Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DOAKAN saya.Insyaallah,satu hari nanti.aminn :)
:Kualalalumpurr(Colby Oldonis and mizz nina mood)

SUBWAY + One Utama :)

Shah Alam :)

The Curve,Mutiara Damansara.
Cupcake chic,Tony Roma's,Ikea+Ikano :)

Scha alyahya.she's so hot! :D
went to kl with cuzzy.so yeah,i had a flu.so i'm not really in the mood of shopping.but i do bought myself a pair of rubi's shoes and tees.Uncle dean,thanks fr the harley davidson tees ! love you muchhh!HAHA.as usual i'm all around sunway damansara area.so as usual,check-in ouselves to the curve,ikea,ikano and also one utama.went to KLCC too.it was superbb fun spending my time with all of my cuzzy there.we eat subway,having tony roma's ribs fr dinner,shopping at one utama's.BUMPED into Scha Alyahya and also Awal Ashaari at the curve mutiara damansara.but too bad,tak sempat bergambar with awal ashaari.i had a great time.love you lots cuzzies :)

28 may 2011
supposedly watched nur kasih with ateng on saturday.and also promised Tasha to watched it with her too.but too bad,i watched it earlier with my farah foset.cz mama asyik tangguh memanjang.haha.so yeah,sabtu lalu secara tidak dirancang.i went out with apai and ateng around 4.we dont have any idea where to head to.so we went to cs.cz i thought of buying a new sandals.or maybe flats.done with the shoes.we went to tepian tebrau.shafiq joined us.berdekak lah apa lagi.haha.we're having ais kacang,ais jelly,sotong kangkung.ahaha.finally mengidam nak makan ais durian belanda tercapai.LOL.anyway guys.thanks teman aku cari kasut,haha !

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you laugh really loud,talk spontaneously and you don't care about what your face might look like.it is probably because you're with your true friend.

i guess,i'm being myself when i;m around you guys.thanks fr that.
p/s: A day spent with friends is always a day well spent.
xoxo sahabat :)
You're in my past.and i've moved on.i'm over you.you did me wrong,you made me upset and you broke me down.and you made me felt terrible about myself.i learned from you though.now i know what to look for.and i know that i can do much better than you.thanks for showing me that i;m a strong person.and i can handle my problems well.

So now pls,backoff dude!

Seriously i'm not perfect.and as all of us know,none of us are perfect.and yeah i knew it anyway by myself.so yeah,somehow i felt bad.the high expectations from people,or the way I treated people might not seems to be attached with others.i'm not asking more,i just need a respect.my principle,as long as you respect me,i'll respect you.i'm sorry if the way i treated you people is like kinda over or being too lunatics.sorry,i didn't mean it.i thought it might cheer you guys up.but i guess i'm wrong.

and yeah i;m just being myself.i'm so not a hypocrite.tried to avoid from being one of it.I'm just a normal human being.so guys,pls dont judge me.thank you :)

p/s;this picture of mine up here,i took it from my MYSPACE.and finally,i remember the password.so yeah,it was taken when i was in form3 i guess :)
I find it cute when a boy :
-Say "awww"
-Asked how my day was
-Don't care about being proper to girls
-Bite their lower lips
-Care about his apperances
-Make weird faces
-Dedicates songs to me
-Always there for me when i need him

Woah,i'm not desperately need a boyfriend.is just that i missed having it i guess.LOL ! so yeah,it was hard to get over somebody.and its also hard to be falling in love again.it might seems that i like someone.but when i think it back.God its so weird.me falling in love AGAIN and might get hurt AGAIN.again and again.and yeah,i'm totally had enough of it.it seems like i do need someone beside me.i'm not being choosy.its just that,its not the time yet,and its not a right guy YET.so,i'll found my prince in college maybe?LOL!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yesterday.Iman called.She doesn't know that i'm back.Zahin pun tak tahu.sorry fr the late info syg syg ku.ahaha!so yeah,she asked me out.zahin fetched us around 2.so we went to KSL.So there was me,iman,zahin and BOM.ahaha!BOM is actually a friend of iman in MRSM.so yeah.layan kepala dan satu hari memberi aku tekanan.terima kasih.asked ateng to joned us.introduced him to iman.alolo.aku kan matchmaker wanna-be.ahaha ! they seems to get along so well.but they are just friends okay ;P ahaha!we watched PAUL.sumpah 18sx weyy.ahaha!great movie lah boleh layan.LOL.then we went fr dinner and hangout at Escape Blues Cafe.the place was nice.and chicken chop only costs us rm5 each.woo,tempat baru to lepak.ahaha ! so guys,i had a great time yaw!love ya!xoxo.muah muah.ahahaha ! :D
Wirawati negara
Panjang cerita nya.where to start eh? LOL !

Pengalaman : -Menjadi Wirawati Negara selama 3 Hari.
-Dilantik menjadi Ketua Dobi Company DELTA
-Denda bumping 20 kali dan lari 3 pusingan pada hari pertama kerana lewat sampai ke padang kawad
-Pengsan di padang kawad.Di bawa ke hospital.dan didapati menghidap asthma.
-Terus mendapat Pengecualian daripada doktor.

Dan kini saya di johore bahru.

LOL. ! as i said in one of my posts before.that i'll be going to the national service.and i also said that i wont stay long.Allah makbulkan doa saya.but too bad,i got myself an asthma.but its not that critical.its just a mile asthma.maybe doctor tu kesian terus dapat pengecualian.and tak payah pergi balik.well,doctor y'r rock my world!ahha :D but actually PLKN is not that bad after all.frankly said that i love being there.it turns me to be somone diff.tetiba sab basuh baju sendiri,bangun pukul 4.30.tak percaya weyy.and yeah one of my DELTA team mates like really the hot you know.ahha.aku rasa dia sorg je lah yg hot kat situ.ahaha ! so guys,i'm back.and makanan dia sgt sedap sampai nak menangis.no wonder koperasi kaya.sebab makanan kantin sgt sedap.tak terkata sedap nya.sekian terima kasih. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 more days left and i'm off to national service(plkn).stupidoo.i'm hating it but in the same time i'm excited.mixing of sugar and salt is what i felt right now.i cried,cz i'm seriously not felt like going.but no matter what,i've to.i'll be missing you mama,family,cuzzy,friends and of course,i'll be missing you johore bahru.never mind,it will be just fr a while,can't wait to take myself out from plkn and go study.!woots.july :) still counting.so yeah guys,so long and goodbye.hahah :D fifi hanif kata:PLKN is a good place fr fishing!LOL !
okay today i went out with humairah.hahah.okay ,i know my posts lately is all about my outing.but yeah,who cares right.its my blog,so i can do anything with it.sesiapa ada masalah,saya minta maaf atas kesulitan tersebut.so yeah,outing dgn si ucu nie.LOL.our last outing bfre i bring myself off to PLKN.we had lunch at Zona Ayam Penyet.then,maira accompany me to elle's student cut.rambut hendaklah di trim agar tidak terbakar di sana.haha.then,we went to tutti frutti.btw,thanks fr the yogurt treat babeh!LOL.gonna miss you babe.anything just update me aite.take a good care of urself.apa apa,just cntct je aku.xoxo sistah! LOL :D
ais kacang di petang hari.LOL.
Seems Farhanah akan berangkat ke PLKN awal 2 hari drpd saya,so dia ajak kami ke kampung melayu kerana nak belanja kami ais kacang.haha.so then,it was a rainy day.fie and maira couldn't joined us.they got some stuff to do.so yeah,kami ke kampung melayu and menikmati ais kacang dalam suasana hujan.terbaik tak?dah sejuk plus sejuk lagi.haha.but anyway the yong taufu is the best lah.and funna thanks fr the treat! :) will be missing you babe !
BBQ with my hardcore gang :)
yeah,our plan of making a BBQ on our own,it turns to be a bloomass.semua start makan pukul 10.terbaik kan.LOL.bajet rm10 each.and some of us sponsored others stuff.such as hotdogs,drinks,and others.terbaik lah.makanan tak dapat habis.cz perut senak.haha.and guys,it was a great bbq.hanif,papa ku terima kasih kerna pinjam kan rumah,Ateng,terima kasih kerana bangun awal pagi untuk membeli 3 kg daging.ahaha.and zahid,funna,maira,fie,shafiq,apai and mai.all of you guys are the best lah.mcm2 lah.mkn pukul 10 lah,garlic bread terbakar lah,daging terlebih bakar lah,tikus meloncat lah.haha.but anyway,i had fun guys.tak sia sia rm10 tu.sampai tak habis makan.and brownies tu pun tak makan sgt,cz dah full.thanks a lot fr a nice bbq guys.nanti buat lagi eh.haha.sayang korg.muah muah.hahahahahha! :D

p/s: guys,kalau nak gambar,nanti jumpa aku.bg pendrive alright? :)