Wednesday, January 25, 2012

omg ! kenapa lah mata ni.its already 3am.and i'm still awake while my eyes are deadly sleepy! i cant sleep.pls lah , let me sleep more earlier than what i always do.i've been stalking people's blogs and also updating my twitter status.haha ! put on the songs out loud!wow,major turn on mann !!!and yeah just now i ws looking at all my twitter photos.and then i smiled all alone and thinking of how nice our life could be!(tetiba tersenyum keseorangan di depan skrin laptop)

dah!apa aku merepek lappy.lenakan badan di katil.zzzzz!
i wonder and i just realized this.i currently bought so many stuff in pink lately...
arghhh !!! everything is in pink !! hahaha ! so ala ala gediks gitu.i dont even realize it till just now.when i've been busy completing my assignments then suddenly i realize that my file was pink in colour,my notebook,monologue and stuff!everything is in pink mann !! haha !! well , people change :)

love you always :)

happy 16 birthday adik.
hope you love the present and also the suprise celebrations!!!

Fifi Hanif.She's my girlfriend like forever!
love you.xoxo.!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

my routine nowadays! :


arghh what a life kan?
woah so hello back sem 2.i've got a total 5 subject to cover.and plus , my schedule and time of class mostly is at 8 can you guys imgine?last sem, all my class was around 2 till 5 something.seriously , i dont get enough sleep lately.i've been sleepy all the time.imagine , i slept at 3 and woke up at 6.45?grr!i hate class.entah lah , aku mmg dari dulu sehinggalah sekarang,mmg ratu membenci kelas,lol!so yeah , i've been busy with assignments and activities.emcee presentation , acting dialogue,talentime for finals project..ouh yeah , a self video.pfft! need to work it out!work hard sab!work hard!!!!
Azizul Sharwani Sweet 19 :)
8 january 2012.
my sweetheart azizul sharwani turning 19!!!happy birthday syg!!!this is the photos celebrations on his birthday.we celebrated it tgi fridays.hope you love the suprise party and also the present bby.and guys , thanks for joining and make the birthday turned to a total bloomass!!!!once again happy birthday:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

okay i'm in johore bahru right now!!!woah.okay i went to fie's crib today.actually we're planning on baking.but as usual.kami things will not be like what we've plan.! we thought of baking kami melepak , gossip and ambil gmbr seperti biasa.aaarghh,how i miss the moment babe.then we went to q&q to bought all the ingredients for tomorrow.and guess who's driving?FIFI HANIF , is driving!!! we went to q&q.bought the stuff.went to habib.have maggie goreng ayam each,then we went to angsana.nak makan jagung punya pasal.fie , it was great day buddy!xoxo :*

okay , iman nabila is currently studying in kualala lumpurrr the other day , she went all the way from kota damansara to shah alam with myrul to fetch me , azizul sharwani and izhan fahmi.they fecth us up and went to the ikea to catch so meatballs for lunch :) its been a quite a while since last we hangout togther with botak and others.if not , it will just be the both of us je kan.and its been great to introduce them to myrul.sumoah , myrul non-stop laughing when dealing with botak and syg the whole day.hahaha ! penat wey pipi tengang ketawa punya pasal.but anyway babe , i had a great day.and we also went to iman's hostel and help's was a nice room iman.aircond tu penting! hahah!
okay reen called me.asked me to joined her for dinner.she's gonna catch some steamboat with her boyfiee and i asked syg,botak zahid to come along.seems reen doesnt mind about bringing they fetch us up around 10.we went for a steamboat at what seksyen entah,i forgot.hahah ! seriously we ate alot.i mean alot.20 nett for one person.kenyangg woo.then after a late dinner , we went to i-city.walking and hanging around.penat reen and boyfriend dia and kwn dia layan kepala izhan fahmi(botak) yg gila tu.kalau ada botak sumpah tak boleh diam.non-stop laughing.haha !

okay a few of my friends asked me how's my new year.okay actually , i went out with azizul sharwani , izhan fahmi and zahid zainul rashid.we went to kl.actually , we're not planning to celebrate new year in kl.we're planning to celebrate it at the Curve.but seems , we've been finishing most of our time in yes or no , and yes we celebrates it in kl.haha! okay , first we accompany syg , to search for his new spec.done with the spec went to low yatt , i bought syg his birthday present which is a new phone.he lost his phone in seems idk what to give on his birthday , so i thought of giving him a new phone.syg asked me for a samsung champ only.i hope you love the phone baby and sorry for the early birthday present :) and looking forward for your birthday celebrations this saturday night and tgif :) and then the four of us had our late dinner and teppayanki sungei wang.seriously sedapp!lols,!then we spent our time mambling and walking around kl.and then take a bus and went back to shah alam.reached shah alam , we had kfc for supper.seriously guys it was a well day spent :)
okay , i wanna say A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Harith Zulkifli , for getting 8 a's for PMR.adik , you dont know how proud i am to you.congrats've done a very good job!!!!i hope you love the superheroes shoes i give you.once again congratulations!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

GOODBYE 2011 HELLO 2012 :)

ouhhh its been a while since i last updated my blog.been quite busy lately,everything just came up drastically at the same time.alhamdullilah.i survive and i can deal with it now.not gonna turn back times ,it times for a new resolution and a new life have to go on.try to leave all the bullshit and things that happen at the past reminds me very well on how to not trust a person easily.i swear, that i wont let you BITCH spoil my life nemoree,enough with all the shit that you give , i pray the best for you in every single way and live your life to happiness.just pretend that we never knew each other.i never once put any grudge on just that i wanna say thanks for making me look stupid gurl,but atleast Allah has shown me ,what type of person you lets say that we dont know each other.and dont ever once you appear in my life cz is just bring bad lucks to me.if you dont want your dirty lil secret to blow out,so pls,dont ever once bother me to me you're dead.let me repeat you're dead.sorry to say.and yeah , now , i've started my life with being as positive as i can be.i wanna live my life for goods.and never look back for what had happens far my new year had been going on pretty great.thank God for giving me enough strength and has shown me the right way on how to handle things up.and to my mum,boyfiee and also best buddies.thanks a lot for always there for me.i wanna thanks a few names here.the persons who always there for me.\

1)wan mum.mama , thanks alot for always being there for me.thanks for being a great listener.and support me thru anything.i love you alot.

2)azizul sharwani.Boyfriend.syg , thanks alot for being accompany to me.always there to push all the negativity in me.and try so hard to welcome the old me back.the sabrina that everyone has been missing.the sabrina that dont give a damn on anything.thanks alot

3)fifi hanif , bestbudd.thanks babe for everything thanks for willing to get yourself all the way from subang jaya to shah alam , just to see whether i'm okay or not.thanks for the advise and also the support that you give me.i dont know how to really thanks you for lotss girlfiee

4)iman nabila,bestbudd.babe , i know that i can always count on you in every single way.i really thank god that u're always there for me and never gave up giving me support.and always have my back no matter what.thanks alot babe.ilysm.

5)Emir Luqman,Bestbudd.dude,i dont know how to say this,but seriously , i wanna say a big thanks to you.thanks so much for always stay me calm,and always deal with any situations with me.thanks for the non stop advice and also anger that u put on me.i know that u try so hard for me to live my life.i really dont know how thanks i am to you.thanks mirr , for always there for me thru everything.i owe you alot dude.thanks ly.

6)Funna Farhanah.Bestbudd.funna , although u're miles away from me.but you never once failed to show me that you're always there for me.thanks for everything're my friend till deadth.thanks alot.

7)Reen.Bestbudd.Reen , i know that i just know you.i know that we just closed to each other since college.but babe, you've been thru alot with me.idk how say this , but i really glad to know you never once failed to always be there for me.thanks for always there for me.thanks so lots newbudds :)

8)and to my friends,Mia Azami, Nana Al-Idrus,zahin,zahid,ekhmal,kad,shah,shasha,izhan fahmi,farra,myrul,intan farhana,yai,faizzil,fyra and others.thanks lot guys for always shine my day as always.ily guys till dead.xoxo. :)