Friday, April 29, 2011

Okay guys,today i got an interview at atr,DCM.applying 3 days of work for the coming IT fair.and yeah,went out around 11.30 AM.and yeah,the interview was okay.but they haven't gve me the answer yet whether i got the job or yeah.met eqaa.sit and eat at cik wenny.then mambling and hanging around he whole dcm.zahin fetch me around 2.straight away to iman's place.she's working.and i swear,kecoh gila si makcik sorg nie.LOL.we have lunch tgetha and take pictures.then around 4 out to tutti frutti.i had fun you guys.thanks fr the day.and now,i'm out of cash!tak ada duit! hahah :DSo if nak ajak aku keluar,kena belanja.LOL. :D
27th April 2011
Went out with tyra,funna and og.met qeela at yeah,she joined us.last outing with tyra before she get herself in yeah,we've lunch and we watched movies.had fun.babe,have fun in take care of yrself and keep us in mind yeah.kalau rindu aku and funna,look at the picture i gve tatapan umum.LOL.anyway,i had was a fine day i must say.luv ya much!xoxo :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

You can't ever predict what its going to feel like when the day you waited would never be arrived

Khyrah 3rd Birthday Party:)
wuhuu,my baby Khyrah turning 3 years old this year.Happy Birthday busuk kecik kak long :) Hope you love the board i made fr you.and enjoyed all of the gifts sayang :) yeah,the party was so happening+superfun.although it was a kid party but i do enjoying myself.with the games and stuff.hahaha.and yeah,the theme was everyone have to create or wear their own mask.haha.anyway,happy birthday khyrah.i love you kecik :)
p/s:Kak long marah itu tandanya sayang.muahaha!
Kembali ke sekolah bersama Siti Hajjar Rahman.LOL
last Thursday,me and hajjar went to school to certified thru all of our certificates for yeah,seems hajjar also be applying UNISEL in Bussiness,so we thought of completed the form and stuff together together.LOL.she fetch me up around 9 plus.went to the photocopy shop near my house.photostate all the documents required.then straight away to MCD for breakfast.and we also thought of filling up the UNISEL form.but yeah,after calling the college,they asked us to filled it up by next week or early of there'll be a new system which immediate gve us the offer letter once we filled it.and bla bla then after breakfast straight away to school.went to the office and asked for the cop+signature and stuff.yeah,hope so i got my first options in UNISEL.which is Mascomm :) and also waited for the UPU result to came out.hoping fr the best.aminn :)

Outing :)
went out with them last Wednesday.out at 9.30.Hajjar fetch me up.accompany her to settle some of her things.then straight away to Starhill.swimming.LOL.but nayhh,dapat mandi sekejap then its things mess up.then everyone was starving so we went to ZONA ayam penyet for hair kinda messy.and i hate went to ELLE's student card.wash and we went to Leisure Mall for bowling.thank god i'm not the last scorer.hahaha.anyway,i had fun you those yg nak gambar from my camera,pls do give me your pendrive.tqvm.Haha :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy List:
-PLKN routine.(sarcastic mood)
-cozey in bed with movie
-MP3 played bruno mars and neyo songs
-Sonny erisson tone of lil eddie-statue
-nutella and bread stick

number 10 is what i'm trying to achieve right now.none stop diet and eat balance food.but i just can't help yeah,still eat rice but just eat it once a for dinner.and yes for breakfast and lunch.gonna go to q&q and buy more and more diet cereals.and yes,hoping that i can get the shape of body that i'm craving for.maybe plkn can help me?shitt!its depressing when i think about it!arghhhh.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Senyum itu satu sedekah :) So Smile people !! LOL
Sumpah aku benci.i'm not felt like going.not even a single excitement when i get this.i hate it.its spoiled all of my may KL,no Penang,no for everything.its stupid.and i hate those who selected my name to joined this dumb programs.what can i just do now,is think positive.hoping that i can get any offer from any ipta or i wont stay long in this program.benefits of this is i can make new friends mixed with people all around yeah,ikut kan saja.goodbye guys :'(

one fine evening.Played badminton+lepaking with fifi,zahid,hanif,ateng and farhan.its a fine evening i must say.we play badminton and also chattering with each other.Location is at the BBU playground AKA roti john playground.haha.we drank slurpee.thanks ye idk who's the one who pay for it.tup tup dapat air.LOL.anyway i had fun u guys :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

happiness is not always ours.its just a temporary joy of feeling that has been borrowed to us.sometimes if we're just too happy,it would be a depress after everything has been done.when i think it back i've been in that kind of situation.i was just too happy of enjoying my life with all my love ones beside me.and one day,i just lost them.but not all of them.i couldn't think of anything and what i just do is just crying crying and crying.its same goes to when we hear a joke over and over again,we can't laugh at the same joke over and over again right?but why do we keep crying over the same thing over and over again.duhh.weird and it wont bring any benefits either.renung renungkan dan selamat beramal :)
went to Siti Hajjar tahlil..and yeah,we started with maghrib prayers,yassin and tahlil.and yeah babe,really glad to see that u'r smiling.stay strong okay.the dishes was bloomas.especially the sambal prawn.ouchhhand yeah,can't wait for this coming 20th.hoping everything will be fine like what we've plan.and yeah,smile always babe ! luv ya! :)

p/s:look,i'm wearing tudung :)

Accompany tyra to cs.met her one of her friend will be futher her its sorta like goodbye yeah,zahin joined us too.seems i'm not really close to tyra friend so me and zahin decided to sit at starbucks.drinks and onlining.hahah.gossiping too.haha.and yeah zahin fetch us around 10.reached cs around 10 something.straight to starbucks.tyra went and meet her friends.i asked her to bring randy's along cz fharina and izni will be there too.kinda miss them actually.around 12 plus,i went up to foodcourt cz me and zahin will be going yeah,met tyra,fharina and others.yeah guys,sorry for not staying things to time we went out yeap :)