Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finally i got my breaking dawn tickets for today show at 3.40 pm!!!wee.we cant make reservations thru online,City Square doesn't pick up any of my calls.seems i'm so desperate to watch syg to come to my house.we borrowed mama cars.seems mama trust syg to drove her car.bring adik along,cz he wanted to buy the tickets went off to city square,and finally!i got the tickets!so wait for me Breaking Dawn!Edward Teams is coming!!wooo! :D

okay today i went out with zahid and syg.zahid asked us to accompany him to bought some we went to jalan dobi.went to the girls next door seems physchedelic and labelz is closed.just looking.but we couldnt find the right we off to city square.zahid bought his stuff and we go and have milk ice with choc.omg it has been quite a while since i last have has been my fav since form yeah , after then we off to plaza pelangi.just hanging around at the cold storage.haha.then we're starving,we cross the road to zona ayam penyet.its the best ayam penyet ever.zahid smpai berapa kali ckp best smpai berpeluh2,haha.pedas eh? yeah , thats goes my routine for today :)

i love you :)

happy 5 months anny syg.forever love you.i know this few months back , we've been facing with lotsa difficuties.and there's so much hardest things we have to face.but we both still strong to face with all of it.i'm so lucky of having you.keep yourself with me you lots :)

Malaysia Won!!!

LOOK at them.and especially the guy in the green semangat.haha.caya lah lain tgk bola juga.hahah :D but anyway , this is when malaysia scores the first goal.tak sempat nak record the 2nd we're too busy shouting cz malaysia WON!lol :d
finally Malaysia Won!!!!!!!wooooooo !!!! seriously i'm so proud to be Malaysian.Boo you what i said at my Facebook status."Tuhan marah main jampi2.bodoh punya endon".LOL ! on the finals day , me go watch it live at mamak Osman.haha.with all my buddies and bf.but the most semangat one is Izhan lain semangat juga,tapi dia mmg semangat habis lah.haha ! once malaysia goal for the 2nd time , habis air ribena terpercik2.dah mandi habis lah.LOL ! But seriously i'm so proud of you malaysia squad!and guys , having fun watching the match with you guys :)

okay finally , i gotta meet my babygirl iman nabila.and also my superb boyy izhan fahmi.and ofcourse my azizul sharwani.LOL :D so yeah , we went out.fetch botak at his house then went and fetch first we went to tepian mengidam nak makan nasi ayam we went to TT.mak aii,it takes so long for the seriously.we had our dinner and not to be forgotten and for sure G to O to S to S to I to!so much things ti be after dinner,we went off to Salsabila.lepaking and also shisha-ing.really had fun with them.its been quite a while tak lepak dgn like finally.seems i'm in it wouldnt be a problem for us to meet babe , next week , lunch date with me! :)

during this 3 weeks off,i will miss this 3 know why??because whatever it is , we always stick together.i'll miss my reen,adha and emir.but emir tak sgt i'll still meeting him in jb.hahaha :D but guys,do takecare of yourself.see you next sem!! :)
finally!finals is over.okay , i know its quite late i'm updating it.but who cares.LOL.actually i finished my finals on the 16th wuhuu.i'm currently in Johore Bahru right now!so yeah , i'm so gonna enjoy my 3 weeks hols.all the diplomarians of unisel only get 3 weeks of hols.yg lain tu , semua sebulan.not fair lah weyy.but my course is only 2 years and 1/2 cz they minus the amount of,so far , i spent my time like very well in,friends and boyfriend BALANCE!LOL ! but anyway , i'm so nervous about my results.i hope it turns out pretty well.insyaallah.keep on praying for the best.aminn! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yesterday went for a date with yeah , we went to pelangi to catch ayam penyet zona for was a late lunch yeah then went to city square.hanging around.ohh yeah , hello cotton on!welcome to johore bahru.atleast there's something better than you guys , can just stop with all the agas and rempits things.try to be positive la.dulu cakap , " jb tak ada apa apa lah.cotton on , forever 21 semua takda."But now?atleast we've something new.its better than hello there.and yeah we actually planning of catching some movies.but then suddenly adik called.ajak go then,seems we dont know what movies to watched so we decided to layan adik go then , went for karaoke.rodney's joining us too.budak sekolah cuti.haha :D then after having our throat out with all the songs.we went to salsabila.lepaking + that goes my routine for yesterday ! :)

last week,watching Real Steel with the gang.boypreenn not in me single mingle.and free.LOL !! :D so yeah we went to the movies.then seems kad birthday is coming nearer that we decided to celebrate it anyway , the movie was superbb awesome! and kad , happy birthday! Hope you love the cake.:)