Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone ! Finally its Raya! So far , i enjoyed my raya.and it has been great to sit & gathered with all of my family members.menikmati kuih raya dan juga lemang serta rendang.yum this are a few pictures on the first day of i'm here to wish all of you guys,selamat hari raya maaf zahir&batin.sorry for all my wrong doings yea.take care and enjoy your syawal everyone:)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I have never known anyone who actually believed that i was enough.
Until i met you ♥ thanks fr always there for me :)
Late Ramadhan in johore bahru :)
So seems i got myself back in jb earlier than what i've i decided to take this time of mine,go out and see all of my friends in jb.and to those yang tak sempat jumpa,i'm sorry cz i dont be able to see you guys.i'll make it up to you guys later yea this are a few pictures with those who i had the opportunity to meet :)

Buka puasa with my recent gang in jb.funna farhanah,aya maira,zahid,azizul sharwani,shafiq kadir,ekhmal basir,ishraff and there's a few more who joined us.hanif and fifi hanif(ank beranak) couldnt joined yeah , buka puasa at Tepian Tebrau :) Best!

Buka puasa with iman nabila,botak,fazrin,faizal,and 2 more of iman friends.Emir luqman and Mohd Zahin tak join.balik kampung.Buka puasa at jb catering :)

Outing City Square with Tyra Radzuan,Funna Farhanah and Fauzi Mahor.Sorry babe,tak dpt nak buka puasa time will do yea :O

Lepaking at my house with botak and Emir Luqman.pagi pagi buta gegar rumah aku,pakai songkok berbagai.semangat raya gila.LOL :D kena tlg tokmak angkat fridge lah apa lah.haha:D

Friday, August 26, 2011

loving you bloggie :)

Maybe I'm scared because you mean more to me than any other person.You are everything I think about,everything I want :)

Happy 2 months relationship baby.kept in mind that i love you so much :)

i miss you guys alot!!!

Seriously and frankly saying that i miss all of you guys and i miss this moment so badly.hoping to stay the way we are before.but too bad,everyone has been busy with study and stuff.i'll try to make it on to you guys for this coming syawal.hopefully we can hangout or go fr an outing like yeah guys,AKU RINDU KORANG! :)
this is my funna farhanah.okay the reason i posted about her is because she got herself in yeah , all i wanna say here is Congratulations baby!!!!finally you got it!!!study hard babe!!!!do your very best and takecare of yourself over there!keep me in mind always ! ily and once again congratulations!!! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bukit Bintang :)
So yeah seems its Sunday , we got an ICT test that morning.So yeah i answered it and my level of confidence kinda like 50/ after the test,Emir planned to go out for an yeah,we take a rapid to kl.and went to bukit bintang.accompany myra and reen shopping for raya.i didnt bought anything seems i alread bought my baju raya me and the guys just window shopping.we break our fast at 4 republic.around 8.30 we went back to shah alam.although its tiring,but its still enjoying. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 far my ramadhan in Shah Alam has been going on pretty well.and yeah,all i can say is I survive here!LOL :D its been a while since the last post i updated.and yeah,so far i'm enjoying my was my first Ramadhan alone without my family around.its great to know that i'm big enough now!but still,there's no other remarkable place other than HOME!i miss you hommie! :) So yeah,a few more days.then comes the syawal!Someone have to do her shopping!baju kurung!!Angsana!Angsana! :D

having fun at I-city with the guys and babes :) So yeah there's a lot more pictures actually.but this are just a few of them.non-stop laughing with all the Nab and Nad melatah thing that keep buzzing us and make us go hahahaha!I swear you guys are the best melatah partner ever!and guys,thanks fr the you all.muah muah :D

Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally bulan Ramadhan sudah tiba.yahuuu !
Happy Ramadhan you people !First time and first day puasa as a college student.mama takde,tok mak pun takde.:'( i miss your cooking mama,tokmak.i'll makesure i'll be back in jb next week.btw to you Muslims ou there !guys,puasa penuh okay :)jgn PMS2.haha ! Peace !
p/s:Rindu bazaar bandar baru uda :'(

28th July 2011
Went out with emir,adha,nab and idea where to we went to Sunway Pyramid.In the same time , i got something to bought yeah.we went for lunch.its just me,emir,adha and didnt joined us.she's meeting her yeah,kasi chance lah.haha ! had fun with the guys.meleweyh dan menyayah.tercabut skru otak aku layan korg.haha ! but anyway guys , i had fun.thanks fr the day :)