Monday, June 25, 2012

Okay my finals is next week
First paper is Mandarin 1 which is on the 29th/6 and second paper is effective speaking which is on 3/7
Then goes my sem break!

I planned something for myself because i;m break for one month

Jogging everyday or went to gym?asked hazim to trained me
Maybe get a part time job?~nahh..accompany tokmak seems tok ayah is not that well.
Outings with my long lost girlfriends
Seems fifi hanif is on her break too , so maybe i'm gonna catch up with her later !
And yes , spend time with my family especially mama
and lastly , shopping for raya

and enjoy my ramadhan !
Love this 2
missing you guys.

I have a thoughts of deleting my facebook because i'm so much into twitter nowadays.and i think i abandoned my facebook and i cant have more that one social network i guess.Still thinking of deleting it.

So anything just find me in twitter

promote ni.LOL !
1st of us celebrations :)

Hey baby , i'm in love with the same person everyday.thanks for making this feeling stay.thanks for the beautiful blouse and also wonderful lunch date at tgif.i hope you love the gift.thx and love u! :*
Alhamdullilah it has been 1 year for us.Many things that we've been thru together.happiness,sad,fight and joy.Just for you to know,that i love you so much.its always you all the time.i know its hard on taking care of me.but you never gave up.and i know the scold of yours is for my own good.i know that i am so stubborn.thanks for keeping up with me and always patient on dealing with me.the most important is , thanks for accepting me for who i am.never stop me from doing anything that i love.thanks for your courage and support and 100% attention.although sometimes i didnt even realize the attention that you give me.For what we've been thru i think we deserve this 1st.i love you azizul sharwani.Thanks for everything. :)
Sebenarnya telah pun aku berniat untuk pakai tudung.And its a must in Islam for the muslimah.Tapi aku tidak mahu sekadar pakai atau pun pakai untuk sementara.Berapa kali niat aku hendak pakai tudung.tapi maybe belum tiba masanya.aku tahu , ia adalah satu kewajiban dalam Islam.dan sentiasa aku berdoa agar memberi aku hidayah dan iman yang cukup untuk memenuhinya satu hari nanti.Amin and Insyaallah.
Okay , on one of my effective speaking presentation is we have to choose a topics,either watermelon,Iphone or superheroes,and i picked superheroes.And i present about my mama.And alhamdullilah i got full marks for that presentation.

The reason i present about her is because she's everything to me.she's the mom and she's also the dad.She raised me to be a better person.she's such a wonderful mother.i'm so glad to have her in my life.

Just for you to know
I love you so much Wan Nazreezah bt.Wan Mohd Salleh

Always and forever :)
Sometimes even if we dont want things to happen,but its happen.Sometimes we get tired of it,we hate it and even curse it.but what are we human can do?Everything is in God's hand,and we human have to be strong in facing everything that's going on in our life.either its good or bad.just face it.because it was just a simple test for us to thru in life.
I've learned so many things in life,sometimes it makes me give up.but somehow , it makes me learned how to be more matured.and alhamdullilah.I'm done with it.Insyaallah .

Okay this was also last month.Apai kad geylang and syg was on their sem decided to get themselves off to we all spend time this are a few pictures of our outings.It was excited and great moments.we went to many places and spend time moment guys.datang lagi okay next time :)

Okay this is an express post for emir's 19th birthday celebrations.It was last month.But nevermind it was just aquick express for his birthday post.
Happy birthday bro.hope you love the celebration,cakes and gift.


Hello there dear bloggie.Its been so long i didnt update myself in this space.somehow i almost forgot that i owned a blog.So yeah , so far i've been busy with my routine nowadays.Especially college,i'm in Sem 3 now and i'll be sitting for my finals next week.2 subect for me to carry for finals.Effective Speaking and Mandarin 1.And mandarin have been so hard for me.and i'm totally for what i'm gonna wrote t=down on my mandarin paper for finals,amd alhamdullilah i'm doing well in my effective speaking and my level of stage fright have decrease a bit.and so far my life is not that pretty any problems that i'm facing for thisnpast months.the upside is just not perfect without any problems.and alhamdullilah,its all settle down one by one,and hoping there's none of it thats gonna attack me later because i'm too tired of dealing with it.So yeah guys,wish me luck for finalss yeah!