Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THE TIME WILL COME... and kalau masa tu dah sampai , semua jgn tanya

"sab..mana kau?"

cooking time!

we cooked this.me,melati,yai,ariff and tomtom cooked this.we cooked asam pedas ikan pari ,buttermilk chicken and mushroom vegetables.sumpah sedap gila.and love the asam pedas superr much.nanti next one kita masam blackpepper crab eh?LOLz! :D
last saturday went out with iman nabila and also her friend amierul.so they fetch me up at home around 2 then we went up to pavillion to catch carl's jr for lunch.iman punya pasal,sampai ke pavillion perginya.LOL!i was planning to eat subway at the first place.then suddenly amierul treat me carls jr for lunch.thanks alot dude.so after a late lunch with them we went to damansara,met irsyad,fariz and the gang.they planned to watched an autoshow at shah alam stadium.iman asked me to tag along.but i've planned that night.so i didnt joined them.but anyway , thanks for keeping me company iman baby.and mierul,nice knowing you dude :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

alhamdulillah :')

alhamdullilah,Ya ALLAH.terima kasih kerana memberi aku keputusan yang agak baik untuk permulaan hidup baru aku ini.a big alhamdullilah i really satisfied with my first result in UNISEL.the sad part is because i dont achieve the target that i aim for.but whatever it is syukur alhamdullilah.it was a good start for everything.i'll try my best for the next sem.insyaallah.i'm gonna rock you soon sem 2!syukur :')

to my dear boyfriend azizul sharwani.i dont know how to say this.i am so so proud of you.you manage to achieve your aim.his pointer was so good.he managed to gt 3.52 for this first sem.and i cant even describe how proud i am.congratulations syg!

and to my other friends,reen,emir and others.you guys,we've done our very best guys!and it was a good start for us.congrats uolss!! :)

Izhan Fahmi and Zahid Zainul Rashid,u guys will be going to poly this 19th dec.anyway best of lucks guys.study hard!!! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

'll be goin' back to shah alam tomorrow.cuti sudah habis bro.arghh , hate it much.i'm not ready for sem2,not ready to go back,not ready for class.i'm not ready for everything!arghh!i'm not felling like goin' back.2 weeks and 1/2 holidays make me gonna miss home like so much.although i can go back whenever i want but still,things will not be the same.i just need more time in johore bahru.that's all.shah alam doesnt mean anything to me.i just set my mind into this "takpe,pergi sana belajar,then can make mama and arwah babah proud of me.and boleh balas jasa mama :)".i''m not lying.its truth.i set my mind into that,cz that is the only reason why i'm studying.kalau ikutkan hati nak duduk rumah bwh ketiak mama.makan,tidur,online.repeat the same routine everyday.LOL!.so yeah i've set some things for this coming sem 2:

1)move in to a new house.will be staying with intan farhana which is emir luqman sis.so yeah.hopefully , there will not be any problems.and hopefully everything will be just fine.

2)new sem , new me , new aim.so yeah 3 things that i need to work it out!

3)Need to start with my diet.so gonna make it work this time.

4)i want to finished up my license.LOL !(Kalau rajin,transfer and habiskan kat shah alam)

5)Change every negativity in me.and start with the new positive one.

Insyaallah :)
Will be goin' back tomorrow.bye bye johore bahru.:'(

Hey sayangg..i know that things are so hard for us lately.sepatah kata org , "semua ni dugaan".so yeah , after we had our conversations that night.i felt so relieve after both of us let it all out.and yeah syg , i know both had our own mistakes.so here,i wanna asked for an apology if i ever hurt you , or make things more worse.i'm sorry for everything.i hope we both will try to fixed things to become like what it was before.thanks for the lovely outing just now.it tells me that i got my ateng back.i know that you've been with lotsa difficulties lately.i'm sorry if i'm fail to give you enough support of not being there for you.i'll promise that it wont happen again.and syg , i forgive u.so dont ever worry about it okay.it wasn't your fault though.none of us are perfect right?you'll be sending me back tomorrow with mama and adik.thanks syg.nanti dah hantar i balik,otw dlm kereta dgn mama tu , jgn mengumpat pula.and singgah2 melaka ke.tahu lah u cuti lama dari i.LOL !but just for you to know,3 words for you .. ily :*

p/s:this picture make me go like "hahahahahhahah !" it was my first time riding a motorbike.PECAH REKOD!haha !
Sabrina Zulkifli is not only on Facebook and Blogger but she also available on Twitter now.(ecehh,promote.hahahah ! :D)
okay seems subway is now opening in sutera mall.so yesterday of all a sudden,i'm felling like eating it.so asked mama to go to sutera mall.so yeah tokmak and adik tag along too.seems adik felt like eating it too.reached there around 9.30 pm.then subway is closed.so yeah , on the way to the parking place we saw this one stall selling durians.so then you get it?nak makan subway and we end up makan durian.LOL ! But i'm not into it that much.so i just eat it around 1 and 2.but anyway , the surroundings is so so romantic.kan mama kan tokmak?haha !
The first book from my favourite blogger Zahiril Adzim :) i heard alots of good feedbacks from all of his buyers.and yeah i;m so gonna grab it soon!!!need to go to borders before it sold out! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

okay there’s a lot of things in my mind lately,I just try harder and way more harder to just be myself once again.i’ve been stress out with lotsa things lately,it makes my emotions unstable.as what the doctor said.seriously.i need to get myself out from all of this,you guys just don’t know what’s actually going on.so pls stop judging.bcz u’r not helping.let me repeat not helping.

Sakit selama seminggu

Sakit tekak,demam,batuk and selsema-full package

And now Sabrina zulkifli is currently on a diet.i’m so gonna do this right now!sab,fikir nak jadi mcm J-LO je.haha bodo!but seriously,I’m on my diet!Mood TURN ON! :D
I found Ze pictures of my parents time muda2 dulu AND terus put it into my purse :)

mama,I love you so much.thanks for taking a good care of me and adik.sampai dah besar mcm nie da.sampai dah masuk U da anak mama nie.hope I can make you proud one day ma.u’re the best.thankyou.love you!Skrg mama dah vogue dah.tgk gambar kat tepi tu,haha ;D

And to my arwah babah,I miss you and I love you till forever bah.may you rest in peace babah.lala sentiasa doakan babah.Al-Fatihah.:’(

There’s a million things in my mind right now.but I push it all away,and put urs as my first.i don’t show.and I’ll never show.frankly speaking.i really miss you azizul sharwani.i hope you’re strong enough to face with all of this syg.i know that you know what u’re doing.i always have your back.keep that in mind.love u.

Finally i gotta meet funna farhanah.she’s coming back this week.so like finally,I hope that I give you enough hint of what I’m currently dealing right now.thanks cz always have my back no matter what condition I am now.i really appreciate it babe.and thanks , bcz you never stress me out.i gotta admit , that u’re the only person who really understand on how to deal with me.bcz you know what kind of person I am.thanks so much for understand and not pushing me around.

and to my friends out there especially emir luqman,zahid zainul Rashid and iman Nabila.thanks a lot for the advise and support guys.i appreciate it much.thank you.love you guys a lot!
Johor premium outlet.Okay currently there’s something new in johore.they just opened this.i’ve been there,this few days ago with mama.they just opened it.there’s over 80 oulet over there.its cool man.the venue was really nice.but my first impression when I just entered the parking place is “ma,why it looks like r&r?haha!”.but don’t judge a book by its cover,dekat dlm lawa.sumpah cool.but agak rimas nak beli brg.cz there’s too many people.well,its opening for sure la,org punya ramai sampai adik cakap,starbucks looks like mamak Osman already.LOL!but really,you guys should go!
Fifi hanif.i really miss you ze most.i know that we missed too many things together.how i wish i could be there for you.keep in mind,that u're not alone.you have me.miss you alot babe!see you soon.xoxo:*

Rasfeen and Nabila wedding.

Congrats my dear uncle and hello new aunty Nabila J hee.congratulations and of course selamat pengantin baru.a few days in kuantan brings lot of things together.we’ve been busy packing up the bunga telur.kembal and stuff.and alhamdullilah.at the end,it was a very beautiful wedding I must say.congratulations once again!i love you both uncle aunty.selamat pengantin baru.

p/s:sorry , there’s too many pictures.idk which one to upload.so I just uploaded this few.from the bride house,to the groom and also the picture of our dear newlyweds.