Monday, December 17, 2012

hey uolsss!

lotsa love :sabrina zulkifli
xoxo :*
i'm like currently broke right now.i need new clothes and new stuff.

So yeah i need cash!!!grr!!!wanted to go shopping so badlyyyy :'(

mommyyyyyy plssssss.heheheheh !!!
this is moi pdl final projects.which a bit stressing me out the whole sem.We've been given a task which is chose one from two topics of a campaign.option is suicide and teenage i chose teenage pregnancy seems it contains much data and i think it would be a lil bit easier.but yeah assumptions and stereotyping is so wrong to the wrong wrong.its been stressing me out to complete everything need an yeah.atlast it complete.thankyou ALLAH :)
i've waited for so long for my hair to keep on yeah , it does but its seems like just a few inches that i needed pls dear hair keep on growing will ya?

thanks loveyou.muah muah
Hey there..i've left this column for quite a while.been really busy with this whole colllege things and stuff.there's nothing much going on in my life,its just the same routine over and over yeah , seems finals break is coming nearer and im onl left one paper which pdl (publication design layout) i'll try my best to keep this blog updated .jyeahh.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

dunia itu indah
sayangnya pencemaran lidah serta lemparan yg dikeluarkan membuat kan sesetengah berkata

"baik mati sahaja dari hidup dekat dunia ni"
"kejamnya dunia ni "

fikir jgn dlm kotak oi , fikir luar kotak,entah entah masalah tu datang dari diri kau,siapa tahu?

Sering dilabelkan sebagai pemarah , paranoid , negative thinking

Pernah org fikir kenapa jadi mcm tu?tidak , org hanya tahu keluar lemparkan then bila dah slh , duduk belakang selotape mulut.itu lah manusia dan itulah org yg otak dia dah boleh buang sana.susah weh kalau bergaul nak saling rasa merasa terasa ni.tapi guna otak masing2 ada hati perasaan

Symbolic kesudahan penamatnya kau hidup seorg diri

Berhabuk dan cuba mengemas kini.dh lama rasanya aku tak curahkan kata kata aku kat ruangan ni.dah berhabuk rasanya.dah mcm benda terjadi dlm hidup aku skrg,haha.cerita gumbira..cerita sedih.tak mampu aku nak update satu satu.cukup lah sekadar aku coretkan bahawa aku baik baik saja.and yes , alhamdullilah umur ku sudah pun mencecah 19 tahun pada 15 september lepas.syukur alhamdullilah ya Allah ! sabrina is officially 19 uolss !! And firstly I would like to thanks my dearest precious mother who always there for me for this 19 years of living.thanks for ze awesome-ness celebrations mommy ! and thanks a lot for the new pinky hanphone.loveit much ! and secondly thanks to my family and cuzzy for everything,for ze 12 AM celebrations and presents.thirdly , to my lovely boyfriend Azizul Sharwani,thanks for ze suprises and my friends fifi hanif,ekhmal basir,iman Nabila,funna farhanah,zahin,emir luqman,melatibambam,shafiq kadir,mia azami,miera aqila,irsyad,izhan fahmi,daus Maggie,fendi,tomtom,oli and everyone thanks so much for the celebrations and presents, and also wishes thankyouuu guys! Loveyou very much.

thanks mommy for the dinner, the 12 am celebrations and the new phone !

Thanks fr ze presents  ze boyfie 

Thanks fifi , ekhmal ,shafiq kadir and funna farhanah :* and thanks for the dinner too :)

Thanks zahin :)

thanks iman nabila and miera aqila :) and thanks for the dinner too iman , zahin,miera,irsyad :)

thanks melati bambam ,tomtom and oli :)

thanks fendi and mia :)

thanks daus :)

and thanks for everyone and also for all the wishes and stuff,thankyouu so much !!! :*

Monday, June 25, 2012

Okay my finals is next week
First paper is Mandarin 1 which is on the 29th/6 and second paper is effective speaking which is on 3/7
Then goes my sem break!

I planned something for myself because i;m break for one month

Jogging everyday or went to gym?asked hazim to trained me
Maybe get a part time job?~nahh..accompany tokmak seems tok ayah is not that well.
Outings with my long lost girlfriends
Seems fifi hanif is on her break too , so maybe i'm gonna catch up with her later !
And yes , spend time with my family especially mama
and lastly , shopping for raya

and enjoy my ramadhan !
Love this 2
missing you guys.

I have a thoughts of deleting my facebook because i'm so much into twitter nowadays.and i think i abandoned my facebook and i cant have more that one social network i guess.Still thinking of deleting it.

So anything just find me in twitter

promote ni.LOL !
1st of us celebrations :)

Hey baby , i'm in love with the same person everyday.thanks for making this feeling stay.thanks for the beautiful blouse and also wonderful lunch date at tgif.i hope you love the gift.thx and love u! :*
Alhamdullilah it has been 1 year for us.Many things that we've been thru together.happiness,sad,fight and joy.Just for you to know,that i love you so much.its always you all the time.i know its hard on taking care of me.but you never gave up.and i know the scold of yours is for my own good.i know that i am so stubborn.thanks for keeping up with me and always patient on dealing with me.the most important is , thanks for accepting me for who i am.never stop me from doing anything that i love.thanks for your courage and support and 100% attention.although sometimes i didnt even realize the attention that you give me.For what we've been thru i think we deserve this 1st.i love you azizul sharwani.Thanks for everything. :)
Sebenarnya telah pun aku berniat untuk pakai tudung.And its a must in Islam for the muslimah.Tapi aku tidak mahu sekadar pakai atau pun pakai untuk sementara.Berapa kali niat aku hendak pakai tudung.tapi maybe belum tiba masanya.aku tahu , ia adalah satu kewajiban dalam Islam.dan sentiasa aku berdoa agar memberi aku hidayah dan iman yang cukup untuk memenuhinya satu hari nanti.Amin and Insyaallah.
Okay , on one of my effective speaking presentation is we have to choose a topics,either watermelon,Iphone or superheroes,and i picked superheroes.And i present about my mama.And alhamdullilah i got full marks for that presentation.

The reason i present about her is because she's everything to me.she's the mom and she's also the dad.She raised me to be a better person.she's such a wonderful mother.i'm so glad to have her in my life.

Just for you to know
I love you so much Wan Nazreezah bt.Wan Mohd Salleh

Always and forever :)
Sometimes even if we dont want things to happen,but its happen.Sometimes we get tired of it,we hate it and even curse it.but what are we human can do?Everything is in God's hand,and we human have to be strong in facing everything that's going on in our life.either its good or bad.just face it.because it was just a simple test for us to thru in life.
I've learned so many things in life,sometimes it makes me give up.but somehow , it makes me learned how to be more matured.and alhamdullilah.I'm done with it.Insyaallah .

Okay this was also last month.Apai kad geylang and syg was on their sem decided to get themselves off to we all spend time this are a few pictures of our outings.It was excited and great moments.we went to many places and spend time moment guys.datang lagi okay next time :)

Okay this is an express post for emir's 19th birthday celebrations.It was last month.But nevermind it was just aquick express for his birthday post.
Happy birthday bro.hope you love the celebration,cakes and gift.


Hello there dear bloggie.Its been so long i didnt update myself in this space.somehow i almost forgot that i owned a blog.So yeah , so far i've been busy with my routine nowadays.Especially college,i'm in Sem 3 now and i'll be sitting for my finals next week.2 subect for me to carry for finals.Effective Speaking and Mandarin 1.And mandarin have been so hard for me.and i'm totally for what i'm gonna wrote t=down on my mandarin paper for finals,amd alhamdullilah i'm doing well in my effective speaking and my level of stage fright have decrease a bit.and so far my life is not that pretty any problems that i'm facing for thisnpast months.the upside is just not perfect without any problems.and alhamdullilah,its all settle down one by one,and hoping there's none of it thats gonna attack me later because i'm too tired of dealing with it.So yeah guys,wish me luck for finalss yeah!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 of my favourite songs:

1)Savage garden-Truly Madly Deeply
2)Mario-Let me love you
4)Marcos Hernandez-If you were mine
5)Nsync-This I promise you
6)Rihanna ft Neyo-Hate that i love you
7)Maroon 5-She will be loved
8)Neyo-Part of the list
9)Neyo-Because of you
10)Julia Sheer-You will never be

hahahahah ! aku mmg jiwang doh.LOL :D
salah ke aku kalau aku terasa kecil hati dan sebagainya?dinamakan perempuan dan juga manusia biasa.tidak slh bg ku.cuma mungkin cara aku yg ter over menyebabkan org tidak suka pd what?

ye mmg aku sensitive org nya.
aku mudah tersentuh
tapi itu tak bermakna aku lemah

aku tetap diri aku
aku cuba untuk kuat
tapi perlu ke aku tekankan kepada semua org yg aku dah berubah

tak apa biar org mentafsir dan menilai berdasarkan apa mereka nampak
janji Allah tahu , diri kita tahu.
itu penting.
insyaallah , pandangan serong org pada aku akan berubah.
skrg ni positive je sab
peduli apa org nak cakap

org2 tu semua tak tahu apa aku rasa
tahu nak nilai je
tapi aku tak salah kan mereka.itulah dinamakan kehidupan.
semoga semuanya kekal baik.dan jadikan lah perubahan ini ikhlas dari hati aku ya Allah.Amin
As we grown up,we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to let us down probably will.You'll have your heart broken,probably more than once,and its harder'll breaks heart too,so remember how it felt when someone broke yours.You'll fight with your bestfriend,or maybe fall in love with them.who knows?You'll blame a new love for things an old one'll cry because time is passing too fast and you'll eventually in lose someone who really close to you.So just take too many pictures,laugh too much,and love like you've never been hurt because every 6o seconds you spend angry or sad is a minutes of happiness that you'll never get back.

Alhamdullilah,my college life 've been pretty nice and tough in the same time.many things that i've learned,i gained.seeing my friends happy,sad,having fun and stuff just make me learn something new.a new way of living a life.hopefully the love never ends.amin. :)
lots of♥
xoxo :)

HB botak!!!:D

Okay last week , we're celebrating izhan fahmi(botak)birthday.seems funna is following me back to shah there's four of,funna,ateng and happy birthday again botak :D hope you love the present,cards and also celebrations! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i'm freaking bored here i must say.abso-fucking-lutely bored.hari ini saya menjadi budak yang sangat baik.saya duduk rumah.then teman mama bring adik to the clinic sbb adik demam.then back to my,sleep,online,bbm and stuff.haha!terasa amat malas nak keluar.whatsapp with funna.hoping she could follow me back to shah alam this thursday.pujuk papa tau babe! :D
okay 3 papers done!another one paper to go.then wuhuu.semester 2 ends!!!so yeah,just reached jb yesterday.reached jb around 1.30.tak tahu kenapa mata sgt tak boleh go.balik rumah terus tidur.then mama kejut ajak pergi kerry's sebab nak pergi cold storage and guardian's.then after done with groceries shooping and stuff.we went for dinner.malam , tgk ABPBH.oh my!finally and finally my Aaron Aziz won bintang paling popular!!wuhuuu!!tahniah En.haris.hehe :D
This is what we eat yesterday.yumm's!sodapp.hahahah :D
i love this monster :p . 11 months and still counting♥

Sunday, April 1, 2012

we're having bbq today!wuhuu.kami tong seorg rm10.and alhamdullilah.kenyang semuanya.kiteorg beli ayam,daging,udang and ikan and hotdog.serious sodapp.had a great time guys,funna,ateng,apai,kad,anep,mai,luqman and sorg lagi tak knl nama.hehe.sorry.fifie tak ada:( zahin pun couldn't make it,zahid pula tak balik jb.but anyway it was a great bbq guys.

tgk!sedap tak?sedap?hahaha :D
Ini mama anep buat.sodappp!sehingga menjilat jari :)
Great time guys!!!nanti buat lagi okay.hahaha :D

5 tahun persahabatan and still counting.Nor Farhanah Shahroom.okay today spending time with her because she just started her finals sem hols.untung lah 2 bulan cuti.tunggu aku lagi 4 paper then kita berronggeng okay.LOL :D so yeah today went to tutti frutti.with ekhmal and funna.lamanya kempunan tutti frutti and finally dapat.and yes i'm currently driving ekhmal's car lately.thankyou apai!LOL :D

Saturday, March 31, 2012

i've lost 5 kg.and thought of losing more more and more.but seriously this diet is killing me.sekarang aku like gastric all the time.sampai doctor ckp,perut awak ni banyak sangat angin.urghhh.lepas tu,sakit perut semua sebab meals not on skrg , aku mkn.tapi in a lil amount of quantity.

hello beautiful food.amichu :'(
10 things that i want from a guy but wont ask for it :

1)A goodmorning text from him
2)Suprises especially little ones
3)His gentlemenliness
4)Dedication of songs to be hear every night
5)suprising text like "i'm in class.and i'm started to miss you.have a nice day baby"
6)sing to me although its out of tune
7)His shirt with his scent all over it
8)Bring to me picnic/snickers chocolate
9)Comfort and patience when i'm in tears
10)Telling me how much he loves me.
aku tak akan paksa..terpulang..aku akan terus berjalan dan teruskan kehidupan aku.

"Ya Allah kau permudahkan lah segala urusan bagi HambaMu ini Ya Allah"
Berasal dari sebuah perkenalan yg tidak dijangka
Bermakan malam bersama family aku
tetiba dtgnya seekor kucing
aku tidak perasan dia sedang melihat aku.perhatikan aku.langsung tidak aku endah.sbb aku tak kenal.siapa dia?lantak kau ah!5 minit kemudian dtgnya makanan aku iaitu nasi goreng ayam goreng kunyit.kucing tu dtg lagi,terus aku lompat.aku nyaris nak nangis.malunya aku!semua tgk aku.termasuk lah dia.tak tahan malu.aku minta mama bungkuskan aku.aku terus masuk ke kereta dan makan dlm kereta

1 minggu lepas itu.telefon aku berbunyi"sab jum lepak!teman aku pergi osman.member aku ada sekali".aku bersiap.setibanya di osman.aku berdua je dgn kwn aku.tetiba lagi 3 org sampai.berbual..berborak.langsung aku tak perasan yg itu dia.dia yg lihat aku ketakutan kucing pada malam tu.dia yg aku malu.tetiba seekor kucing melintas di bawah kaki aku.aku jerit.aku terus pergi kat kwn aku.mereka tlg halaukan.tiba2 dia mnegur aku.buat kali pertama " kau ada makan dekat larkin eh haritu?lepas tu ada kucing lalu,kau takut.kau terus masuk kereta?"

bygkan je muka aku time tuh.sumpah bengang malu oh.disitu lah perkenalan kami.sebagai seorg kwn.dan akhirnya tertangkap hati lah pulak.alhamdullilah it has been 10 months.dan aku bersyukur kenal dia.dia lah kawan baik,dia lah bf."Ya Allah sekiranya betul apa aku rasakan ini,kekalkan lah ia.agar semuanya baik baik sahaja Ya Allah,jika tiada maka tiada lah kami.Aku redha.tetapi berikanlah yg terbaik"

aku ni mcm lelaki.hampir semua ckp mcm tu.aku tak suka di kongkong.tapi pelik kan..dia terima aku seadanya.tak pernah larang aku untuk berkawan dengan sesiapa pun.tak pernah pertikaikan diri aku.tak pernah tak percayakan aku.aku tahu sgt susah untuk jaga diri aku.tapi dia tak pernah mengeluh,tak pernah berhenti.and that's why i love you Azizul Sharwani :*

my one and only."mama i'll try my best in my studies.just to make u proud of me.i love you so much.thanks for always there for me mama.i love you so much"

She's my number 1 listener
She's my everything
although i'm all grown up but i am always her lil princess :)
Pengalaman telah banyak mengajar aku untuk menjadi lebih matang.mugkin kerana fikiran yang agak sempit serta kebudakan2 ini menbuatkan org berasa jelik,andaian atau sebagainya.tetapi tidak diminta berperangai sedemikian.mencuba dan terus mencuba.tetapi gagal!JATUH!Tersungkur!tapi untuk memuaskan hati semua pihak,terus bangun serta ikutkan rentak kehidupan nama pun "nak hidup lah katakan".pernah aku mengeluh.kenapa!mengapa!org hanya mampu menjugde seseorg berdasarkan apa yg mereka nampak.cuba kau rasa.jgn banyak ckp.rasa apa yg org lalui.

sampai ke satu tahap
bila hati mula menggelegak seperti air yg baru dimasak
muka seperti pecah rumah
nada suara seperti mikrofon

suara diam seribu bahasa
hati mula berbisik..
aku penat!aku penat!sudah lah!

bukan ku kata aku tak terima ketentuaNya.adat seorg manusia apabila diuji.aku ambil masa untuk fikir.belajar dan terus belajar.alhamdullilah...aku bahagia kehidupan aku skrg.aku bahagia disamping org yg menyayangi diri aku.aku tak nak ada masalah.sering aku jauhi benda itu.dan aku harap...semua org dapat menyayangi diri ku yg baru hendak bertatih ini :)
okay sem 2 ni aku mempunyai satu subject yang harus dibawa iaitu comm.skills.i really really love this subject.because my lecturer is like superr cool.and we got tonnes of project that need to be settle.dan antaranya ialah :

1)MC presentation
2)Dialog presentation
3)Self video
4)Muzikal Cinta dan lagu

The first project is MC presentation.dimana kita akan beraksi seperti MC untuk sesebuah majlis.alhamdullilah.aku lepas project itu,dan seterusnya dan sterusnya.sehinggalah final project kami iaitu Muzikal Cinta dan Lagu.this final project is sorta teater.kami dier lagu sari zaman 90's and lakonkan semula setiap watak dlm video tersebut.and i was the MC of the event.boleh pula,beberapa hari sebelum final project.aku sakit,sangat2.demam yg sangat panas.sampai lecturer tak bagi aku proceed the event.but aku degil juga and aku still tak nak bagi org ganti aku proceed juga.and alhamdullilah final project kami berjaya akhirnya.boleh dikatakan almost every audience yg dtg puji and also the lecturers.lecturer kitaorg en.hasni said that he really2 proud of us.we're hoping for that sir!alhamdullilah :)