that and make it ourselves perfect in our own way?i try to make it clear fr myself,if i'm beautiful,smart and intelligent is that the way that i can describe myself as a perfect person?what if someone who is ugly,stupid and broke but if he/she knows the way of how to respect other poeple and kind-hearted?is that what we called not perfect?actually to me,all of us humans are perfect in our own way.dont ever think that the beauty will last is just fr a moment :)
The best things to do with the best things in life is to give them up :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its Wednesday.woke up at 12pm.watched Dia Atilia.LOL.have my lunch and bathed.thought of seeing fifi that evening,but too bad its raining.hajar called,asked her where she is,she said that she’s alone,tgah merayap.LOL.asked her to pick me up.we went to dcm to fetch maira from work at 6.while waiting fr maira,we went for karoke.haha :D x boleh belah kott.then gerak tutti fruitti.and we snap quite a lot of shots of ourselves.LOL.biasalah sab,maira,hajjar mana boleh meet up,bergambar je memanjang.gedik.haha :Dbut guys really miss our outings.although yesterday,its not like what we had planned.but I had fun!wee.and maira,i'm so happy to hear the news babe :) hajjar relax kay,i knw u're facing a hard time rite now.but remember guys no matter what,i've yr back oraite.luv you guys alot chickas! :D
Went to dcm with funna.firstly,went and see cik hafifi working.then gerak MJ,jumpa all of my ex-office mates.awww,miss them a lot!went and see eyqa and maira.:) planning of having tea-break with them.i really miss my job!i swear!seriously met,kak qama,abg uda,Mak pah,kak fyda,cik zam,kak nozie,ibu,kak su,kak ana,kak hajar,kak emy,abg aziz and the others.congrats kak ana fr yr STPM results,and abg aziz congrats fr the new job and to my senior,abg udaand cik eyqa,adakah anda memerlukan seorg part time goggles?sila hubungi saya ye?haha :D aww it’s a great pleasure meeting them.selamat bekerja

Sunday, February 20, 2011

okay today went to maira's cribs.lepak cz her parents takde.kak emy is no one at yeah apa lagi,dvd's time people!haha.but totally bosan gilaa cz we got nothing to do.nak jalan pun cash duduk rumah teman makcik sorg nie.and yeah,watched "letters to juliet"&"You again".and biasalah kami,bergambar :D we also having nasi ayam BBU fr lunch today seems my mum already buy us a lunch.haha.maira dah pakai braces kan skrg so mkn pun slow2.haha :D but anyway i had fun today sistah!! :D

Kami serabai.HAHA :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

okay went out with tyra and funna today.ogy joined us yeah,we watched "no strings attached".God,the movie was so awesome!i adore you ashton kutcher!seriously each and evry girl will be craving fr a guy like adam.great and awesome movies.10/10 frm me.wooott!and yeah,we went to KFC's.then out to HP.planning of buying a dvd's.but nayhh,no need.haha :D yeah,really had fun and finally met we were too busy with our stuff and yeah,finally we met! you guys alott STF :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

I keep telling myself
"this is the last time"
but it just keep happpening.sigh :/

i dont know its just sometimes I am scared someone is going to come along and understand me more than I understand myself.
I always believe in myself that a friend will always be a friend,.somehow,much of humans judgement said that a friend is the person who will just be with us as a temporary soulmate.but fr me its wrong.17 years of living I had such a vunerable friends.although some of them have their pros and cons.but yeah,as what we used to hear,people makes mistakes.and yeah I do believe in friendship.yesterday,I went out to remaja to take away remaja fried rice fr khyrah,I met my old friend nazirah.its been around 5years since we last met.and I said to myself,what goes around comes around.although 5years of not meeting each other.we still keep in touch no matter what.and yeah,I really miss my friends.all of them.based on my opinion.friendship is such an honour relationships that need trust,sincerity,laughter and joy.the relationships that will longlasting is the friendship that never had their dramas ends.tears,joy and laughter is the one who make the friendships everlasting.cherish every moment of it.without laughter it will be a depress. :)

flesh blood :)

love of my life :)

Off to singapore with acu,uncle shahril and khyrah around 4+.yeah,we went to marina square cz uncle planning of buying his dslr bag.and yeah,he bought it.58 dollars only,if its in KL,the bag is around 200++/300.the place is quite nice lahh.especially the romantic.LOL.around 6 we off to the islamic place to eat.we heard,it was the great restaurant who served us a delicious beriyani.too bad,I’m on my diet I just ordered nan cheese.yumm’s.after dinner,off to orchard.planning to do a lil bit of shops there.although,I don’t have much of the cash nowadays, seems I don’t receive my “Gaji” yeah,I just bought myself a rubi’s belt.and acu bought herself a blouse from seems khyrah is already asleep,so we don’t go any futher.back to cineleisure and drove back to jb  but anyway,thanks a lot uncle fr a lovely dinner.hua hua hua :D.

Friday, February 11, 2011

10 things you will never know about me

1)i dont love animals especially cats
2)i dont like when a guy keep telling me that he loves me 7 times a day
3)i love green
4)i might not be myself sometimes
5)i love heels although i rarely wear it
6)i like making myself known by others
7)i'm a good secret keeper
8)i'm so into love songs and poems
9)i hate a conversations that dont have their last word.
10)i always acting like i'm okay but the fact is i'm not,.
i relief coz finally i have a guts of telling you the truth.i'm too afraid of yr respons and feedbacks.but it turns the other way round.its not like what i expected.maybe you're right long distance is the only reason why we're what i said,i'm not blaming're right.maybe we're meant to be bestfriend.but trust me,i meant every single word i said to you.i dont ask fr anything.i just want a polite,gentlemen and respectful respons from you.and yes,i got it.thanks love :)
okay when i started working,i realize that i started to skipped my meals and not really eat.and yeah,most of them said that i look skinner than before.and yes,i lost 4kg.woah,thank God!finally.and now seems that i'm not working i'm still gonna move on with my diet routine.seems my plan of going to the gym might be yeah no more maggie,pringles and others.thought of getting back the shape of my old body.insyallah :)
okay i need a new spec.went to jtc the other day with mama.and i saw this purplish top spec.fuckingg lawaa.haha.asked mama to bought it fr me.and yeah she said next we do quite alot of shopping that i guess next time will do.i'm kinda hate my spec right now.although its a new one.but i dont seem to lyke it,cz its black.makes me look more nerdy.haha.yeah,i need a new spec!:)
the brand that i work for:)
my punch card :)

all of my best senior ever :)

kayy yersterday was my last day of what i said,i'll end up my work on the 10th feb.and yeah it was yesterday.i felt so sad to leave MJ.seriously.although i can come by anytime i want,but it is not the same.i kinda love my job.honestly,i'll miss every single moment of working there.and yeah thanks to 6 of my best senior fr being the most superbb senior ever.never fail to put a smile on my face everyday.kak Qama,Abg Uda,Abg Aziz,Kak Ana,Kak Niesa,Kak Liza and also the others.thanks fr all the guidance and stuff.had a really great experience working there.will miss all the Mj members.and yeah not to forget will be missing Goggles too :'(

ouhh.i'll miss this moment.MJ ur the best :)