Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm fat!i gained weight.i ate a lot lately!Why?Kenapa&Mengapa?
:Is it because i'm bored?or i'm in depress?or happy?or maybe too happy?Shit!i dont even have the answer!LOL.yes,i gained weight around 2 kg.i ate a lot lately.especially at night.woah,have to start on my diet and get myself up and excercise!Maybe i'm just bored.and idk what to do.working back maybe can help a bit?LOL.but i'm quite lazy to search fr a yeah.haha :D and idk why,i kept smiling a lot lately.maybe good things gonna happen.who knows right?dan saya masih waras ye.haha.gonna start reading novels back again.MPH tomorrow!and i hope i got my 2nd paid tmrrw too.need cash!haha.and mama,i want my allowance!MOGOK nie!hahhaha!and lately,i kept on smiling although i was all alone by myself.weirdoo.LOL.all i wanna say is I love when I just happy for no reasons :)
Everything has its time and place.
Season changes.Time forgets.
Snowflakes are falling in my hands
The sound of the winds bring backs all of our memories.
Tonight reminds me of you.Hearing the song that you first dedicated to me Neyo-Because of you.Knowing you for 3 years,prove me that y'r the best.thanks fr always making me knowing that i'm not okay without me saying it.the first guy that i've been with fr quite a long being my first long-distance love.But now its over.Your warmth is far away.So far away.Kept this picture in mind will be the last photos from me i guess.and thanks fr the pictures,the songs,the goodnite quotes,the supports you give me,understand me and thanks fr always there for me Mr.H.long-distance love of us will always be the fresh memories in my mind.and thanks fr loving me all this,its over between'll be a great memories to be cherish and not to be forgotten.U're the best.we'll keep in touch ya!So well,Goodbyee lover,Heloo friend! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fact is:I'm not changing.I'm still the old me :)
Okay,there's a few of them who knows me said that i'm totally different lately.i rarely talk and not felt like going out.guys,its not that i'm changing or what.i noticed that i am a lil bit quiet lately,and too lazy to go out.guess what,i'm not really in the mood.and yeah,i currently out of i'm not feeling like going out.ALASAN sgt KUKUH okay?hahaha,there's a lot in mind,that's why i rather keep myself silent.hey each and every people need their own space.silent doesn't mean just that maybe i've been thinking a lot lately and not in the mood of talking.The fact now is i'm not changing,and i'm still me!zzzzz.wollaa.hahah :D
We bought this rings from Luqman Hakim :)
funna farhanah lepak my cribs today :) so yeah,we watched "sini ada hantu",hearing all the R&B songs and take a few shot of us.gambar itu wajib.LOL.then called fie,ajak lepak.but fie couldn't joined us.then ada insiden berlaku di halaman rumah.hahahah :D dah mcm org baru dibebaskan dari penjara.LOL.and yeah,we went to funna felt like eating kampung fried rice.and also went to 7E,cz funna felt like drinking slurpee,but by the time sampai,haram tak jadi beli.hahahha :D and we lepak taman fr a while,eating M&M's and gossiping.hahha :D lama tak lepak dgn cik funna kita nie.LOL.and yeah babe,had fun with you today!nnty dtg lepak uda lagi eh.choii!haha :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Okay,as if i am too bored today and seriously out of cash i was thinking what am i gonna do with my 2nd paid?most probably i'll received my paid this 1st April,it was around 300 on feb i'm just working fr 10 days only.So yeah i was thinking not gonna spend it too i was in my SAVINGS mood.i wanted to buy a new lens for Randy and also a real flash which cost me around 1000 ++.but i really wanted a new blouse.thought of buying a blouse from MNG.its around 100 bucks.and pls,mama i want my allowance fr this month.seems i'm not working anymore.hahaha :D and yeah i'm started to noticed that i started to gained weight again.arghhh!pls pls,jangan lah gemuk balik,pls!i'm into m&m's lately.i cant stop buying it.especially when i went to 7e and also Q&Q.i'm so gonna buy it for atleast 2 packets.Ouh M&M i'm so addicted to youu!LOL.OUCHH.!need to stop eating it by now.yeah,i already applying as much Universities that i can.hoping that i can get myself into one of those University.thought of maybe applying UNISEL,KLIUC and also MMU.In case if ipta's doesn't accept me.all i do now is praying for the best :) insyaallah :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some things don't last forever.but some things do.Like a good songs,or a good memory you can take out and unfolding your darkest time.pressing down on the corners and peering in close,hoping you can still recognize the person you see there.

All i can do now is,just pretending that i'm in no pain,smile and live my life :)

Happy 16th Birthday Rodney!

The party was a bloomass!with all the games and stuff.Banana+jelly games,Treasure hunt,pingpong,lap musical chairs,potatoes chopstick,modelling games.LOL.and yeah the most special part is when the birthday boy have to blow 3 different cakes.which is cheesecake,blueberry cake,and chocolate brownies :) yumm's!we had fun!with the jokes,games and stuff.Maira and aunty aida joined us aunty zat invited them. although its a lil bit Maira got her Mandarin class to attend.but sempat poco-poco kan aunty?.haha.thanks fr coming :)AND i'm glad you love my video birthday boy!Great party!love you lots cuzzy!LOL :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amhar,me and Ammar :)
Awww,my new boyfriend.
In a relationship.muahahahah :D

Farah Fatin.slurpee time! :)

Hangout with cuzzy.Eat and went to tok yaang's house.seems all the mothers and tok tok tiada di JB,all went to yeah,Ammar was the one who entertain us.melayan kanak kanak ribena.haha.anyway,thanks cuzzy fr the lovely evening :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hoping I can get myself in one of the IPTA’s.i do wanna go to UITM Shah Alam and further my studies.or any UITM as long as its was my dream place to further my studies.mama said “be positive,insyaallah dapat”.and yea can’t go to Bruno Mars concert on this 10th April cz the tickets has been sold out.i wanna know why why why and why.sorry fr not replying yr text,I’m not ready fr such assumptions.and yeah people makes mistakes,so don’t bother telling how guilty you are,cz I already forget about it.wanna go KL I’m too bored here.and really craving for IKEA meatballs.yumm’s! :)
Wahai Manusia!
Ehh ,stop telling others how many A’s do I get la.u don’t even get straight A’ don’t bother of passing people’s result.yea I admit that yr result is better than mine,but it doesn't mean that u can simply tell others about my result.don’t be too proud of yrself la.respect others privacy lah wahai manusia!kau pergi mampos la!Kepoh tahap dewa!

p/s:jgn suka2 lah nak pass result aku kat org.if diorg nak tau,they can ask me just keep yr mouth shut!!
Wednesday morning.
Slept around 5 AM.Woke up at 9.there’s no used of making my eyes its already been done.thanks English,you really save my day.and Bahasa Malaysia,I’m sorry of disappoint you by getting only a B+.Science,you really put a smile on my face.thanks a lot Mr.Sam for all yr guidance.Agama,Ya Allah,aku syukur atas kehendakMU.ICT,I have no idea why am I be able to get a B+ for I simply have no idea what am I answering.LOL.Although my result are not that good,but I do proud of myself.i already try my best.mama,sorry if its not enough for you.i’m sorry if I’m disappointed you.i already try my best ma.thanks fr not even scold me and always smile fr me although i know that u just wanna make me feel good.thanks you.

Thought of taking mascommunication in advertising.planning of futher my studies in one of the IPTA's which is UITM.but we’ll see how it goes.i already sign up my upu code.hoping i can get the offer.second option was gives me 2 choices. follow the baby steps,which is taking my diploma first than take my degree.or taking foundation then straight away to degree.i also interested in broadcasting and also public relations.but my first options was advertising.i really want to further my studies in was my dreams.mama,thanks fr always have my back,and non-stop supporting me.

Zahin.well done besties!i’m so proud of you by getting 9A’s for yr SPM.and Maira congrats babe for getting 6A's.your hardwork has been paid off guys.congratulations!i’m really happy for you both.and to all my other friends who have succeeded.congratulations you guys!i’m happy for you.

Lastly , all I wanna say is Alhamdulillah. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

If you refused to stay,so then go.sometimes,it keeps me wondering,am i connected to you?if i am someone who keeps burdening you,so why bother of staying?just go and live yr life.and let me go and leave my life.idk,what's actually happening between us.of all a sudden,you being so nice to me.texting and calling me.i know,this is not you.people cant change drastically.i know there's something you've been worrying me,there's nothing gonna change.pls,don't make things became more worse.its hurting me.and its devastating!seriously.i keep hating you from day to day.can't we just be like what we used to be?pls,just go away.and let me live my life!

p/s:some people came into our life and leave footprints in our heart.Others came into our life and make us wanna leave footprints on their face!
"wey,mana rm10 aku?"
"mana rm10 aku?"
"wey,pada papa kau lah"

(everyone laughing)

"hesh!asyik minta duit je keje anak aku"

Petang yang d'penuhi gelak tawa.haha.maira lepak BBU today.woot woot!yeah,she came by around lunch time just now.and yeah,selepas selesai nya solat jumaat,we go to fie's house.chattering,gossiping and laughing.haha.stalking few blogs and gossip about people in yeah,lebih kurang pukul 4 plus gerak habib.and called zahid,but couldn't reached him.rupanya balik kampung halaman.then called Hanif and Ateng.asked them to came by.yeah,selepas menikmati sekeping roti tampal seorg,tibanya ateng.haha.then another friend of him,then hanif and shafiq joined us.bercerita sehingga lah tekak terasa haus lagi.sepatah kata fie,mereka memang terbaik dari ladang.ada je cerita.LOL.yeah,fie maira,we should lepak like this again.singing out loud!haha.nevermind,next time will do yea :) btw,great evening you guys!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

One fine day with them.Ini lah gambar kami sepanjang satu hari kami merantau ke-3 tempat berbeza.dan menghabiskan masa dengan perbualan merepek dan berSyok sendiri dengan posing posing gedik.haha.thanks fr the great day guys! :D

so happy for you guys.thanks for being a great friend to me you both.Daus,takcare of Maira.Kalau tak aku lempang kau laju laju.muahaha :D
Friends forever and eva!haha :D
Gediks moments.
p/s:kalau Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa menjadi salah satu topik yang dikeluarkan dalam exam sejarah.cnfirm dapat A+.sebab Merong dia handsome.hahahah :D
okay memandangkan hari ini saya agak serabut dan lebih ber MOOD untuk menggunakan bahasa ROJAK sebagai update untuk post kali ini.So saya akan menggunakan BM bercampur BI untuk post kali ini.Outing bersama Maira dan Daus.Seems Maira sekarang sudah pun jobless,so kami mengambil keputusan untuk keluar outing dan menghabiskan duit gaji.muahaha :D Ronggeng time.Kami ke City Square as usual port yang sering menjadi dambaan hampir seluruh teenagers di Johor Bahru.having lunch at MCD.mama called,suruh book ticket for Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa mlm tu.9 tickets.Maira joined us.seems her parents is not around and kak emy's is,aku,maira and daus planning of watching "beastly".seriously the moviess was super awsomee!teramat best.terutama sekali watak utamanya iaitu Alex Pettyfer.ouh i adore you!!haha :D then accompany Maira to shop for herself.she bought herself a jeans from MNG.then seems we got nothing better to do.then we decided to go to istana garden.ber-photoshoot lah kononnya.haha :Dbut not really shoot laa.we talk craps a lot!haha.kemudian melegakan tekak di tutti frutii.Daus 've never been seems his the driver of the day,it makes us easier to go here and there.haha.then Daus drove us back to cs.menunggu kehadiran mama and me and maira had our dinner.then terserempak pulak da dgn seseorg.haha.sangat lah tak boleh belah.haha :D watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.teramat bangga dengan hasil karya KRU.and too proud to be one of the Malaysians.jalan cerita yang sangat baik.and its the best movies i've ever watched.5/5 for them.
kalau sleepover rumah tok.ini lah orang yang banyak melayan kerenah saya.Diri saya yang tak habis habis bergosip dan memekak.Dia pula tukang mendengar cerita.listener yang baik.hahahah :D thanks :)

Sleepover at tok's house.Had a really great time with tok and cuzzy.we watched RANGO,went to the old vintage shop,make our own tees,movies marathon.arghh.the best laa.but yeah,nadirah and nadiah will be sitting fr their biggest exam this year,which is PMR and cant spend so much time with they'll be busy with tuisyen,extra class and others.gudlucks cuzzy.all the best.had a really great time at tok's house.thanks cuzzy cz melayan cousin korg yg sorg nie.hahahahhaha :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

feeling that sometimes i desperately need someone to be there for me when i'm down.being a good listener to hear all of my problems.but then,when i think it i need that?for 17 years of living not once i shared my very personal problems to anyone.although i have a people that always there for me.but none of them know what is actually i'm going through.maybe i rather keep it to myself then telling anyone.try to make myself happy infront of people,but the fact is i'm so not.maybe i dont have a word "manja" or "caring is sharing" in my dictionary because that is so not me.yes,i've a strong ego fr not letting people know what am i going through,or what problem did i face,maybe because i dont need their advise or sympathize or maybe afraid that they might laugh at me?yeay,so negative me!or maybe,i'm not used of telling people my probs or whatever.i'm not good of telling my stories to others.rather let myself hear to others problem.being a listener sometimes help me to motivate people and also myself.yeah,that's me i me,my personal things is only me and myself who knows it.prinsip hidup!LOL :D

p/s:Everyone has a secret they haven’t shared. Everyone has a past no one’s heard about. Everyone has talents that people don’t notice. Everyone has weaknesses hidden inside. Everyone has a story left untold, so never start judging someone thinking you know them back to front. Because the truth is, you probably don’t.

went to the karnival masuk U with tyra and zaf.ogy joined us too.firstly,i went to the Uitm booth.haha.asked them everything about taking masscommunication course yeah,5 crdts needed.diploma for 3 years straight away to degree around 2 1/2 years.MMU doesn't offer mascomm course,so i'm thinking of asking them about multimedia was my second option actually.haha.and yeah,UNISEL,mascomm diploma fr2 1/2 years only and its the same as the one that KLIUC offer,2 1/2 years yeah, all i need is a blast fr this coming 23rd.nervous much.but there's nothing left to do instead of praying.GOD,pls give me a better result.aminn.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do we miss a person?Its either because we realize that we never treasured the moments when they were always there and it left us wishing we could turn back time again.Or we were too happy with them.we enjoyed every single moment,that we became so used to the idea of having them around.that's it,i have my own reasons why i kept myself silent from you.its for the best,love.i'm sorry.

p/s:I always wear a smile everyday, but there are times that I can’t stand so much pain, I cry myself to sleep.imyt♥

okay,i'm on my sick mode i had a fever+cough+flu.effing anoyying.ouh yeah,today i went out.AGAIN.haha.accompany fie to cut her hair and i cut my front hair too.but sperti biasa mcm tak nampak d'potong.haha.and met Nazurah.she accompany her aunt to the saloon.hee.miss her deeply weii.long time no see.haha.hope you can make it this saturday babe.then we went out with ateng,hanif and zahid.ateng fetch us up at the saloon.and we went to jusco bukit indah.haha.just hanging around,eat and take pictures.haha.ouh yeah,ateng treat us big apple and fifie treat us A&W.aww,thanks guys!next time its on me eh!haha :D tggu my feb gaji.promise!had fun today.although i was sick.haha.and ateng thanks fr the ride!haha :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Went out with eyqa today.,out to cs around 1 and met her at Padini.then we went to the ground floor to bought the XXL crispy chicken.haha.and yeah,I treat eyqa the chicken and she treat me coolblog.thanks and simple.then went back to padini,eyqa planning on buying a jeans fr herself.and I accompany eyqa ti plaza seni to cut her work pants.then back to cs.went to MPH.sit there and look fr books fr a while.and we went back around 5 plus.thanks fr the great outing time we went out again yeah:)xoxo.