Monday, December 17, 2012

hey uolsss!

lotsa love :sabrina zulkifli
xoxo :*
i'm like currently broke right now.i need new clothes and new stuff.

So yeah i need cash!!!grr!!!wanted to go shopping so badlyyyy :'(

mommyyyyyy plssssss.heheheheh !!!
this is moi pdl final projects.which a bit stressing me out the whole sem.We've been given a task which is chose one from two topics of a campaign.option is suicide and teenage i chose teenage pregnancy seems it contains much data and i think it would be a lil bit easier.but yeah assumptions and stereotyping is so wrong to the wrong wrong.its been stressing me out to complete everything need an yeah.atlast it complete.thankyou ALLAH :)
i've waited for so long for my hair to keep on yeah , it does but its seems like just a few inches that i needed pls dear hair keep on growing will ya?

thanks loveyou.muah muah
Hey there..i've left this column for quite a while.been really busy with this whole colllege things and stuff.there's nothing much going on in my life,its just the same routine over and over yeah , seems finals break is coming nearer and im onl left one paper which pdl (publication design layout) i'll try my best to keep this blog updated .jyeahh.