Wednesday, September 21, 2011

woooohooooo !!!

Finally my anti-body 've got back to normal.i had a fever a few days yeah , not be able to get myself back to college seems mama not let me yeah,i'm currently in jb right now.felt so lucky to stay here at my hometown a lil bit longer than what i've plan.haha ! so guys,dont be jealous.demam demam!haha!okay there's plenty of assignments waiting me yeah, tomorroow i'll be going back to shah yeah,bye bye johore bahru :'(.i'm not felt like going back to SA!JB is still the best.grrrr! will be missing you again jb!pfft!

OMG ! thank youu mama !!! :D

Mama bought this watch for my 18th birthday!thanks alot mummy :) it was my dream watch actually.i felt like crying.thanks alot ma.i love you so much.muah muah :*
thank you thank you!xoxo :')

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alhamdullilah.finally i'm 18.hey sabrina zulkifli,y'r a big girl now.change everything and start something new.throw the bad side and open a new i thankful to have such a great life for this 18 years of living.have such a great family , a very supporting mother, a great friends who always there for me.Ouh GOD thanks fr giving me a better my birthday wish is to have a great life and be a better person.insyaallah,aminn :)

thanks mama

Mama bring me for an evening tea with her at new york hotel fr my birthday :) seems i dont celebrate my birthday with her yeah , it was a warm and nice evening mama.thank youu ! i asked her somwthing fr my birthday,hehe.cant wait fr the preziee mummy!anyway , i love you so much ma :) thank you.muah muah! :)
Hey there MR :)thanks so much for everything,thanks so much fr all the things that you've done for me.trying to give the best in our relationships.i'm sorry for all my mistakes that i've done.thanks fr being so patient and always there to have my back and help me through everything.thanks fr always try to understand me. i really thankful to have you in my life now.all we can do now is , try the best in every single way.i'll try my best fr us syg.thanks so much.keep this 3 words " i love you" ♥

thank you!thank you! :)

Flowers from Azizul Sharwani. Thanks alot baby :)
NOSE handbag from Azizul Sharwani.
Thanks fr the handbag and also the flowers syg ! :)
Victoria Secret From Iman Nabila.
u really know me well.thanks alot syg! :)
Secret Recipe Cake from Iman Nabila,Funna Farhanah and Mohd Zahin.
Korggg , it was my fav,thank youu ! :)
Baskin Robbin Ice Cream Cake From Azizul Sharwani,Aya Maira,Emir Luqman,Adha Zulkifli and Li-Cuann Nerd's.Oh guys,you know that i want an ice cream cake so bad for my guys,thanks so much!!!XOXO :)
The best Nasi Goreng Seafood in Johore Bahru.
Thnks fr the treat Izhan Fahmi ( Botak)
Celebrations in I-city Shah Alam.
Thnks to Azizul Sharwani,Aya Maira,Emir Luqman,Adha Zulkifli,Li-Cuann Nerd's,Nadya.Lynn and Amira Ismalinda :)
Celebrations at Redbox Taman Pelangi.
Thnks to Iman Nabila,Mohd Zahin,Funna Farhanah,Azizul Sharwani and Izhan Fahmi :)

My sweet 18 @ Johore Bahru.

My Birthday celebrations in Johore Bahru
Thank you so much fr the day and also the celebrations.thanks alot.i love u all till death.muaxx.xoxo :)

My sweet 18 @ Shah Alam

My Birthday Celebration in Shah Alam :)
Thanks alot for the celebrations you guys! love you all.xoxo :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Okay,today i went to Unisel Open House at i-City Shah yeah , there's alot of people currently.its not just Unisel.we also mix with other colleges and yeah ,there's variety of hell yeah,i'm currently wearing my kebaya.LOL ! so ala ala gadis melayu gitu :p
okay , i felt alone now.although i've got lot of friends here.but still , i felt lonely.i think this picture up here,describe everything that happen currently,now all i can do is,put my mouth shut.i wont say a word.maybe i rather put myself silent.silent is better.but dont you realize that we are far apart from each other right now?if i'm important to you,prove me that i'm still important to you.i know you've a better life now.i'm happy seeing you enjoying your life yada yada.anyway, i'm happy for ya missy.

(sumpah,aku rasa aku sorg2 da sekarang nie.but apa apa pun,thank gave me a better life.and a new friends here.and YOU , ingat.kau dah mcm adik aku yea PEACE!)

thanks alot for the roses and angry bird baby . ilysm :')
there's only you,one and only ♥

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what'll you feel if someone accussed you of doing something that you dont do?what do you expect?go around them and put a smile on your face?Okay,listen here.pls,i need a respect here.dont simply accused people or put her or his name into your own problem.excuse me.dont make me lose my respect on you people.i kept myself silent is not because i'm afraid of you or anything,is just that i've been raised to know how to respect people.I DONT DO SUCH THING.but i know what i'm doing.i dont care if people think that i'm not cool what?its my life,so who cares?as long as i know what i'm doing.and i know that i didn't do something who are you people to judge ye,saya tidak what?ada masalah dengan saya,sila berjumpa saya okay.sekian terima kasih. :)

and time time raya nie.dah dah lah tu.0-0 lah okay :) PEACE!
( i wont do anything. and i wont show day you'll see the difference in me.aku takkan tunjuk or apa.nnti kau tgk lah kelainan aku or cara aku layan kau.maybe bukan skrg.tapi lama2 kau akan nampak.ini untuk manusia2 yg aku terasa tapi aku diam je.baik lelaki,baik perempuan.ingat eh,kesabaran seseorg itu ada had nya.aku d'ajar dan d'didik dari kecik.aku taknak kurang ajar.sbb aku tak di ajar menjadi kurang ajar.tapi awak pun jaga lah hati org sikit.aku takkan tegur and takkan ckp apa apa.aku akan buat normal je.tapi kau tunggu and lihat je nanti.sekian terima kasih.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Syawal with friends :)

3 September
So yeah last Saturday,me and my friends had a convoi raya from house to seems mine is the first one,so i planned of preparing them a tok mak and mama cooked nasi minyak.glad cz everyone seems to love it.and 8 houses straight.our tummy already full with lotsa dishes and also hari raya and enjoyed it.dapat makan free,dapat duit raya.perut kenyang,hati senang ! Haha !

Anyway guys,Salam Aidilfitri !