Tuesday, October 25, 2011

khyrah request : kak long , before khya(she named herself as khya,PELAT) go to sleep khya nak ambil gambar pakai computer bole?

alolo,so cutee!so apa lagi,webcame lah.layan si kecik nie.haha :D
There isn't complicated thing in this world, only complicated-minded people make simple things complicated.
Okay now , i dont wanna talk much about it.its actually u'r the one who always makes simple things became big.okay now,am i the caused of all this shit?think wisely my dear , every single thing you do ,whatever shit you think its always him ,him and him.if you think that HE is too good for you.i think you no longer need me.because i am just a friend who never be there for you right?and i always asked you to follow me or whatever.sorry if i'm the one who creates problems.so now dont blame me , if one day you realize, that you lose me.seems you said that you dont wanna think about me anymore or whatever,so that's it.do you think that i give a damn on it?because now , i know who you're.i'm sorry to say this , but i already know everything.so pls , dont make me looks stupid.and remember one thing ,i dont wanna fought about this.because both of us have grown up.so pls,dont be a childish.in this case we both have to be matured.i knew u've your bf who always there for you right.in that case , i dont think that you need a friend like me anymore because i'm just giving you problems right?.yes as what you said on your status "who am i for you to follow me,i dont felt of thinking about you anymore",so yeah , now i understand.i'm sorry for all my wrongdoings.thanks for everything and remember that i always pray the best for you.if one day you need me , you knw where to find me.and i'm always there.thanks fr everything.takecare :) and remember everything i knew, i'll keep it safely.dont worry about it and remember that i'll always cherish everything that we had before.

p/s:if you're reading this.baca betul2,fahamkan.dont simply make your own assumptions.i'm not here to cause any problems with you.tq.

yesterday , my time-table was really packed.! i got class from 8 am till 5pm.non-stop.but thank god , sir Ismail Hashim let us out earlier which is at 3 pm.so i went to the library to borrow some books fr revision.then the librarian said that i cant borrowed any books because i dont return this one book that i borrowed on august.so if i'm late of returned it back i've to pay 50 cent every one day.so can u guys imagine?from august and now its already october?so total amount i've to pay is rm28.so yeah , yesterday i asked syg to rent a car,pick me up.Reen an Emir joined us.went to mais to returned my keys to the warden,go and take that stupid book and fetch Adha,his joining us too!yeay!ghee.went to seksyen 17 to bought my tickets.then we went to padang jawa to eat bakso and also ayam penyet.and on the way back , i drove the car back to mais.woah , sab is driving u olls!LOL!so yeah guys , its a great dinner i must say.thank you melayan aku.reen,emir,adha and syg,thanks so much :)
p/s:up here is the video of them in the car.LOL:D
The truth is, we're all afraid of getting hurt. Some of us just deal with it differently than others.Some of us convince ourselves we don't care.Others isolate themselves.A couple of us push the other person away.And there are those who hurt others in an attempt to prevent it from happening to them.But you know what? You've got to take that chance. Because all of us WILL get hurt and all of us will have BEEN hurt at some point in our lives. So what's the point in trying to prevent what we know will happen? Let yourself live. Don't be afraid to be involved.


i'm back in johore bahru once again.deepa hols,next week is my finals.omg , help me pls!hopefully i can do the best for this coming finals.i am effin' nervous.! okay lets plan something to do in johore bahru starting from tomorrow! okay my plan was to do my revision,hangout with fifi , zahid and the gang.ouh yeah , my azizul sharwani can't get himself back to jb bcz he got class and also assignments to pass up to his lecturer.so me single mingle!so yeah , i was planning of going to cs.how i missed city square.watching all the agas hanging around wearing their shades in the building somehow makes me miss that place.LOL ! so i was planning to watched movies,klip 3gp,real steel or paranormal 3.they said it was a great movies!so i'm so gonna watched it.so haruslah mengajak fifi hanif,zahid zainul rashid,funna farhanah,shafiq kadir,mohd hanif and ekhmal basir to watched it together with me.so guys,just wait for my calls.teman me go watch it.hahaha :D and no any other plans.oh yeah not to be forgotten , my dear iman nabila.how i missed you dearly syg!we go dinner before i go back to shah alam okay?okay next plan , stay home , and STUDY!!! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

hey babyboy.happy 4months anny syg!!!you know that i love you right?and i'll always do.thanks for always there for me.bright my day with all your jokes.stay blurr okay syg?because its the reason why i love you.LOL!just kidding.anyway,thanks for this 4 months relationship.ilysm :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

the smile i can give is the one that makes me sane an alive right now.it doesn't matter whether its a fake smile or being sarcastic.with all the negativity around me.its just so hard to be myself once before and its quite hard to get back on track.i'm so annoyed by all the things around me.and by what going thru my life right now.i give you and "F" for that.idk it felt like i never knew you before.u change to be someone diff.is it because u're culture shock or something?if you are,i feel sorry for you.because you're totally 100% changing.and i'm kinda like :i don't know you".i dont care,and i wont bother.one day if you need me you know where to find me.yeah , finals another 2 weeks.havent finish discovering the whole book.as always..duhh! so yeah , next week is deepavali,happy deepavali everyone!! :D
click clack click clack.finals coming!!so yeah its mean , i've to start working on with my revision , study and stuff.going back to shah alam this sunday , clear and touch-up all the notes and assignments.need to pass up all of it on monday.+FULL class on monday.sociology last class on monday.favvy :) must attend it! the intro masscomm and phsychology.last class :') so yeah , finals is coming.i am effin' nervous about it.pray the bestt for me.! hope i can do it.aminn :)

A well day spent with mama :)

okay seems i'm moving on to my new rent house,so mama decided to have a look at the house.so mama and adik went up to KL.she felt lazy to drove her car along away from jb.so she decided to take a bus.so me and ateng rent a car for 2 whole day,go and fetch them up at KL central.we check in at holiday villa resort subang jaya.ateng joined us and even sleepover with us.so the next day , woke up in the morning ,straight away to shah alam to bring mama to my rent house,got free ceramah from mama.she's not quite satisfied with the house.chill k ma,i'll search for another house.promise!then went to Mid valley.accompany harith and ateng shopping.then to The Curve and Ikea.Meatballs Time!!!.lastly went to Sunway Pyramid accompany mama shopping at Marks and Spencer and other.also bought a few stuff for myself.then heading back to the hotel.bath and rest for a while.then went out to KL.we stuck in the middle of the town.in front of pavillion.after mambling around.went to RASTA t.t.d.i.had late dinner together.then heading back to the hotel.The same routine all over again , for the next day.went OU and stuff.so yeah , a well day spent with my lovely mama,lil bro and azizul sharwani syg :) mama adik , thanks for coming and have a look at the house.ilysm.and my syg azizul sharwani, thanks for keep on melayan adik kesana sini and also spent your time with my family.love you lots.thanksss!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

is it my fault now?after everything so now , the point is you put all the blame on me is it?so you're just so innocent,and there no judgement people can put on you.so i'm the bad one la?i'm the one who ignored you la?so i'm the one who never be there for you when you're down la?is that what u're trying to say is it?but do you know that y'r the one who never shared your problem with me?so now its all my fault?so well,if that is what you want MY FRIEND,i'm fine with it.yes!ITS ALL MY FAULT.

-At first i was too afraid of losing you buddy.but after everything that happen between us,
i think ur NO LONGER NEED ME.so i'll back off.and keep my words
If you need me you know where to find me my friend.sorry for everything.

after having nasi lemak at Mais.suddenly terasa nak makan jagung.haha ! so yeah seems nana drove her car to mais.so we planned of searching for jagung.LOL ! there's only me,nana and ajan.the worst part is i am wearing my pyjamas pants.so we got no choice seems we wanted to eat corn that much so we went up to i-city coz there's this one stall selling only jagung there.haha.so i sorta like menebal kan muka go up there semata mata nk makan jagung punya pasal.LOL ! but anyway guys , the mood is kinda like romantic isn't it?.with the spotlight,movie and stuff.we should do this again.LOL!xoxo :)
the other day went for a meatballs at ikea.seems i was sorta like "kempunan" to eat it.so finally , i get myself to eat it.thanks to azizul sharwani for bringing me there.supposedly shafiq kadir and ekhmal basir joined us at the curve but they stucked themselves at the middle of kuala lumpur ,so they wont be able to joined us.but we still have our time lepaking+shisha-ing at deeng that night.so guys,shafiq kadir and ekhmal basir.selamat bercuti.jaga johore bahru saya baik2.LOL!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

went to singapore with azizul sharwani(baby) and harith zulkifli(adik).we went there by bus.take a bus from jb central to kranji MRT then take the MRT to Orchard Road.i accompany them to buy their stuff.and i also bought a few stuff for myself.too tired of walking.but its still enjoying.oraite adik,dah pandai naik bus pergi singapore,so apa lagi adik?bawa awek la!hahaha:D kidding.LOL! so yeah we should go together2 again.just the 3 of us.haha,love you both!!xoxo :*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

okay as i am officially bored today,so i just spent most of my time with my camera.sorry , dear randy me left you away fr 4 months since i get myself into college.so yeah , seems i'm back in JB and will be going back to shah alam this sunday , i thought of bringing you along baby. heheh ,
so memandangkan agak lama tidak mengedik dengan camera saya , so harini mengambil peluang untuk mengedik habis habisan.okay i spent my time today at home.cz i'm kinda homesick lately.dush!hahah.so yeah , spent my time watching dvd's,cam-whoringg,download songs,stalking people blogs,playing with khyrah and more.so now i'm waiting for momma to come back frm work so she can bring me out.heheh.come mama lets rock the town tonight!weee :)
bored as always.i'm not felt like going out.cz i'm currently on my savings mood.heheh.so yeah,effin bored as always.still thinking abt what fairytales story would i choose for my profiency english presentation.thought of choosing pak pandir.cz madam said that its up to us either to choose and english or malay version of fairytales.batu belah batu bertangkuk,other groups already thought of choosing it.so yeah.i think i am going to choose our malay version of fairytales,cz cinderella,snow white,sleeping beauty is all too familiar.so yeah.or maybe i'll choose "Anastasia" ? or maybe "thumbelina" ? sounds rare isn't it?heheh :) i want some diff in my presentations.so still thinking of what story that i'm gonna present.ouh brains!IDEAS pls?!
awww , you know what ?!! i miss you alot fifi hanif :) long time no see.seems we're both busy with our college and stuff,so yeah not be able to sit and had a conversation like we always did before.looking forward to see you on this coming sundayand .yes, i miss you.believe it or not?I MISS YOU girlfriend.LOL ! :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mia Azami.
Birthday 5th October

Hey babygirl , happy 18th birthday yeah :) May God bless ya,and have a great life.pray the best for you.sorry babe , not be able to be there in shah alam with ya,seems i'm planning of going back to jb earlier,but i'll promise you a present okay?keep my words :) but anyway , hope you have a blast on your birthday.and once again happy sweet 18 syg..:)
few updates of what's going on with my life lately ;

-plenty of assignments.finally its done.alhamdulillah.also done with the presentation on social freedom.hopefully mr.razlan gives us extra crdts on individuals marks for our presentations.sociology midterms is kinda hard,hopefully i pass it.

-a few problems lately with certain people.frankly saying that i felt disappointed with you guys.u should have told me earlier about it.so yeah , i dont know what is the problem actually.so dont blame me,if i kinda like keep myself away from you guys.

-finally i bought myself an oreo strawberry.i kept seeing it on tumblr cz some of our malaysians blogger keep tumbling about it.so finally i taste it.and seriously,i'm loving it!strawberry oreo+dutch lady fresh milk!

-i moving to my new hommie at seksyen 7 shah alam next week.gonna join,nad,reen,lynn,mira,syifaa and the others soon!!i'm gonna rock the house soon guys!!!wuhuutttt!!

-And now!i'm curently in JB!!wuhuuuuu!!!!gonna bang City Square soon!!!wuhuutt!whatever it is or wherever i am JB,u're still the best!! :D