Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1.i miss mama,tokmak,tok ayah,tok,adik.
2.i miss khyrah
3.i miss my bed
4.I miss J** 6919
5,I miss my RANDY :'(
6.i miss my mum's chicken rice
7.i miss tok mak spaghetti
8.i miss acu and cuzzy
9.i miss fighting with my uncle shahril
10.i miss BBU
11.i miss my fellow friends in jb
12.i miss city square
13.i miss rayyan and rafique
14.i miss having a shower in my toilet.
15.i miss BBU 7E,habib and especially REMAJA a.k.a teenager.
16.i miss you JOHORE BAHRU

p/s:i'll be home fr ramadhan.wait for me :)

Webbie bersama Emir Luqman.
My best team mates! lol !
Kami agent pencari jodoh pelajar Unisel,ada apa apa sila hubungi kami.terima kasih,LOL !:D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23rd july2011
Happy 1st month anniversary sayang :)
Thanks fr always there for me each and every second b.
keep in mind that ilysm :)
outing with aya maira , azizul sharwani and zahid zainul rashid today ! :Dhanif couldnt joined us.fifie pula area kl today.so yeah its just the 4 of us, went to Sunway Pyramid.maira has smthing to bought fr herself.agak melewey ar.berpusing pusing.plus we dont know where we head to.haha ! rambang mata di sunway pyramid itu sudah biasa.and yeah, we had lunch at ayam penyet.tetiba rindu ayam penyet zona jb:'( .we had fun today.but its a lil bit tired.with the ktm and stuff.but who cares ! LOL :D (next outing , shopping baju raya okay !)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

listening to laluna-selepas kau pergi.reminds me back of the past and also the old times.when i used to go to the gig , downloading and listening to all the indie songs and also make myself available like 24/7 for lepaking.miss all of the moments.also missing myself as a school students.wore school uniforms , bought new bag pack every year,wore jack parcell shoes everyday.awww.i just miss it.try to cherish all of the moments and also the good memories that i had treasured before.its just the things that cannot be forgotten. :)
alhamdullilah.safely registered myself to UNISEL in Diplomma of Masscommunication.so yeah , kindly said that i'm having fun here.with the new environment and stuff.everything goes on pretty well.i must say that i enjoyed the orientation and also the universities facilities.hopefully everything goes on well as i wanted it to be.i'm missing johore bahru right now.although i just came back from jb a few days ago.HOMESICK i think.haha ! missing mama so so much.missing tokmak , tok ayah ,adik ,khyrah,acu and all of my cuzzy and friends in johore bahru.i'm in shah alam currently.but yeah sara hidup yg sgt tinggi.LOL ! too bad , i cant go back this week.but i'll makesure that i'll be in jb for this coming ramadhan !.woot ! puasa marii...bazaar bazaar !

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cam Whoree Mood:P
ye saya Nur Sabrina Zulkifli. Hello people ! HAHA !
Thanks fr the necklace :')
I miss you syg :'(.thanks for this necklace you gave me.i'll promise that i'll take a good care of it yeah.take care of yourself over there yeah.study hard.
i'll be missing you here.love you:'(
okay yesterday i went out with this 3 fellas ! actually i'm not really in the mood of going out cz i was having a fever.not feeling well.so yeah.at first,i thought of joining iman fr dinner only.tapi memandangkan encik emir luqman dan izhan fami(Botak) memaksa saya suruh mandi dan menyiapkan diri so whatever it is i have to lah kan.LOL ! so this to MR. fetch me up around 3.we went to CS.so i;m the only girl there seems iman will be finishing her class at 4.so yeah , seperti biasa, saya menjadi bahan orang.pelik kan.pergi mana pun kena bahan.and yeah me and botak accompany emir to search fr his college bag and also his shoes.meleweyh lah.makin teruk demam aku.my fever became more worse you know! and thanks to emir luqman cz membahan saya satu hari.saya sangat hargai.haha ! and iman dear , thanks alot afr a great day.and also the dinner.you will always be my besties.so if there's anything just rang me up okay.duduk diam diam kat jb oraite.haha ! and guys,emir and botak.thanks fr the great day yeah.and botak,thanks fr the bump ride.Put your hands in the air! LOL ! :D
4th July :)
Happy birthday fifi hanif !ur turning 18 sweertheart ! So yeah , happy birthday.May God bless you and may you live a happy life yeah :) if you need someone to talk to or whatever you can always count on me yeah.you will always be my gossip partner! LOL ! love you lots chicka! and once again happy 18th birthday ! :)
No transformers.kesian fifi hanif and ekhmal basir.sekali saja like seriously not worth it.felt like stupid.sit dapat depan sekali.mendongak sampai sakit tengkuk.LOL ! accompany him to Persada and also kotaraya.to complete all of his college lists and things to brought there.And yeah late lunch at Sugar-Craft sandwich.its a nice place i must say.thanks to fifi hanif.Ouh yeah Shafiq Kadir joined us too.Hello Kad ! haha !and the sandwich was really good.and yeah , someone is leaving.goodbye :'(.

Friday, July 1, 2011

okay i'm excited for college.woohoo.and already started shopping.and there's a few more to buy.so yeah,i'm looking frward for it.so hello to aya maira and funna farhanah.we're collegemates babeyh!and yeah , still hoping that we could get the same room or house together.so it would be easier for us and plenty time to share with.so yeah,i'm enjoying my life lately.not gonna think about it too much.everything will be okay sab.and i heard that there will be sorta like rusuhan and stuff at selangor area on the 9th july.and yes , its on my UNISEL registration day.i hope that everything will be okay.and hoping that shah alam doesn't take place.i havent finished reading the buku panduan and stuff.LOL ! all i'm thinking now is "new clothes,new lappy.new stuff for college".HAHA ! over mucch.but anyway , everyone's is leaving.and some already leave.so guys,goodlucks uolls ! Study hard !:)
u're about to leave.do take care of yourself over there.study hard.do what's best for your future.i'll always pray the best for you.You promised that you'll be there for me each and every second.so when the time i needed you the most , do tell me that you exists.

you'll be away.but its okay , its fate.everyone need to achieve what's best in their life.study hard okay.

pls promise that you won't forget about me?REMEMBER that distance or anything will never break us apart.that's our promise right?.we try our best k.and keep in mind that i'll always love you.take care sayang :)
They are my laughter box :)
Zahid Zainul Rashid ! :)

Happy sweet 18 dude :) 19june.Mayy God bless you and live a happy life yeah,everything happen fr a reasons and i'm proud of you cz no matter what happen , ur being so calm to faced it one by one.so yeah dude , you can count on me.anything just rang me up yeap.happy 18th birthday.present hutang dulu eh.kau tak reti balik jb kan.so no present.balik lah,apa barang syal stay KL.lol ! :D take care and happy birthday :)